Summer Changes – Part 2, Stubborn takes over

Ever have a life change that modified everything you did?

We all get accustomed to where we are in life. There’s comfort in routine it seems. So when change is forced upon you against your will, anxiety, depression and dread can most certainly kick in. And this is how 2009 started for me.

Summer Changes

Part 1 – The Campsite Shuffle

Part 2 – Stubborn Takes Over – you are HERE

Part 3 – The Reason

Jan 2009. The reno team and I had just completed a major reno on my home and the last part we had just completed was the kitchen. (my first ever blog, all about the renovations is HERE)

A long time coming!

It had been a very difficult deadline and I cut down on work to help achieve it. So to my complete and utter surprise, one day I sat up one morning and my world was tipped sideways. Overnight. I literally fell back in bed. I couldn’t get out of bed for nearly a week.

Alarmed, as soon as I felt I could, I dragged myself to the doctor.

And then the tests started. It seems what I was feeling was a type of vertigo symptom, but not the standard spinning sensation. Tests and history were traced, but at the end of the day, there were more questions than answers. In a nutshell, I had a major health issue I didn’t know how to treat for the first time in my entire life with no lead on how to fix it. And for that matter, I didn’t know how to be sick! (constantly healthy people make terrible  patients it seems)

So my life changed from that day on. Everything I was doing had to be modified. From driving to working to even getting out of bed right down to the simple act of breathing, everything was a major effort.

To top this plight off, the economy had taken a nosedive and my funds were tighter than they had EVER been. In this self employed single income home, things were not looking good.

With no end in sight of health or financial issues, I was scared. But I kept on doing only what I absolutely had to do. And stayed put as much as I could. I worked when there was work and didn’t when there wasn’t.

 My last campsite

As it so happened, my trailer had been parked up at the campsite all winter long. I had waited YEARS for a riverside site and just the past fall one became available! My intent was to leave it there 12 months out of the year at this point. But the plans had to change. Not only could I no longer afford my camping expenditure, I couldn’t drive up there in my present condition, let alone even feel like camping.

On a relatively so so weekend, I drove up to assess what on earth I was going to do with the campsite. I went alone, not wishing to put my son in jeopardy should anything happen. And it was the darkest visit of my camping experience.

While my head cleared enough to get there, it fogged up while I was there. I right then had to make the very tough decision to pull the trailer home after being an avid member there for at least 12 years. I remember sitting on a picnic table with my head in my hands, with my view the foggiest it’s ever been. But I forced myself to go announce my plight to the campground owners and camper neighbors I had become to know as family. I had to start sharing how I was feeling. Darn it!

I was better at hiding things than sharing. And had become quite good at it. I am a strong willed, independent type, so asking for help was rather like pulling teeth for me. But I swallowed my pride, got home and asked a good friend to help me pull the trailer home. I flat out had to soften up and ask for help dag nab it!

The days ahead were ULTRA tough. My trailer was home and I felt so uprooted.

I felt like I was locked in a room with no place to go. It was so hard to leave behind amazing mental images such as the one above.

And although my home was newly renovated inside, my yard was dead ugly to be around. It depressed me. And since summertime brings you outdoors, this is what I got to look at.

You see, many years of camping takes you away from your yard. You purposely don’t buy plants and things that will die in your absence unless you want to hire others to take care of it. I chose the first. Why bother?  Basically put, the yard still belonged to the previous owners AND I had allowed it to go downhill even further. Double demerit for a gardener/decorator type!

So summer approached with my trailer in my yard. And my weekends stuck at home. And me feeling like I had the flu all the time. I wasn’t in a good place emotionally. Unplanned depressing change can suffocate you, whipping out your hopes and dreams.

I did alot of concentrated praying during this time, prayer for healing, finding my way, whatever. I just prayed.

