Sleigh Rides Christmas card holder sign

My friends, I’m soooo excited about the next 3 days!

I haven’t been posting much lately, but there’s been a reason.

I’ve been busy working on 3 new winter sign designs, styled in super unique, upcycled ways. There will be plenty of Christmas inspiration to inspire your own take this season!

#1 – Sleigh Rides Christmas card holder sign – you are here!

#2 – Ski Lodge Entry Sign with Ladder and Crate Storage

#3 – Reclaimed wood Hot Cocoa Bar

Sleigh Rides, a rustic red Christmas sign that hangs up your Christmas cards! From Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils/
Every Christmas I test myself. I like to try and change the way I do things from one year to the next.

Case in point, where should all the Christmas cards go this year?

Last year, they hung from an old ladder.

The year before that, they hung from a chunk of industrial looking metal clad siding.

One year, the cards were attached to a snowy wreath.

So this year, I had to kick it up a notch… something really different… think. THINK!

a great garage sale haul
Do you remember the story of my brother’s garage sale? The one where he said he didn’t have ANYTHING I would like, but I ended up bringing a full truck load home? Heh…

One of those baskets became the main star of the show.

Sleigh Rides Christmas card holder sign, part of Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils winter collection /
And I needed a Sleigh Rides winter sign in my life anyway, so… 

Rustic pulley holding up Christmas cards in a basket from an old Christmas sign /
… adding a few rusty, antique relics like the pulley, s hooks and hand crank just may have you believing the Christmas card yield was SO BIG, I needed mechanics to hold the weight!

I could only wish I were that popular.

Rustic pulley holding up Christmas cards in a basket from an old Christmas sign /
As luck would have it, this fun take on a card holder holds the biggest or smallest amount of cards as you wish.

Rustic pulley holding up Christmas cards in a basket from an old Christmas sign /
I love the way the rusty junk chimes with the sleigh message. Maybe the sleigh ride met a big snow drift and CRASH… this was the result, spewing toys all over the land!

Santa! Best idea ever for a quick and effortless delivery.

Ball of twine used as a rustic candle votive with faux snow for Christmas /
Of course, a few accessories were in order. A ball of twine got a battery operated votive for a rustic take on a candle. 

The fresh greens were cut from a tree outside and placed in a jar of water so they would last for awhile. Gotta love those real greens.

Sleigh Rides, a rustic sign for Christmas holding up Christmas cards on a pulley from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
This little sign was super fast to make! I used the new Sleigh Rides stencil, along with the also new Winter Graphics, to add a touch of winter bling! 

Sleigh Rides mixed with Winter and Christmas Graphics / Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Sleigh Rides comes with just the words. But if you add the Winter or Christmas Graphics, there’s a whole lotta other options! 

I like the stencils to go a LONG way. Mixing and matching most certainly does this!

So… why Sleigh Rides?

One of my fav memories as a kid was during those long dark winter nights. We’d get blizzards back then. And once our huge circular driveway was well covered with snow, we knew what came next. Dad would hook up our sleighs to the back of the tractor, and drive us around and around and around, until our faces and fingers were so frozen, we couldn’t even yell out for him to stop! 


I really love snow, and winter. So I really wanted a winter stencil that could reach beyond just Christmas.

White snowflakes on a red Sleigh Rides sign for Christmas from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
How I made the Sleigh Rides sign

1. Select your board of choice, (mine was from an old fence), sand, then paint.

2. Once dry, mark the centre of the board.

3. Place stencil into position, and run masking tape along the edges so it won’t move.

4. Load your stencil brush with white paint, remove most of the paint off, until very dry.

5. Tap the stencil brush up and down to leave your impression.

6. Remove the stencil, and fall in LOVE.

7. Grab the Winter Graphics stencil, select a couple of snowflakes and the 25 cents, to add more winter fun!

Paint source / Fusion Mineral Paint’s Fort York Red and Lamp White.

I’m so in LOVE with this paint! No primer nor topcoat required! You can check out my full review on why HERE.

If you’d like a visual, here’s HOW TO STENCIL.

White snowflakes on a red Sleigh Rides sign for Christmas from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Aren’t those snowflakes the most fun EVER? They are totally original, computer drawn from scratch.

Vintage rustic and red snow sleigh as wall art for Christmas /
Do you remember what this little vintage sleigh did last year? It was a bathroom shelf!

But today it’s just being a festive little sleigh innocently hanging on a wall.

Sleigh Rides, a rustic red Christmas sign that hangs up your Christmas cards! From Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils/
Or… maybe I just found Santa’s sleigh replacement after the big crash.

I’m sure it’s possible… if he quit eating all those cookies on his stops…

Sleigh Rides : Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils / funkyjunkinteriors.netVisit Sleigh Rides HERE, and Winter Graphics HERE.

Visit more Old Sign Stencil projects HERE.

See you tomorrow for quirky winter sign setup #2… 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Sleigh Rides Christmas card holder sign

  1. Very nice..!! Different. I’m sure you’ll feel your basket with cards. Your popular..!! I love your memory cute. I’ve always wanted a circle driveway, lucky you..!! Love your blog..!!

  2. Love your sign, especially the aged, worn look! How do you make the edges around the words look darker? Do you stain or dark wax and add more in that area? If so, what product do you use? Thanks so much for all your inspiration Donna! Keep it coming!

    • Hi Judy! Thank-you! I didn’t do anything special around the edges of the words nor sign. Just lightly distressed with a sander. It may be the lighting in the room that makes it appear that way.

      When I painted, I did ensure some wood was showing through around the edges, so maybe that did it?

  3. I love it! Your brother had so many goodies! I would have brought that all home too. It is funny when I pick things up that people think it trash or no good. It is so much fun to show them what I did with their “trash”!

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