My Route 66 old sign cupboard design

My Route 66 old sign cupboard design via

 My Route 66 old sign cupboard design transformed a plain cupboard into a work of art instantly!
Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils Store Click HERENote: a similar Route 66 stencil is no longer available

 Acrylic craft paint and a vinyl decal stencil (I created myself) were the only things needed here.

 The vinyl decal was stuck onto the cupboard, then used as a stencil, the design was filled in with acrylic craft paint. The decal was then removed, leaving the design with crisp clean lines.

Such a simple change, but it certainly offers a big impact!

What do you think of this oversized lettered look?

Route 66 stencil painted on a pallet wood workshop storage cabinet - Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Here’s a smaller cabinet I made with a smaller Route 66!

UPDATE: Winner of the random draw is #161. Congrats to Myra!

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41 thoughts on “My Route 66 old sign cupboard design

  1. Hi, Donna! Thanks for hosting this party! This is such a great idea! Embarrassingly, I have never heard of Folk Magazine! Now I’m a follower of their blog and on Facebook!!!! Thanks for introducing us!!!

    Dumped & Discovered

  2. Very nice job Donna! This sounds fun too. I linked a few projects. How many can we link up? I don’t want to over do it LOL! I am bound and determined to get that pizza oven we made together featured somewhere! I am doing my porch soon for Spring/Summer so I would love to link that up too in the next month. Just let me know. Thanks Donna, have a great weekend, and keep up the good work! You always inspire.

  3. first off – your route 66 cabinet is great – always a sucker for great graphics with numbers! and second – thanks for this great opportunity to be featured…I’m sure there will be plenty of ingenius projects…how will they ever pick!

  4. I subscribed to FOLK and just recently received my very first issue. Such an inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed your Route 66 project and every one of the gorgeous photos inside.

  5. Wow! Love that cabinet! I love FOLK magazine…my SIL had a small feature recently. She’s a primitive artist. They are an amazing bunch of YOUNG people….what they’ve done is pretty incredible!
    Love everything you do!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  6. The Route 66 cab is great and fits the travel theme perfectly. My daughter and I traveled from GA to Arizona/Grand Canyon when she graduated from college, and I loved seeing Route 66 “in person”. Beautiful job there!

  7. WOW, love the Route 66 Cupboard! I’m in SW Missouri where the old Hwy ran thru. This cabinet would sell for good money here.
    Going to check out Folk! Totally my style!

  8. I love your cupboard! I live 1 block north of Route 66 (Foothil Blvd.) in southern California, where many shops and historic markers commemorate the old highway.

  9. Donna – love the cabinet – fantastic as always! I submitted two summer projects, may be able to pull together one more, thanks for the opportunity. Hey, what happened to your pretty face on the header – I miss it!

    Take care,

  10. What a fabulous cabinet!!! LOVE the graphic. And thank you for teaming up with FOLK for this unique opportunity!
    P.S. All the photos on my blog have watermarks…but I do have the originals without. 🙂

  11. Donna, thanks for this great opportunity! I LOVE the Rt. 66 cabinet! I read the rules and DO have non-watermarked, hi-res photos available, they just aren’t in the post! Anyway, I hope this counts. Thanks again! ~Lori

  12. WOW Donna!!! How wonderful… thanks for this opportunity! I’m gonna get a friend to snap some pics (Because my camera & I lack much!)and start submitting a few projects. You Rock! Your route 66 cabinet rocks too!

  13. Thanks Donna you’ve outdone yourself again! Thank you for taking us along on your journey & empowering all of us to follow in your footsteps to be awesome & successful. The FOLK opportunity is huge – good Luck to all the submitters there are a ton of great ideas. Looking forward to seeing whose published.

  14. Thanks Donna, One of my favorite things to do on Saturday morning is to sit with a cup of coffee and look at all the projects that are linked up to your Saturday Night Special…. Thanks for that!

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