Here’s something else I tried. I had been feeling really ill one particular Sunday (my son was with his Dad), but something led me to get out of bed and get ready for church. I kept glancing at my watch full knowing this was a crazy idea. I was really ill and I would be running late if I tried. But for some odd reason I felt compelled to push myself and  went for it. I got there only about 2 minutes late and I remember having to stay seated in the pew so I wouldn’t fall.

Know what the message was about that day? Healing. My stomach did a lurch.

And THEN to top that off, the pastor was inviting those desiring healing to come up front for prayer and oil ointment. Sorry, I don’t really know what to call this.

I thought I was going to be sick. My heart raced and my head went dizzy with panic and fear. I knew I’d NEVER forgive myself if I didn’t try this opportunity. I mean, it was like it was being handed to me on a sliver platter! But to go up THERE? In front of all so they’d all know how sick I really was? Augh…

Still unsure, I turned to the young girl beside me and said, “How do I do this? Do I just go up?” Tears sprung in her eyes and she nodded. And offered to come up with me. I accepted. So I held my breath, and walked up to the front with her, holding hands. I was in a mental daze. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. But oh my gosh… I was met with amazing support, shouts of Hallelujah, and just felt warmth around me. Trust me, this was totally out of my comfort zone. But I wanted it to work. And I wanted it bad.

The event was an amazing experience. After the ointment, well wishers came up to me, put their hands on me and prayed alongside me for healing. I have never felt such a rush of love quite like this in my entire life.  I think I cried through the whole thing. I was just so touched.

And then it was done. And I went home. And waited. And hoped.

And know what? It didn’t work. I didn’t get better. Frustrated, I resumed to status quo and felt low all over again.

But I never stopped praying. I summed up that perhaps that would have been the easy way out when I was suppose to do something else myself. I had no idea. But I had to keep believing there was a reason I wasn’t granted my desire to be better overnight.

And I believe, there was a reason indeed.

Summer Changes

Part 1 – The Campsite Shuffle

Part 2 – Stubborn Takes Over – you are HERE

Part 3 – The Reason

Have you ever had something happen that changed your life overnight? How did you cope?

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70 thoughts on “Summer Changes – Part 2, Stubborn takes over

  1. I get vertigo so I know what it is like. I can’t imagine having it constantly for years. So sorry you have been and are going through this.

  2. I can hardly breath reading your words. Life is what it is and yet someone like you shows me once again what courage and living a creative life brings to ones journey.

    This winter our life shifted too…. after three years in an RV looking for a new area to nest my husbands health changed. By some miracle in the last month we have been able to sell three RV item..truck, 5th wheel & truck camper and have landed in our new little house. Silver linings are slow to come but we stay open to the possibilities as we change gears.

    My heart is full and I wish you well. I will hold you close in my heart. I found your blog recently … your inspiration and ideas to help me along the way.

    My heart is with you and yours.

    Best wishes

  3. Dear Donna,
    I just found your blog this evening and realized that I had voted for some of your projects when you were in SYTYCD. My heart just welled up when I read your story. Our God is a faithful one. I had a life that was whirlwind. Finally two years ago I got remarried and then this February I was diagnosed with Lupus after being sick since Thanksgiving. My career as a wedding planner of eighteen years came to a hault. I was lost and dying alone emotionally until my silver lining came through a small dealer space at Country Roads in Orange Calif. It was truly my saving grace and the people I have met because of it, God had such a plan for my life, not mine but His. I could share more but I don’t want to leave a novel in your comment box. You can see by some of my older posts I spend lots of time in bed and fighting with my illness. You will be in my prayers and in my heart daily. Can’t wait to see your next installment as well.

    Warm wishes and love to you
    Kate from Salvage Dior

  4. I’m on the edge of my seat reading your story. I’m looking forward to the next installment. Thank you for sharing with us. I know it’s hard to open yourself up to others, but I am thankful you are. God is absolutely faithful, even when he doesn’t seem to give us what we want.

