The makings of a dream workshop

On Sunday, I had full intentions on doing a little building. But once I walked into the garage…

Messy garage / Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on


Messy garage / Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on

Not gonna lie. It’s not easy having a single car garage for your shed, storage and workshop.

Messy garage / Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on

I’ve long wanted to gut this place and make it into something special. It’s all insulated with a heater and a nice door and a few other things going for it. But… it’s ugly.

“But you really don’t have time at the moment for a big redo. It’s summer holidays. This can wait until fall. Just shove the crap to the side and build!”

But… the makings of a dream workshop called me loud and clear.

Messy garage / Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on

So out it all went. Well, one side anyway.

Purging the garage / Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on

But now? My poor neighbours have to deal with THAT. Goodness…

Now’s about the time when I need to do another Purge Video… remember that one?!

Purging the garage / Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on
Anyway, I started with spraying the shelf brackets from black to white. Hated them. No doctoring. Get rid of it. Down it came. I don’t want a garage. I want a WORKSHOP.

There’s a big difference you know. 🙂

White wall / Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on

So I painted the walls pure white.

Look how the grey cement pops now! Wow. 

I have a vision you see. I want a bright, light workspace that will be pretty for pictures. While I’d adore white planked walls, it’s not in the budget. So I have some plans. But first…

Metal red storage rack / Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on
This guy’s coming in. I picked this red metal rack from beside a dumpster awhile back (where I find all my pallets)  and it’s been sitting on the backyard sidewalk forever.

I wasn’t 100% on what it would ultimately do… what would you use it for?

But today, I just knew.

Metal red storage rack / Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on
Well, I wanted it inside the “workshop.” NOW. But there was no one to help me. It was Father’s Day and everyone in the neighbourhood was out visiting and my son wasn’t home. 

So I did the only thing I could do… I started dragging it. Metal on concrete. Non music to the ears.


Nerve wracking! But…

Metal red storage rack / Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on

IT FIT! And then I danced. And then I got all this new adrenaline because I had BIG PLANS! You know what I’m about to do with it, right?!

Reclaimed wood / Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on

(please refrain from pinning… I know it’s tempting…)

But the best part of all?

Part 1 of The makings of a dream workshop on
I found my vacuum cleaner extension! Jammed onto a broom pole. That won’t budge. 

We repurpose when we don’t even mean to around here.

Stay tuned…

What state is your “workshop” in?

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34 thoughts on “The makings of a dream workshop

  1. Fabulous rack for all your lumber! My son came a couple of weekends ago to give me my Mother’s Day/birthday gift. My gift was all kinds of work that I needed help with around the house. The biggest project was working on my basement. That’s where my “workshop” will be when I finally get it completely organized. I have a beautiful laser guided compound miter saw which I received for Christmas two years ago that STILL has not be out of the box because I had no place to set it up. There is a workbench at Home Depot with my name on it as soon as I can drag it home! My goal is to actually have a real workshop by the end of the summer. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

  2. Hey Donna – love that you are creating a more beautiful workspace. It’s so frustrating to try and work around all of that stuff all the time! Starts to feel like you spend more time shifting junk around instead of actually building anything. Our neighbors GAVE us their one car detached garage, so we got a bunch of friends and we picked it up and moved it to our yard. We’ve been documenting that process on our blog and here are the most recent exterior pics of it.

  3. I know your feeling! We moved in May from a 2900 SF home to a 1900 SF home. I can’t wait to have a yard sale to put the $$$ towards building out the early 1900s storage building. Its solid, but needing some TLC. The barn doors don’t quite touch the ground so critters find their way in. Need some light too, although there are 4 windows. We’ll be heading to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to get full view french doors. Right now I am using the guest bedroom and I’m in the PILING mode.but you’ve given me ideas on storing wood trim for my dollhouses.thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh I laughed out loud at your description of dragging the shelving unit. I know that sound and I know it was drag. Drag. Drag. And you did a great job with the wall too! I am imagining all your wood finding a home organized on that shelving. Go you!!! Love the plans.

  5. Whew! Kudos to you! I try to curse myself when I think of “cleaning up the garage.” You’ve got a great start. And I was hoping you were going to stack that wood up on the rack. Perfect home and easy access loading and unloading right up front. Can’t wait to see how things move along!!!

  6. I’ve been organizing my shop too this summer – on Sunday I finally got rid of this huge, but useless plywood cabinet that someone nailed to the top of one wall with 1000 ardox nails… ugh. Good therapy whacking that sucker down I can tell you! I just put plywood on most of the walls so I can organize all my stuff. Now I realize I need a garden shed to get rid of some of my “clutter”… guess I’ll be building soon!

  7. Love your spirit, Donna! Keep at it, you’ll get there I’ve no doubt! And…I love, love, love that red rack. Red is the best color ever! Have a blessed day!

  8. It looks like your definitely going to need a little help with that. My husband has a big workshop garage with no car in it but it’s filled to the brim with junk. He keeps saying he is going to clean it up but that’s been 4 years now so I am not holding my breath, lol. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Love the white!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  9. Ha! I’m laughing because of the many times I’ve started to do something in one direction but ended up, I don’t know, spray painting shelf brackets. 🙂 Good to know I’m not alone out there. That red rack! How did you get it home? I keep a set of those plastic-furniture-slider-things around to move the big stuff. They’re really inexpensive and do a great job.

  10. Very nicely done! I just found two full pickup loads of really nice lumber and crate/pallet wood! Shop? Shed? Well…for now…you can’t get in the door very far! But you’ve inspired me!

  11. Donna, there is absolutely nothing better than a clean, organized work space! Right now all my stuff is packed (what was I thinking) and I’m going nuts in limbo! I don’t care how big or small the space, if its ugly and unorganized we wind up working in the kitchen! LOL
    Can’t want to see what’s next!

  12. wow i have a carport i would love a garage…. kathy at petticoat junktion posted her workshop yesterday you too should get together lol xx

  13. That old ammo box on your red shelves before you put them in the garage is super cool! Can’t wait to see what you do with your shop, my garage is my everything room as well, I could use a little inspiration!

  14. My work shop in on my back patio. Sounds airy right, ha. But where there is a will there is a way. Love all your ideas, now my family doesn’t point and laugh at me for LOVING rustic junk. Keep up the good work sister, we are following where your leading.

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