17 – Reduce mind mess. Follow a day planner.

Pallet shelf in the workshop via FunkyJunkInteriors.net

I had such big plans today.

I was going to start a new project, but I needed my workshop. 

So I went into the workshop but had forgotten about having pushed everything away from the wall I was working on (and didn’t finish) the other day.

So I pushed enough back to create a trail to my tables, but then stopped at the table I meant to paint.

Gathering my paint gear, I then decided I should organize that first.

I walked to my other table to get some tools, but then dumped them to sort.

Sorting led to dislike for the current pallet shelf (because it looked like a pallet shelf) (have I ever confessed I don’t like pallets?)(I like pallet WOOD) so I started to tinker on that.

That thought actually stuck! I started to build. I was gonna give you a GREAT idea today. Really really great! Nearly done…

But then my son came home from school. Already?!

So I didn’t have a post ready for Thursday night so I opened up my Niagra Fall pictures and figured I’d do that.

Pallet shelf in the workshop via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
But then I noted I had 250 pictures to go through. And ended up liking 45. But editing 45 pictures is not a good idea when it’s 2 minutes to bedtime.

Normally I would simply not say a word, shut the computer off then go hit the hay.

But because of this 31 day thing, I feel compelled to let you know…

I got nothin’.

Except two annoying teaser photos (NO ONE likes teaser photos, not even me!) that mean really nothing, because after I took them thinking I was nearly done, I went back into the shop and did further improvements…

Donna Williams in Graffiti Alley, Toronto via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Aren’t you glad you tuned in? 🙂

Some days are just messy. Especially when you’re still learning the ropes of not ‘having’ to do anything in particular from day to day. There’s work… but it’s of your own choosing. 

It’s all so fascinating! 

But… it’s also a little mind messy. 🙂

But at least I found a real use for that silly picture!

And you learned I don’t like pallets. (but I do like these pallet coasters)

Hmmm.. maybe this post was worthwhile after all…

Dream Box Building Challenge #17

Folks really ought to follow a dayplanner instead of coast.

I think I’ll do that tomorrow. 

If I don’t get distracted on the way to the book…

How do you stay on task? Maybe YOU should be writing this post. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “17 – Reduce mind mess. Follow a day planner.

  1. Every morning, well nearly, I plan what I am going to do that day. Rarely do I follow through. As a retired person, I don’t have a job to go to but I have a wood shop and a craft studio so I sorta let whatever strikes me dictate what I will accomplish that day. Currently, I am getting ready to participate in our annual “Coming Home for Christmas” show in mid November. It’s crunch time so I am directing my creative juices toward that goal.

  2. I LOVE that photo of you and the amazing backdrop!!!…I think that picture says a thousand words…you could have just posted that pic and said Happy Friday and it would have, as I said, spoken a thousand words….I try to stick to a list but find myself getting distracted and not completing my original task!…for me, I blame it on “old age” … for you I blame it on extreme creativity!!!…Have a great weekend!

  3. I get up in the morning and focus on stretching. Once out of bed, I let the dog out, take a shower and …oh! Nice bike!

    Yeah, life leads to being a little ADD.

  4. I LOVE this post! I, and some members of my family (ahem), have struggled with organization for 25 years!! Two of my sons are wonderful, successful, very ADHD young men, and I definately have some tendencies myself. Some of us struggle with details while others the big picture; ADHD is not limited to one set of symptoms. I work with teenagers who have not been successful in school – mostly due to organizational, motivational, etc. issues and we swear by our planners (some not so much, but I make them try it). Whatever combination of planners works for you. I use Outlook, a teacher plan book, sticky notes on the wall by my desk (for the big picture things), and a little notebook in my purse, to try and keep on track. Twice a day I review: first thing in the morning (makes me feel calm about the day ahead), and last thing at night. If it’s written down, I can control it!

  5. When I find myself with a (very) rare day to do what I want, I set a timer for one hour. That way, when the hour is up, if I’ve accomplished something creative like I want to, I can set the timer for another hour and do something “domestic”, like laundry or cleaning, etc. If I haven’t completed something creative (like I’m out in the middle of cutting out a pattern or painting a picture), I can set it for another hour and see if I’ve completed the project then. That one-hour reminder helps me to judge how I’m spending my time, and the day doesn’t get away from me with nothing to show for it!

  6. Nice to know I’m not the only one who has ADD some days – thanks for the post, it made me smile and I really enjoyed reading it!