    I too have had my life circumstances changed almost in an instant. We built our dream home in 2008 on our dream property. My sister lived next door and our kids were growing up to each other in a safe environment on our homesteading property. But then my husband lost his job and was unable to find another one. After a year we have had to sell our home and move across the country…to Alaska! I started a blog about my journey to help me keep the focus on what really matters. God is so good.

  5. As women we strive to be strong and independent, at least that is how my mom raised me but sometimes I think we spite ourselves by being that way. Daily I remind myself I don’t have to do it alone, there is a God who takes every step with me and his dream, his plan, his way is greater than I can ever dream, plan or imagine. I too can’t wait to hear where you are going with this something tells me the soil has been healing to your mind and soul, we will see! Remember with every breath you breathe you are taking in the healing power of God! Blessings and peace to you, friend!

  6. This story brings back memories. The same thing happened to my mom probably about the same age you are now. She was sick from vertigo for years they never could find a reason. Until she went to Denver (specialist),evidently she had an infection in her ear as a child that had gone unnoticed it caused damage to her inner ear. The vertigo she felt as an adult was the damage increasing. She had a ton of some kind of steroid shot and it worked! From time to time she would get again, get the shots and gone again. Its been well over twenty years now and no issues. The weird thing is my brother and I both suffer from vertigo……So I always wondered if they were right. And as a woman I find it odd, it hit her in her mid thirties got increasingly worse through her late thirties early forties and once she hit menopause its gone. Shrug, well anyway I’m sorry you have to go through this too.

  7. You never cease to touch me (and darn you, I am crying in my good coffee). But you don’t whine, you inspire. All I can do is send prayers your way and wait to hear the rest of the story…

  8. I am in awe of your will and determination. It’s difficult for some of us to admit that we need help (me, too). Courage is most evident when we open up and accept the love and the help that has been here all along.

    To answer your question … we took custody of our grandson 4 years ago. Our daughters were grown at the time, or nearly so, and having a toddler in the house again rearranged all of our lives overnight. It has been a blessing to us, to him, and to our daughter, and an experience that I am thankful to have.

  9. Oh dear!! My sweet friend! How awful for you and such disarray!! I can only imagine how much this disrupted your life. My son has 24/7 vertigo! And it has really impacted his life too. But he has to work so he sucks it up and goes every day! I don’t know how he does it.
    I am sitting on the edge waiting for the next installment.
    Be well dearest one
    Hugging you

  10. Oh my goodness, with the amount of inspiration you share one would never know anything ever held you back. I am sorry for the reason everything changed for you, I pray you find a solution to you mystery illness. Asking for help and admitting defeat are two things I am not fond of either, but I think we all find ourselves there. I once heard it said, “why deprive someone else the opportunity to be helpful?” So true. My world has also been rocked to the point I’ve seen my dreams dashed… a failed business that left me broke, two grandchildren moving in permanently and four years later two more grandsons staying with us for weeks at a time. I just made a post about my plight also. God Bless. Keep looking, you’ll find the answers you need and the serenity you desire. Hugs from Iowa.

  11. for months now i have asked myself wonder how this Donna became Donna the girl we see do such amazing things that makes it so easy to read and enjoy her blog who if you were to meet someone from blog land would be right up there in the top 3 Donna you have the backbone to just keep going you seem energized you just keep going and going. I do hope you the best and remember just keep putting 1 foot in front of the other and also never ever feel you r less a person asking for help….my thoughts are with you

  12. Oh, I can’t wait for the rest of the story. You’ve had such struggles but as I’ve been reading your blog the last few months, you seem so strong, healthy, just great so I want to know how you got from that point to this point. Have I had something that changed my life overnight? Yes, the unexpected death of my father when I was 33. I had to grow up. Although I was married, had a career, was independent and responsible, I still felt like a kid in a relatively carefree world. I don’t know how I coped. I just got through it and have never been the same.

