My movie star table (mag feature!)

So, my dear sweet friend BJ from Sweet Nothings congratulated me today. 

And I went, ‘Huh’?

The Village Mercantile old sign table, by

Remember this little number? 

Oh, I’m so proud of my little table! 

She’s grown up so! *sniff*

The Village Mercantile old sign table, by

I remember it’s infant stage like it was yesterday. 

There was some table prom in the works, so this little girl needed a new dress.

The Village Mercantile old sign table, by

Well, her artist got right to it and began to make one! DIY all the way.

The Village Mercantile old sign table, by

 Many sandings later, her full potential started to emerge.

How can this be? Isn’t she still a baby?!?

The Village Mercantile old sign table, by

 I remember the day when she tried to get out of the house only wearing THIS. 

Now what kind of a table owner would I be if I had allowed that…

The Village Mercantile old sign table, by

 Nope. We had to haul out the finest finery we could DIY up.

The Village Mercantile old sign table, by

 And that’s when she really started to shine in that special non glossy way of hers.

Such a little flirt!

The Village Mercantile old sign table, by

 They just grow up so fast.


Well, looks like I need to get out the movie star glasses again.

My baby’s in Romantic Homes, May 2011!

 I know. I KNOW!!!

I have a new Canadian anthem too. Wanna hear it?

“Ohhhh Canadaaaaa,”

Your distribution is way too sloowwwww….”

“I loooove you so much,

“But the snail mail must goooooo…”

Well, what a cool cool feeling. I hope you don’t mind the teeny weeny bragfest here.

Just goes to show, you don’t know where a pile of trash will lead, ya know?

Thank-you Justine and Romantic Homes! I couldn’t be more honoured!

I wonder who will be in what next? I just can’t keep up with these kids! :

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73 thoughts on “My movie star table (mag feature!)

  1. So did you know it was going to be in there or did they just help themselves? I love that table. I need to learn how to do that to an old desktop I have I want to make a sign out of it. BJ is amazing too, loved the candles in that cylinder rusty thing!

  2. Hey way to go Donna! Congratulations! Your handsome son must be proud of his Mom. I’m glad they are showing some of our talented gals from B.C.

  3. Oh, sweetie…you didn’t have to give me all this amazing’s YOUR BABY’S TIME TO SHINE!!
    hahaa..I AM proud of did an awesome job on this, along with tons more. I fully expect to see you and your talents in many more magazines.
    Sleep tight tonight and dream, baby…..dream!!:))

  4. BJ is a sweetheart. Did you not know this was coming? Surely, you’d submitted it to them…hadn’t you? I got asked about my home for a magazine but they want to see the bedrooms and I haven’t done them yet. So I guess that is the next thing on my list.

  5. OMG, its so funny, im not sure what time u posted this, but earlier, i picked up a copy of the magazine while at the grocery. While i was there, my friend Pattie at “The Shabby Chick” called and we were both estatic over this. “OMG, squealing like valley girls on the ph. They mustve thought me insane in the store…..just thought ide share that with u, im so proud and jealous all at the same time. U deserve it so…………..Bonnie

  6. It’s so cool to pick up any of the magazines nowadays and say to yourself, “Oh, I know her”!! You deserve some credit for your fabulous work!

  7. And they gave us a peek at the sister shutter treatments on the inside of your window in the background. You are amazing, gotta love BJ too.

  8. Kudos to you! How thrilling to have something featured in a magazine! BJ is one of the sweetest to send you a copy. You are lucky beyond words! Love your grown up girl too! They do grow up so fast!

  9. Hi Donna,
    So I was in Target last night, flipping through the magazines and I saw your table! I think I even said out loud “Hey! That’s FJ’s table!” Congratulations on your spot! I hope someday I will open a magazine and see something I made! You’re junk is the best!
    Susan @ homeroad

  10. Congratulations! I find it interesting that they don’t let you know about it first like to preview/approve it first. Oh well, a feature in a magazine is so amazing and well deserved. I’m glad to see they recognized your style (and for many of us, our style) as romantic and beautiful. Awesome!!!!

  11. Wow! I don’t think you’ll be friends anymore with a little peon like me…now that you’re a big, huge celeb. Are you just mobbed when you go to the grovery store with adoring fans? πŸ™‚

    Congrats, my friend!

  12. Donna, I love what you did with that table! Woohoo!
    And look at you ..made your way to that lovely magazine!! Ill be checking it out!
    You are amazing and you deserve to have your horn tooted!
    Toot toot! πŸ™‚
    Have a great day sweet girl!

    Deborah xoxo

  13. That is so awesome! Congratulations!! I loved her as a baby and now that’s she’s all grown up and movie star-ish, even more! And to think I was just saying that I don’t need to buy anymore magazines!! (Now just one more)

  14. whoo hoo !! good for you girl…..
    i too think it’s wild that they dont tell you??? also…do you get paid for such a thing?? or is it all honor???
    and..maybe you should do a post on how to submit to magazines….i know i’d be interested…

    you go girl !

  15. Awesome! Congratulations to you! It is annoying that some magazines just take forever to hit the newsstands in Canada. I subscribe to Country Living so I’d get it faster by mail but one month it was on the newsstand before it hit my mailbox! Annoying. I’ll be looking for that magazine every week now. Pamela

  16. I’m in love with that table. Can you please make me one? Not kidding.

    Congrats!!!!!! Will you be taking pictures when you’re rolling in the dough? Who I am kidding, of course YOU WILL!!!!

    Loving how all your hard work is paying off in recognition!!!!!!

    Happy Day!!!!!!! Going to grab me a copy of the mag…in fact, I’m going to get a subscription…cuz I got a feeling there will be more!!!!!!


  17. I’ve been meaning to write and tell you what fun your posts are – I love them! Congrats on your great table and on putting out such a cool, inspiring blog

  18. Congrats! We love your fj style….I would like an entire BOOK of fj with how to’s….oh, that would be heaven! Keep up the good work!

  19. So proud to be one of your followers. Donna, you have a beautiful artistic soul and I’m so happy that you get to shine by way of Romantic Homes Magazine this month…hugs
    from Storybook Cottage

  20. Wow!…so exciting!..I am so happy for you!…That table (along with a whole lot more of your stuff) deserves to be shared!
    Well I guess I will be making my vigil to the corner store!…
    AWESOME for you!

  21. You have earned the braggin rights my dear. I love your new anthem, it is so true, sending anything to Canada is so slow and expensive. Congratulations!

  22. From a Canadian to another…I love that new ‘oh Canada’….I recently had a big issue with not being able to send PB e-gift cards from Canada….and forget about getting all the catalogues….oh well…Either we’ll catch up or they’ll catch on that we’re not just surrounded by snow and Polar bears…
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! you deserve all the fame and more ! xoxo

  23. Congrats, Donna!!! That table really is great! And I thought that way before it got published! You know, in the impatient USA, I got mine weeks ago! Sometimes they come almost 2 months ahead of the date on the Magazine! Go figure!

  24. So fantastic for you Donna… oh… and for your wee table!! πŸ˜‰ I’ll keep an eye out for this mag on the newstands. I’m blown away by your growing success and I’m soooo excited for you!

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