11 new unique Christmas stencils!

Christmas Crates | Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

My dear friends, at long last I can share why I haven’t been blogging much lately!

When a change of season is upon us, a new line of stencils is always dreamed up.

The past two Novembers I haven’t been home. I was in Maui for one of them, and travelling in Ontario for the other. So my launches have always run late.

But by golly, not this year! 😀

Normally when I launch a new design, I’ll share it through a new project like I did with the newer Fall designs. However, being that these have just been listed and I haven’t even received my own order yet, I didn’t want to delay this any longer for those that like to get a jump start with gift making, decorating or if you host workshops.

So here are 11 new unique Christmas stencils, designed to play well with each other as well as with past festive designs so you get more milage out of them!

And you can bet I’ll be busy creating with them too to offer lots of creative ideas!

Let’s take the mini tour…

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11 new unique Christmas stencils!

Christmas Countdown Bingo | Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Visit Christmas Countdown Bingo in-store HERE

Christmas Countdown Bingo is a unique vintage take on a traditional Christmas Countdown. Look closely or you may miss it…

The numbers are 1 through 25 so you can either stamp the days as they pass with the included graphics, or maybe hang candies or a mini wreath on each number as the days build towards the big day.

I personally can’t wait to get my hands on this one and play!

Reindeer Feed | Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

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Reindeer Feed is the perfect grain sack feed design that would make one gorgeous pillow! Or add this to a crate or make it into a sign.

Adding a Grain Sack Stripe of course would be perfect for it. In fact… it was designed to work with one! 🙂

Tip: Paint a grain sack stripe a lighter tone, so the latter really pops!

Reindeer Stencils | Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Visit Reindeer in-store HERE

Reindeer was designed to work on top of our Buffalo Check. It’s long been needed and was actually started 2 years ago. Yup! Nothing works overnight here it seems…

This one comes with several options: Both deer together in a smaller size, or the head or flying deer sold separately in a larger size.

Each deer is teamed up with either jingle bells or a scarf. Fun, right?!

Much more info is in the store listing.

Rustic Christmas Tree stencil | Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Visit Rustic Christmas Tree in-store HERE

Rustic Christmas Tree is inspired by finding that special tree in the woods right before the big day. Big on detail, it’s all about the rugged branches this round.

It’s teamed up with a twine wrapped burlap sack, a bow to dress up the tree or sack, and a garland of popcorn and cranberries.

This would make a darling pillow or the cutest sign with what’s below…

Vintage Wagon stencil | Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Visit Vintage Wagon in-store HERE

Vintage Wagon was actually listed in Fall. However it was really designed to work with the Rustic Christmas Tree!

It’s a vintage-inspired wagon with a nifty way to achieve those vintage white wall tires. It also includes optional wooden side supports.

Merry Christmas is from Christmas Crates listed below… and even has another Merry Christmas that will

There are two Merry Christmas messages from Christmas Crates that fit onto Vintage Wagon.

Christmas Crates | Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Visit Christmas Crates in-store HERE

Christmas Crates is so fun and versatile! Shipping crate stamps with a Christmas theme are perfect for handmade projects, crates, packages or to even design your own Santa sack!

Both Merry Christmas messages are designed to fit on top of Vintage Wagon.

Skating Rink | Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Visit Skating Rink in-store HERE

The next four winter signs are new additions to our winter directional signs family! They are designed just like Sleigh Rides, Hot Cocoa Bar and Ski Lodge so now you have more choices for a directional sign that’s themed around winter!

They stand alone so well, or team them up to create your own custom directional sign.

Shown with Winter Graphics, Christmas Graphics and Reindeer.

Ski Hill | Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Visit Ski Hill in-store HERE Snowshoe Trail | Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Visit Snowshoe Trail in-store HERE

North Pole | Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Visit North Pole in-store HERE


Let the festive fun begin… 

Which ones are your favs?

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Need ideas on what to make?

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