  13. He knows what He’s doing….the lyrics from Garth Brooks song always pop into my head when things aren’t going the way I want them to go….”Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers
    Remember when you’re talkin’ to the man upstairs
    That just because he doesn’t answer doesn’t mean he don’t care
    Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers”. From the sounds of your post, there’s insight to a gift and I can’t wait to find out what. 😉

  14. Donna, You are in my prayers. You inspire and show great courage. I have been reading your blog for a while. Know you are stronger than you give yourself credit. Go back and read about your life! It may inspire you. I have had a life changing event. I was hit on my motorcycle 2 years ago and can not work because of that and fibromyalgia. For many years my identity and life revolved around pleasing my clients (was a hair stylist). Now I see the silver lining. My life is devoted to my family and Christ. God will see you through this….do not give up finding the answers.

  15. Donna my friend, one thing I know for sure is that when God wants to get our attention He WILL do whatever it takes to get it. SometimesHe will strip us of everything WE think is important so that He can introduce to what HE KNOWS is important for us.

    All of my life when something was going wrong and I would pray incessently for relief, my mom would always say “Honey, maybe you need to take a backseat, let God up on the stage and watch Him perform”. “Stop trying to get in God’s way”, she would say. It was wise advice indeed. It helped me to learn to slow down and listen to God and allow Him to work in my life.

    I would ask her why God wasn’t answering my prayers and she would tell me that the answer WAS that He did not answer MY prayer. It took many years but I finally began to understand how God began to work the things in my life together foer good, and that if He had answered my prayers along the way, there would definitely have been many blessings I would’ve missed out in my life.

    The one thing I know for sure is that God’s timing is perfect. He knows the plans He has laid out for us and He knows what it will take to get us there. I have a feeling your next installment is going to tell about how you discovered an untapped talent. My granny used to say that gardening is God’s way of getting you on your knees to pray.

    You may not have been healed overnight, but I have no doubt that the healing began that night. And in the words of my preacher….”No healing is instantaneous. All healing requires a learning curve.”

    I hope you have found a way to manage your health these days.

  16. Hello Donna, I am glad that you are sharing your story with us. This all goes hand in hand with your blog. God has gifted you with talent to do what you do, and in doing so, you have touched a lot of lives. We all have a purpose and it is beautiful when we realize it. We are faced with adversity(I always say to see how we rise to the occasion) and asking for others to help is part of that. In saying that, it is also essential to see how there is a mind, body, spirit connection. When we have disconnect with those 3, we get out of balance and if it is not corrected, it can manifest into something bigger. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of CranioSacral Therapy, but I suggest that you and many of your readers find a therapist and try it. Just a little info, but your skull bones can move and if they are out of whack, it can cause issues such as vertigo and vision problems. CranioSacral can produce amazing results(and especially when you have tried lots of other things with no results). I am sending you a great big hug, and positive energy with lots of love. You are terrific and I appreciate the joy you bring to my life(sorry this was long).

  17. The manager says post that next installment NOW! What an amazing story and you did such a great job telling it. I can’t wait to hear the outcome!

  18. Did something ever happen to change my life overnight? Yes. When, in the 21 week of my second pregnancy, my son was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, which is “incompatible with life”. We chose to carry him to term, pray/pleading/begging God with every breath to heal him.

    But He didn’t.

    It’s been almost five years, but it’s amazing how quickly all the pain and grief and hurt and disappointment can come flooding back.

    Along this journey I’ve learned that:
    – God doesn’t cause our suffering, not will He waste it
    – our suffering and our circumstances don’t change who God is

    I might sound stoic proclaiming these truths, but I’m not. The lessons I’ve learned have come at a great cost.

    Blessings to you.

  19. Dear Donna, thank you for being transparent with us about your journey. You are an inspiration to us all and walking together and holding each other in prayer is what we all need. Praying that what you are feeling today will point you to the Lord and keep you leaning on His strength, He is the blessed controller of all things!

  20. Donna, God can, wants to and has healed you! I’ve been listening a lot to a guy called Andrew Wommack lately and it’s sooo encouraging and inspiring. He makes all his sermons available for free online and the one I thought might be of most help right now is this
    and the weeks following it.
    It’s teachings and wonderful testimonies of miraculous healings, please go check it out and see what you think. God is no respecter of persons – what he does for one he’ll do for another!

