When golden hour emulates new life changes during a fall bike ride

When golden hour emulates new life changes during a fall bike ride along the vedder river rotary trail chilliwack bc canada

I kinda feel like writing a heart-to-heart today.

There have been changes in my life that are making me feel uneasy… but for all the right reasons.

Change is what I wanted! Yet it’s a challenge to feel ‘ok’ with it and just go with the flow. It’s unsettling. It breaks routine. It takes more time. And makes me over-think even more than I use to!

Are you an over-thinker too? Goodness.

Anyway, I’ve been encouraging myself to keep pushing forward trying new things. From a pottery class to volunteer dog walking to getting inspired through church services to an epic writing class that is having me tread cautiously into scary unknown zones… it’s all such a process.

I’ve also been hitting the bike trail every chance I get when it isn’t storming outdoors. They are slowing down due to the weather, so I’m already making other plans to keep the exercise (and more) moving forward… more on THAT new one soon! Gulp.

So anyway, this one fine late afternoon, the weather indeed cooperated. The sky was clear of rain and the sun was out casting the perfect golden hour glow. So I bolted out there with my bike and camera and this post was the gorgeous result.

And happened to become the perfect bike ride visual to emulate my current story…

A nature fall bike ride with floating geese in the wetlands at Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

Life had been coasting along. I felt normal, safe, or as I called it, builder-grade beige in THIS post.

Just like this picture, this is generally the beauty that has become my everyday-normal while I fly down the forest trails on bike on a daily basis. How fortunate am I?

I do attempt to bike each late afternoon or evening, however rain storms of late have held me somewhat hostage indoors. So when there’s a parting of clouds in the sky, I dash out! No matter how chilly it is.

I really do appreciate these amazing surroundings. That’s why I keep returning to nature. They take me away from ‘stuff’ and place me in a magical world where the only thing to think about is what is before me.

The honking sounds from geese with flapping feathers in the sky, the crunch of gravel beneath the bike tires as I spin along the forest trails, the wind whisping past my ears…

It’s cooler now, so I was wearing yoga pants topped with baggy but cozy sweats, a heavy jacket and even gloves! And had a face mask at the ready in case the wind nipped at my face a little too harshly.

I must have been quite ‘the sight.’ I’d like to pick up some bike gear one day to look more ‘the part.’ Hmm… perhaps I should write that down on my dream list…

Anyway, sometimes I muse that I really ought to hit more new trails, however there’s comfort in the same ‘ol. You don’t have to make any new effort to enjoy. You just get on the bike and go. 

A brilliant and dramatic golden hour moment along Vedder River at Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

However, as the sun dipped lower in the sky, my surroundings became much more dramatic. The deep hushed tones of dusk against the vibrancy of golden hour painted such a stunning picture!

I quickly grabbed the (clay covered… heh) camera, and started snapping pics to capture the beauty of the moment.

A brilliant and dramatic golden hour moment along Vedder River at Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

Bonus… moving the camera around created different effects.

All captivating, just slightly different.

A brilliant and dramatic golden hour moment along Vedder River at Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

They don’t call it golden hour for nothing! At this time of evening when the sun is at that perfect position, it casts a much warmer glow, vibrantly illuminating every fall colour available to it!

So while some areas are in shade wrapping things up for the night, others are magically highlighted as a last hurrah of the day.

A brilliant and dramatic golden hour moment along Vedder River at Vedder River Rotary Trail in Chilliwack, BC Canada

Nature’s Christmas tree lights!

So how is this golden moment mirroring my current life?

Listing the changes I desired to have in life caught me off guard. I ended up with 8 pages of them. Who knew I was so starved for things, but so fearful of them I allowed them to push me away?

That’s crazy, isn’t it? If we want a new ‘thing’ for the house, we generally just go out and buy it.

It isn’t that effortless when you are chasing your deep-embedded dreams.

Deepest dream desires place you in a super vulnerable spot, and your what Kim calls ‘monkey brain’ taunts you with things like, ‘That’s impossible! You don’t deserve that.”, etc.

You basically talk yourself out of it so you stay comfortable right where you are.

Resulting, in pining for more. 

So I’m currently working on replacing those negative thoughts with “You can have that! Look, list the steps, that’s how it’s done. Then put those actions into play. The steps are easy!”

The hardest part is accepting that you can do and deserve those things.

So retraining how we think becomes paramount.

Did you read my ‘thinking positive post?’ HERE? Give that a read now if you haven’t yet, because it all blends in with what I’m about to say.

farm scene during a fall bike ride-001

Big bold steps that will shake up the foundation you walk on take courage.

In order to have courage, it’s a must to believe you are capable.

In order to become capable, the positive stuff inside you must take over. Your insides, or things you say about yourself become paramount for this to happen. Your self-speak must be positive


So if you are babbling incessantly all day long’ I can’t keep up, I don’t have time, blah blah blah’, that’s what will happen.

Turn that around with, “I can keep up if I segregate my day… I have time between 2-4…” it’s quite frankly GOING to happen.

See the dramatic difference affirmative self- talk makes?

It’s life-changing. Literally life IS changing for the better every moment you move forward with your day. 

When golden hour dreams hit during a fall bike ride along the vedder river rotary trail chilliwack bc canada

This beautiful evening golden-hour bike ride emulated what I have been feeling lately perfectly.

The standard schmandard is still present and beautiful.

However, start making those small changes, and magic happens. A newness washes over your life, opening doors you never imagined could become unlocked.