  7. Oh my goodness….I read your post and realized that this is an issue for everyone. I recently retired and my summer has just zipped by….I enjoyed it don’t get me wrong. Finally I could sit and enjoy all my hard work BUT the big task that I have to deal with got put off and put off and here it is nearly Halloween and I have not really put a dint in clearing out my late Mom’s Condo and getting it ready for sale.
    Your post gave me courage to admit that without my old job I am totally disorganized. I start stuff and then just like you get side tracked somewhere else. I need to sit down make a job jar and pick something and stick to it till I am finished or everything will be half started and and half finished.
    Thanks for the post it was a revelation!
    Take care and have great days ahead in your new career

  8. Somewhere in your dream box building should be to ‘forgive yourself’. Is there anyone with more energy and creativity than you? Are you not already working faster and harder than any 5 humans? Even in what you think of as a ‘coast’ you are envisioning and organizing to create anew. Although yesterday does not fit into your ’31DDBB’ it is no less important. Robots are something that a creative person builds, not something a creative person is….

    Thank you for the million little inspirations that you give me and others almost daily. That has to count for something.

    La Verne

  9. I’ve got an email that calls it “AAADD – Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder”! Lol Sounds a lot the same as how your day went. I’m in the lllooonnnggg process of cleaning out my home in anticipation of a move in a couple of years. I wanted to work in my kitchen today, but before I can finish it, I need to rearrange some things in my garage, but then there are those boxes I needed to go through, and then I need to take the discarded items boxes to the thrift store. I did get some things accomplished, but didn’t get any work done on my kitchen! lol

  10. Donna
    The better part of my 44 years, I have tried to find a ‘plan’ that would fit into my own ‘style’. My chaotic way of thinking.
    Day Planners
    Weekly Planners
    Weekly Vision Board
    7 Pegs on a decorated piece of timber
    3 goals a day
    Setting time limits per task, per day
    . . . . and so many more 🙁
    And none of them have ‘stuck’
    My latest attempt is a piece of watercolour paper (thick and heavy),
    with a roughed out four week month.
    No dates – just Mon – Sat.
    Each day has a two hour goal.
    Just two hours for one task, each day.
    It’s worked for a month and a half.
    Somewhat of a record, for me.
    I’m really hoping that this one ‘sticks’.

    • It is so nice to hear that I am not alone in this process to keep myself on task. I really laughed at BJ’s comment above…so me! I’ve been retired for 10 years and at first I was Ms. Creative but in the last few years I just don’t seem to get much done…or at least finished.

      I am in the process of de-stashing for the eventual move to a smaller home. I mean, who would leave all these vintage treasures/junk? for dear family members to sell/dump…. So like BJ I start in one room and walk into another to hit the donate bag and get lost in making a decision about what items in that closet should be pitched. So easy to lose my train of thought these days…and I don’t have any kids at home to do that….well, unless you count my dog, Dash, who loves to bring me his ‘babies’ to play. You know I think I will count that as a distraction…a good one, one always needs a break from the task at hand. I think it might be coffee break time…right?

  11. Getting things done? Making plans? Ha! I’m the queen of not planning. I dragged my husband to an antique market west of TO today only to discover it is closed on Saturday now until next spring. Ok, I’ll head back there tomorrow. To salvage the trip, we headed further west to St. Jacobs which has antique markets too. I picked up a couple of little items but spotted 2 little drawers that I just had to have. “What are you going yo do with them?”, he says. I told him I had no idea but I could figure something out when I got home.

    So here I sat, googling, searching Pinterest, old drawers. What pops up? A cute little drawer with 3 Madonna jars and bright yellow flowers! How beautiful, I think to myself. Then I look to see the source of the picture and YOU must know whom that would be. Miss Funkyjunk herself!! Yes, I KNEW I lived your stuff. What boggled me even more was when I looked at your picture more closely, I thought YOUR drawer looked suspiciously just like my 2 drawers. I grabbed my iPad and ran to the other room to check mine and they are identical!! There must be a whole load of old sewing machine tables sans drawers. Like I said before, I like your style! Let funkyjunk reign!

  12. My newest goal is to ‘Keep things fluid’. Don’t be so rigid. Stop being anxious. Let things unfold. Not very easy, but, when accomplished, is AMAZING! The last week I have experienced so much more peace and so much less aggravation! It will surprise you how blessings simply appear when we don’t make demands of the moment. (Sorry. Didn’t mean to go all new age….)

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