  21. wow Donna,, you amaze me again how you can open up and share such a personal part of your life with us.. I’m sure God has a plan for you doing this.. I’m certain its because its helping others. You are such an inspiration!!

  22. Yes, I had something change my life overnight. Your story touched a deep part of my soul. I got pregnant when I was almost 35. It wasn’t planned and it was with a man I wasn’t married to. To make matters worse, it was with a man I didn’t even love. I was so sick during this pregnancy. I had the same experience with my first child, too. Vomiting every 10 – 15 minutes non stop. If all of this wasn’t enough, then I was told that my child had a birth defect too. It was too much for me. I cracked. I went to my doctor who had also delivered my daughter 11 years before and asked for the pregnancy to be terminated. He was appauled. He was angry with me. He refused to help me. He angrily jotted down a number and tossed it at me as he walked out of the room. It was the number to Planned Parenthood. I went home and bawled all the way there. I asked God for help. Please help me. I had never prayed so sincerely in my life. I sat on my decision for 3 days. I heard no answers from God. I called Planned Parenthood. After hearing my story and when I told them my age, they told me that they could not abort this pregnancy. It was too high risk. Only a doctor could do it. I cried some more. I prayed for a miracle. And that next day, I got one. I stopped throwing up and didn’t throw up anymore after that. A couple of weeks later, I got the nerve to finally call my doctor. Once the receptionist heard my name she told me to hold on because my doctor had been wanting to talk to me. When he came on the line, I broke down into tears and told him I didn’t go through with it. He got very choked up and apologized to me for his behavior. He said that he went to his church after my last appointment and asked that his church pray for me. He said they’d be praying for me ever since. It was an emotional call, to say the least. It changed my life, Donna, literally overnight. Now my son is 12 years old and doing remarkably well, in spite of his birth defect. He is the love of my life. The relationship with his father, however, ended and I had to move on.

    This too with you will pass and, if you already haven’t gotten your answers, you will. God truly does work in mysterious ways. I will hope and pray for you that you get well and that the reason for this illness is revealed to you. Sorry my post is so long. I hope everyone forgives me for taking up so much space. I just had to share this with you.

  23. I had a similar church experience. Hubby and I were on our second year of trying to get pregnant. We had been seeing a doctor for a year and had tried meds and the steps before invitro. Then one Sunday our church did a healing service and I summoned up the guts to go down front – and nothing. But I know now God was working on his time frame as a year later we have a beautiful little boy and b/c of what we went through to get him here – our marriage and our faith is stronger and we know what a beautiful miracle he really is.

    I’ll be watching for part 3.

  24. Donna,
    Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your story.
    I know I have been through times like that, and it is hard to keep going on, and trusting sometimes.
    But, thank the Lord you did, are, trusting Him, and continuing to search. He will never leave us or forsake us, and in His perfect timing all comes together.

    I am anxious to hear the continuation of this.

    blessings and hugs

    barbara jean

    PS God loves to take us out of our comfort zone, so we can learn to trust Him in all things. Good for you for taking tha first step forward. That was the hardest one.

  25. Things happen for a reason! Just by reading your blogs I have been doing projects and selling some. Right before I started blogging I had lost my job and my fibromyalgia had become worse, (pain receptors in the brain do not shut off), so I am in constant pain, but I force myself to get going!
    The weather is a big factor, humidity is the worst. The pain is throughout my whole body, I’m on three different meds for the pain. Sometimes I have to nap in the afternoon, and three to four nites a week I am up all nite! Then I say, “why me ?” and now I can’t work a job because of it. Blogging has helped in such a great way because it’s like you have made a million friends! You become inspired by all the different people and their lives. You will find out that you have a huge support group! I remember when your mother passed away because it was about the same time my father passed. and then my company laid me off. To me that was “IT”.
    BOTTOM! But now, I am happier and stress free, still in pain but I deal with it. I am now taking care of my mother who has dementia. No short term memory and I think God has steered me in this direction of life. I am in the home I love with my mom who is in the same home that she loves.
    Things happen for a reason!
    You just deal with life. you will push through.