I personally know that change is imperative in my life in order to feel nature’s dopamine kick in. More life experiences build up a larger card file inside my head, and the more new I start to do, the more new will become my new lifestyle. It’s contagious!

Growing never ends does it? I suppose there are those that are perfectly fine with status quo, and perhaps they fought long and hard to be in that position. I get it. I’ve gratefully reached it as well.

However my own inner gut says, it’s ok to push further. In fact, vital. It’s what keeps me moving forward.

Are you stuck? Does this ‘talk of new’ have you scratching your head?

With positive thoughts and a firm, “I deserve this!”, I challenge you to flood a page with your own dreams. Try getting them down on paper. Nothing is too big nor too small. Go full throttle. It’s pretty wild what comes out of you if you allow it!

Then… yeah. Overwhelming isn’t it? But now YOU know what to run towards!

With the hardest part being, which golden hour moment of yours will be first?


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12 thoughts on “When golden hour emulates new life changes during a fall bike ride

  1. Awesome post. Inspiring me as a 68 yo to really think and go forward. I needed this. Thank you. And btw, the pictures are gorgeous.

  2. I’m dreaming of more travel with some teaching mixed in perhaps. This week is catch up for me in Kim’s class. Beautiful photos at that golden hour.

  3. Oh Donna, what beautiful golden hour photos!!! I too am in Kim’s class and someday’s I think my pen has a life all its own. Where are these words coming from? Can’t be me, but it is. I love your website, my house looks like a prop shop but I love antiques and funky junk. Kim’s still life classes got me through crisis after crisis. So glad I found your beautiful inspiring words.

    • Still life classes… hmmm… that may be a nice ‘next’ to try! I love the thought!

      And I think your prop shop home sounds perfect for someone artsy. I love the feel of exciting things in the works! If it’s too clean, I generally don’t really know where to even start for not wanting to make yet another mess… here’s to artful messes… MANY of them! 😀

  4. Beautiful photography Donna. Of course, all your photos are gorgeous but the golden hour is extra special. Love how the leaves shine like golden nuggets. I too have been forced to change recently and move forward kicking and screaming because I had a health scare. In the end, it was the best thing that happened to me. Sometimes you know you have to make a change but just continue to put it off till the inevitable happens.

  5. Donna,

    You have out done yourself again with your photography. Your pictures are beautiful.

    Think you need to add photographer to your dream list, if you haven’t already. You have the knack for taking beautiful pictures.

    I have a tendency to overthink also. Bedtime is when I start…thinking about my next project, how I can make it work and lose a lot of sleep because of it. Lol

    I have stepped out of my comfort zone and taking a reverse painting class and joined a ukulele group. I know nothing about either one. I think the reverse painting class will progress faster than the ukulele class. I painted a picture of my grand dogs and cannot believe they actually look like them. I was amazed at how well I can paint. The instructor said I am the only one to venture out of the box and make something other than her designs on her second class. I am proud of me. Next class is the other grand dog. Can’t wait!

    Have a great week. I enjoy your posts!

    • Aww, thank-you Donna! The photos are taken with my little point and shoot so all the attention they really got was a little capture magic and of course, photo editing. I appreciate your kind words, it’s something to definitely think about! I capture as if I’m purchasing a picture in a store… I want the elements to look just so. Thanks for the reminder that what I just do is indeed new to another! It’s easy to forget.

      And SO good for you on stepping beyond your own comfort zones! Who knew you’d be an amazing dog painter?! I love that this transpired for you! It’s very motivating! I’m still unsure if I ‘love’ pottery but I will always be grateful for having tried it!

  6. We all put an invisible box around us or place restrictions upon ourselves and keep ourselves from new experiences or stretching beyond comfort. After my husband died I kept myself locked away, not ever wanting to open myself up to another man. For 5 1/2 years I kept myself from living, from loving, from being loved. I kept myself to myself. Then a man started asking me out. I kept saying no. I could not imagine opening up to anyone else, to any new experience, after losing my love of 38 years. After all, I was an old lady of 65. I told a friend that “this man” from church kept asking me out and I kept saying no. She looked at me and asked why I would not say yes. Give him a chance, she said. So I finally did. It has been 2 years of wonderful times with him. I laugh again, I live again, I feel alive and sexy and wanted an cared for. I almost kept myself locked away for life. I am glad I finally said yes.

  7. Darling, what amazing pictures !! Your blessed to live in a place which is so serene and beautiful.
    Change is ALWAYS for the good. We can/could never progress in our lives without change. But being ‘grateful’ to the Almighty for his bounties, is what brings contentment in our lives.
    I too, am in need… in need to change my eating habits .. my craving for the heaps of sugar in my coffee.. change to a better, more rigorous exercise routine .. and a need to change from being the internet zombie mom to a more involved mom to my teenage sons ( hint- teenage sons are ALL ABOUT PRIVACY !!)
    Love from Dubai

  8. Again, your posts are thought provoking and the photos soul inspiring. Thank you for opening up and sharing your journey. Currently, I am on a journey and feeling the emotions it creates. And those emotions come from my thinking and to figure out the thinking and writing it down will be necessary, I think, to moving forward. It will take time, and honestly, that will be a huge hurdle for me, as I am only in the baby steps of my life’s journey in taking time for myself. It is so different. Words don’t do it justice the way it makes me feel. But, it will be done. More or less, it’s all just floating around my brain and I need to reach out and corral one. Thank you so much again for being open and being there for us. It’s awesome and I just love learning from you. Have a wonderful day Donna and I hope your family are well.

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