11 – Take care of yourself (with video)

11 - Take care of yourself / putting off an appointment? This post is for you. via FunkyJunkInteriors.netI have been exceptionally blessed to have led a pretty healthy life. Aside from a few fender benders for aches and pains, I have never even spent one night in a hospital room, except when my son came into the picture.

And even THEN, I was an adoptive mom, (<— story there!) so I stayed for him, not for the need of me. 🙂

So when I needed to get a few ‘put you out in the hospital tests’ done to check things out, you can bet I was scared. So much so, I put it off for months.

Dumb. So dumb. But fear does that, doesn’t it?

I wrote the appt. down in my dayplanner. But conveniently lost the number. Then time went on. But when I desired to knock some hard stuff off my list, my eyes kept landing on that entry.


So I bit the bullet one day, frustrated with seeing that linger on, dug for the number and made the call. It’s months to get in for this kind of test. But know what they said?

“We had a cancellation. We can see you in 2 days. Or mid December.” 

Well, I have dreams of maybe taking my boy away in December, so that didn’t work! And my sis was about to go off on a month’s vacation… so I needed to make the call. NOW.

This also meant I had to change everything on the spot. I needed to pick up some prep gunk and go off solid food. As in the next AM. YIKES.

And here’s why the wait was so silly.

I went in there and was the last booking of the day. That meant a LOT of rest. I got to lay down in a nice bed with very colourful surroundings and nap. I haven’t had a nap during the day in a loooong time.

And then one of the nurses turned to me and said, “You sure are giggly!”

“Oh, sorry! Was I too loud?”

“Not at all, we just don’t hear much of that!”

“Well, I was on Facebook and was reading about ‘people who shouldn’t decorate birthday cakes..” we laughed over the picture, and yakked back and forth. It was … fun. 🙂

And then it was my turn. They wheeled me in ‘the room’ to put me out. The big white clock whizzing by above my head had me itchin’ to film it like an ER thing, but… I felt dumb enough taking the pics that I did take. The life of a blogger…

I was apprehensive about being put out. This would be a first. But I had a nice conversation about that before hand. So much so they gave me EXTRA to ensure there was no chance of waking up! Oops. 🙂

And I sure didn’t, because I remember chatting it up with her, and then the lights went POOF. And the next moment, they handed me a cup of juice with my bed already propped up.

That was easy. 🙂

Not only was the test a breeze, well, see for yourself below…

Dream Box Building Challenge #11

Putting off an appointment?

You should go.

Promise me here and now you will go.

Because a lot of people want you around. Including me.

Make the call?

I’ll wait…. 🙂 

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25 thoughts on “11 – Take care of yourself (with video)

  1. That was hysterical!!! Thank you for that. I’m glad that you went, you tested and you’re okay, very brave. My husband has been after me to go (for different things) but I too am afraid.
    Great post

  2. Oh my goodness…I am glad that you WENT to the appointment. I do the same thing as you and put things off. LOVE the video! It is hilarious! Surfer chair is right…kind of like you are so NOT in control, huh?

  3. Brave Donna

    My grandchildren’s gramma died a few years ago from colon cancer. When her great grand son was born, I thought of her and what she is missing.
    All you sweet ladies and gents, don’t miss your children’s future.

  4. Thank you. I’m in the midst of [struggling with!] getting some medical “stuff” done, and your trepidation and humor are good company, and even brought tears unexpectedly to my eyes (though I smiled throughout).

  5. on my gosh, that was hilarious! You are my treasure, my seester.Great video still laughing,going to watch it again!

  6. Good for you and a great reminder for all of us. SO many people could have been saved had they had the recommended tests. All these tests are so easy these days, no excuses!!

  7. It’s just taking the time to do it, like going to the dentist, getting a pap or getting a mammogram. Not painful, but a “pain in the butt” to make the time for IT (whatever IT is). You go girl! Thank you for the encouragement that so many people need.

  8. OMG love the video. I’m glad you went, I know it’s scary. I put off female monitoring for the last, um, 15 years. Yeah, I know. So when I had something show up one day last fall, I freaked! I called the doctor and I ended up waiting over a month to get in. It was the longest wait I think I’ve ever had. I was scared to death when I walked in the room, but doc made it easy. She wasn’t happy with me, but she scheduled the tests that were long over due. In the end, everything was OK. Nothing I wish to relive anytime soon. Thanks for sharing your story and your video. Take care of you!

  9. How did I miss your adoption story??? We also adopted our youngest only be was three at the time. He is now 13 and although came from a difficult background we are so glad he is part of our family. We also had to wait for it to be official. He lived with us for a year before it was all said and done. Thanks for sharing as there are so many children in need of loving homes. And your movie is hysterical.

  10. i have had 3 colonoscopys 2 endonoscopys and gets my mammys grammed every year but the dreaded pap 20yrs went to my new doc and when i said 20yrs he says to my surprise oh really well no time like the present and sent the nurse in to get me ready i told her i always pull the sheet up over my head and she laughed and said she did too, doc comes in sheet goes up and he laughs and says hmm another head coverer lol. well everything was ok he gave me a breast exam and i told him hell no man has seen me nakid let along touched all of my body parts in years he was giggling when he left xx

  11. Love it! Utterly brilliant… 🙂 I went for my tests a few weeks ago too. They did two in one. If you’re knocking me out, you may as well check everything. I was hoping they’d get confused and do a face lift while I was out… 😉 I happen to be an overly cautious person, though, so as much as I dread them, I’m militant about going for tests on time. But mostly Iove your creative approach to this presentation. My guess is your creative foresight helped cope with your dread. Well done! Glad your results worked to well too!

  12. That was awesome, so proud of you for taking an unpleasant situation and turning it into a fun and incite-full post. I have not done one of these and hate the idea. And I am 68, long past the recommendation. Maybe this is just what I needed to hear. Thanks.

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