  26. Donna, your story moved me to tears. I have only followed you for a few weeks, but your stamina and courage in the face of great difficulty has been such an encouragement.

    I too have faced health issues that sometimes debilitated me. I have fibromyalgia and for a long time did not know what was wrong with me. I always hurt all over like I had the flu, and I was just exhausted all the time. I would get up, take a shower, get dressed and then have to lay back down to rest. Sometimes my neck would get so stiff, I’d have to be lifted in and out of bed by my husband, and I could barely walk.

    I did find a doctor who found the problem, and with treatment I live a normal life now. But I have to pace myself. If I go to hard, for too long, I will pay for days.

    As so many have already said, God will use this time for good. He sometimes, but rarely heals instantly. Often he is teaching us something, or preparing us for something. I know they mean well, but I take issue with those who claim God heals instantly if you have enough faith. Even the apostle Paul had to live with a “thorn in his flesh.” I’ve seen people lose their faith because someone told them they didn’t have enough faith if they weren’t getting healed.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to write a book. Know I am praying for you and am eagerly waiting to hear the next part of your story. Blessings to you and your son.

  27. did they ever diagnose you? my daughter also suffers from severe vertigo – it is debilitating – I have checked daily on your blog for a number of months and love your creative ability/talent – and my heart went out to you with the lost of your mother so suddenly – with the sudden death of my mother was one of the hardest times of my life – I had to make changes to continue to survive – this is just icing on the cake – thanks for sharing –

  28. Dear sweet Donna. This is such a wonderful post…I know too how hard it is when we go through things and we do not understand the ‘why’. I have been diagnosed twice now with breast cancer. The first time I went through a mascectomy and 10 months of chemo and praised God for 7 years as I was clean and clear, then low and behold I found a lump on my other breast and the journey began again!! More surgery, more chemo. I was in shock…why in the world had I been diagnosed again? What lessons did I need to learn? I will never know the reasoning until I meet God in heaven but I do know that I try not to take each day for granted. I hope I have grown.
    I know we don’t always hear the words we want to hear, but I do want you to know that you are LOVED…there has to be a, and a reason. And though you and I do not know it…we will plug on. Prayers my friend!! I am so glad you shared today!

  29. How inspiring you are! I have been following your blog like forever and to think you have been going through this. God will heal you—and we are your friends and are here for you. Much love, blessing, and health.

  30. I just need to say, I’m so enjoying your comments! To hear abit more about your own trials and tribulations helps to put my own into better perspective. The last installment will fill in a lot of blanks for you so I won’t repeat myself here.

    Just wanted to say, thanks for your prayers and well wishes and kudos. It truly does help to not feel so alone in life. xo


  31. Hi Donna
    I just love reading your blog, you are amazing.
    I am hoping you read this, Please email me at if you do read this. I think I have what you have, I have had it for years and years and now have medication when I feel my vertigo coming on. Please email me so we can talk and I can help you okay. There are also exercises believe it or not with your head that will help you
    talk to you soon

  32. I am anxious to hear what the cause is of your illness and can’t believe that you have had the most remarkable posts up all along. I had a very similar thing which kept me useless for a at least a month-vertigo, too. I finally posted about it at my blog when I could look at the screen and write! I did try to visit a few blogs during that time but that made me feel so dizzy and sick and soooo tired! I had never experienced this before. Mine turned out to be an inner ear infection due to sinus…It still took quite a while to go away. I hope you are on the mend and all good things come your way. I’ll pray, too!

  33. hi donna—i found your story both touching and familiar. the past few years, 4 of them, have been rough my mom died, i lost my job, i almost died…but the last 6 months have been the roughest. in dec i fell and broke my knee cap..was immobilized for 2 months. then 3 weeks ago i fell in a pothole in nyc and broke a bone in my foot and severely sprained my ankle.
    being immobilized for 2 months teaches you a lot of things. first as you realized you have to ask for help…and accept you may not always get it.i found i became zen about things..i accepted what had happened and tried to find the good in it…and what i could learn from it.i learned i did not need as much food as i had been eating and lost 15 lbs. i learned i did not need to shop out of boredom, and saved enough money to renovate a hallway. i also learned how to use facebook, which became a social lifeline. most of all i tapped into my creative spirit and started creating again. good luck on your journey to health…

  34. I’m so glad that I know the story has a happy ending, otherwise I’d be thinking about you in the middle of the night!

    I spent a summer stuck in the Carpal Tunnel and not having hands that worked taught me a thing or two. Asking for help is soooo hard for me, lol!

    Looking forward to part 3 🙂

  35. Wow Donna ~ I cannot even imagine how you were feeling and then to leave your summer “home” ~ it would not be a decision you made at the spur of the moment I am sure. I cannot wait to read #3.

  36. …Thanks for sharing and your honesty. Our prayers get answered …we are just to wait on the Lord. …Looking forward to more of your story.

  37. I know the next post is going to be a happy one. Your blog is the best out there. Your projects are amazing. You inspire me so much. Every time I feel hesitant about tackling something, I think of you. I have especially loved watching you change your world with your own two hands. As for your health, I have a feeling that opening up about it will be very liberating and lead to even more good things in your life.

  38. When I was sixteen, I tried to commit suicide. I kept asking God why I would have to go through life with an alcholic father that beat my mother(only to stop when I got in the way), having been sexually abused by another relative, having a mother that was mentally and verbally abusive, and other smaller things that felt huge. I kept asking why, why, why? And don’t you know, I felt that God was just not going to answer. When I finally resolved myself to the fact that I was not living for anything, God said “Because I have a higher purpose for you.” I am not crazy, but I heard the voice say that to me. Ever since then, I know that when things get to be too much, I will give it to God, and I can trust the outcome-it will be for a reason. But too, I know that I have to try all that I can before I give it up to God. The big lesson that I learned at 16, is that life will be what I make it. I focused on the bad, and that was all I saw. I needed an attitude adjustment to help me see that despite being surrounded by negativity, that it only takes one positive thing to change my point of view. I personally now try to do positive things as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean that I take on others’s problems. After all, we have to go through some tough stuff to get to where we need to be. I will help someone if I feel that I am supposed to. That is what God meant. Do God’s work, be his messenger, listen to what he asks of you to do, but don’t think you are God, because the responsibilities are more than we can bear. Care about others and love them unconditionally, because when you do, it will come back to you tenfold. I stopped talking to my parents for 3 years. I prayed before I made that decision, and again asked God. I didn’t want to stop talking to my folks, because they are my folks, but it was so toxic, that I didn’t feel I had a choice. God asked me if I trusted him. I hesitantly said yes, because I was afraid of what he would say. And I was told to walk away from them. Give us all time to heal. I did, and last year, I started a relationship back up with them. Needless to say, they are way different now(in a much much better way) and if I hadn’t listened to and trusted God, things may not have gone that way. We get answers if we listen and are patient. The positive energy you felt is just the beginning. You don’t strike me as a quitter, so don’t give up(I don’t think that you have) and remember that God answers all prayers, may just not be what we want to hear, or we may not realize that God was talking to us. But he only wants good for us, and will put us in the right time at the right place. My Love to you Donna.

  39. Donna, so many comments for you to read, but I am listening to everything you are writing about and am hoping part three brings good news. I am also inspired by you and feel like we operate on the same wave length…

  40. I cried when I read that you had ‘went up front’ to be healed. Please don’t give up, it’s not always immediate. 6 1/2 hears ago I prayed that this particular handsome, gentle cowboy would ask me out..6 days later…he did. Then I prayed that he would love me…2 mos. later he told me so. Then I prayed he would ask me to marry him on or before my birthday..Happy birthday wonderful to me!!! Then I prayed that we would be married quickly…3 weeks later we were Mr. and Mrs. Then I wanted a baby even though he already had 2 great boys from previous marriages…we now have our own son. (He’s adorable to boot!) 😉 (that one took 5 years to be answered.) A few weeks ago we found that my DH has Meneire’s Disease. Although not a fatal disease, it is life altering. You see, salt is his favorite food group and now he can only have 1500 mg a day. I pray for him. I will pray for you that you are healed, for you to have patience and that everything falls into place for you. I LOVE your blog and check in daily for new inpiration. Please take care and take it easy. All 2448 of your Funky Followers love ya!

  41. I’ve been without the internet for the past couple of days. I just popped over to see what you’re up to. I’m so sorry for all the hardships you went through last year, Donna. I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been for you and your son. I can’t wait to read
    Part 3 to hear how you got through it all. Not only are you inspirational in the DIY world, but also in the manners of life. 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  42. I’m sorry to hear about the recent health problems…I how it can just up-end your world in a minute. My crisis happened in ’03 when I had several things occur to me, health-wise. End result: I have MS. I’ve learned to deal with it. It took time but healing from the anger did come. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  43. Thanks for sharing your story, I look forward to hearing the rest. I’m sorry I haven’t taken the time till now to thank you for featuring my Flag in your side bar. It was a huge honor, you are such an inspiration to me.

  44. Did you know it is hard to read when you are crying? Thank you for sharing your story. You are such an encouragement!!! I struggle with fibromyalgia and at one point went to a “healing” service. I wasn’t healed from fibromyalgia but from other hurt (I’m not ready to go into details). God knows what is best and I would have enjoyed being pain free…but having a healed heart is amazing! Keep trusting in God…He is our Rock, our counselor, our healer!

  45. Thank you for sharing honestly. I would trade “ten give aways” on another post for one honest story from you. We need each other. We worship the same Lord. He asks us to encourage each other – and you are!

  46. hello my name is kathleen.your work is beautiful what would your dad say ur a tough cookie hang in there.every morning first thing i do log onto you.LOVE YOUR WEBSITE REALLY SMART

  47. Thank you for sharing your story so thoughtfully and without pretending it wasn’t awful. M husband of 35 years, who I thought was fully committed in every way, decided someone who wasn’t even born when we got married should be his next partner, the love of his life. I also am at a point where I will be downsizing my house, making many big decisions. God has shown up in your life and mine in many ways, and will continue to meet us.
    thank you for the inspiration and courage. If there is a Chapter 3 somewhere out there, I’d like some more info on how you are doing now. I’m in the midst of my crisis, but your story has helped me in many ways. Thanks, p.s. I love your website. I just covered bulletin boards with burlap, with a cross-hatch of ribbons. Today I changed the curtains in my office to burlap, too….I cheated, didn’t make them. But the room looks better, and DIFFERENT. Change can be good.

  48. Hi Donna , Keep the faith in God he is AMAZING and will help you. You will get better I know it just keep believing you are in good health.
    Love and Blessings Karen xx

  49. Hello!! I really believe you have one of the best blogs out there! I love all your drive and devotion in all you do. I was diagnosed with vertigo too about 20 years ago. But I’m one of the lucky ones who only had a couple of attacks. TERRIBLE feeling!! I retired this year and had my husband show me how to use some of his power tools! Watch out everybody!! They should teach gals all this stuff plus mechanical info while their in school! It’s very important for women to be self proficient in all trades. On that note I had to go back to work because of financial reasons. You know that feeling you have deep inside you that you KNOW you can make stuff people will love! I have been doing all kinds of crafting all my life—– and some day I will have my own little shop!! Just wanted you to know your way UP there on people I admire! Keep up the fantastic blog and great visions!! Love ya!!!

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