30 minute chippy wood kitchen island revamp

30 minute chippy wood kitchen island revamp with some shutters and old fence wood for a rustic kitchen.

Not sure if I’ve ever shared this story on the blog before, however, the cupboard part of my kitchen island was a ‘mistake’.

Kitchen tour HERE

When the kitchen was renovated, I ordered up a ‘distressed black cabinet’ that looked nothing like the rest of the wood cabinets.

My goal had been for it to resemble an actual antique piece.

When the cupboard guys plopped it in place, I was a little taken aback. The island was the same cabinetry as the rest of the kitchen, just painted! So I called the cabinet place wondering what in the world happened.

They didn’t have anything documented to prove my initial selection. And I had no proof either. It appears I pointed to one cabinet but another was written down.


I ended up being disappointed, however as time rolled on, it was what it was and I moved on.

Until I brought up some chippy wood and shutters for another upstairs project not long ago. I was sitting on the sofa looking at all my props all over the room and the shutters were leaning against the island at the time. Hmm…

white shutters

Preparing reclaimed chippy white wood for a kitchen island revamp

I ran downstairs for some other shutters and chippy wood and did a dry fit to see how I liked it.

I liked it! But never did implement it. The props sat for awhile, then of course fell over and that ended that. 

Until I got a reminder this week while I was scrolling on Instagram, of a wonderful home tour by Olde Tyme Marketplace that was ALL about the chippy, white, wood and antiques.

And boy did I fall hard. 

I’ve been feeling discontent with the house the past while. It just feels too dark and I’m no longer a fan of the orange-toned wood all over the place. So I hope to downplay at least the kitchen cabs at some point. But we’ll save that discussion for another day…

Because today is all about lightening and brightening up that black island! And make it look older.

30 minute chippy wood kitchen island revamp with some shutters and old fence wood for a rustic kitchen.

Inspired by the home tour, I jumped outa my insta chair, dashed downstairs for the same components I had awhile back, and made it happen!

And I’m really diggin’ it!

In 30 minutes. My kinda reno.

I’m debating on painting the chairs all black now too… I think it would update them to a classic look while removing more ‘orange’. What do you think?

30 minute chippy wood kitchen island revamp with some shutters and old fence wood for a rustic kitchen.

How I did it:

The chippy fence wood was lightly sanded but not painted. I plan to use Fusion Mineral Paint’s Tough Coat (Amazon affiliate link) on it to keep the boards from continuing to flake.

You can read how I top coated my chippy barn wood headboard HERE

And did the same thing with the barn wood Antiques mirror HERE

I started with a large shutter positioned in the middle. Two other shutters with chippy wood planks in between turned out to be the perfect fit for across the front of the island. How did I get so lucky?

After positioning everything in place, I ran two boards along the top of the shutters and wood, pushed in super tight against the island side corbels. I did a little wood screwing here and there but I think only one screw reached the actual island, so there is little repair should the shutters be removed.

30 minute chippy wood kitchen island revamp with some shutters and old fence wood for a rustic kitchen.

While I’m not finished decorating the kitchen for Christmas, adding the wood candles to the island and a big evergreen branch along the windows worked for another quick fix for now.

Maybe it IS done! Hmm…

Why did I not take a close up of the candles? I don’t remember. 

No, that makes this not done. More on this soon…

30 minute chippy wood kitchen island revamp with some shutters and old fence wood for a rustic kitchen.

Now to paint those chairs, plank that ceiling, maybe paint the cabs white and maybe even replace the uppers with rustic shelves… that are NOT orange…

I may not live in my dream cabin / cottage on a lake (yet), however my darker kitchen is shining a little chippy brighter these days!

What do you think of the island? Are you feelin’ it? What else would you suggest I do to ditch the orange? p.s. Those floors cover the entire upstairs… in every closet too!

kitchen renovation - taking down the wall

You can read the rest of the kitchen renovation series HERE way back from day 1!

Guaranteed to entertain you. Big.

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29 thoughts on “30 minute chippy wood kitchen island revamp

  1. Love it! Can even spell it. L.o.v.e. it.
    And thank you for sharing the details like ‘it’s been sitting in my living room for awhile’..I remember being so disappointed at myself for not making everything pretty from the 1st attempt 🙂
    Anyway, great project Donna!

  2. Your floors don’t bother me. I think if you paint your cabinets or put up those shelves, it would mitigate the orange that you object to. Looking forward to your winter remodel!

  3. I kind of like the kitchen just as it is now…the contrast of the cupboards with the island are perfect. The floors are beautiful; I could not bring myself to change those. I like the idea of painting the chairs black. You are thinking of beadboard planking on the ceiling…sounds good.
    So fun to watch you dig into projects…carry on crafty gal.

  4. I LOVE the island! It looks awesome. However, I also LOVE the black ceiling trim! It absolutely makes everything pop!! Thanks for continuously sharing!

    • Thanks Alicia! That trim was implemented due to cover a header repair when we removed the original upper cabinets. It’s funky and cool for sure!

      I am however ready for some new changes after many years, and would love to have the ceilings planked and painted white… still dreaming but it’s what I keep seeing. 🙂

  5. This looks awesome! Good job! Interesting to see that others procrastinate on their good ideas that turn out so great. I’m sitting here looking at the paint I’ve had for my kitchen for 2 YEARS. You just inspired me to get up and start. Then I’ll have to finish in time for Christmas guests!
    Thanks for this post!

    • Haha! Procrastination is my middle name so you’re in good company here!

      And yes, it generally takes one burst of inspiration to get me outta my chair. But the key is, to keep moving or it goes away again.

      Do the painting! Right NOW before it leaves the building!

      Just think… Christmas will look even more beautiful in your home!

  6. Oh Donna, that island is to d-i-e for! Great job! I get what you mean about the rest of the kitchen cupboards. What about adding something to the fronts of the doors? It looks like you have a natural frame on the doors, what about adding chippy wood or bead board to the doors? I painted my oak cupboards a darker brownish color and loved them. Now that a couple years have passed, there are chips and such in them, so now I’m giving some thought to dragging out the sander and making them look old all over! Ha!

    • Too funny! If you plan to touch up and paint anyway, I’d try the sanding on one and see!

      I took a sander to one of the chairs to see what transpired if I just ‘aged’ them up intentionally. I like it and debated trying that on a cab. And if it didn’t work, I’d just paint.

      Another thing I’m going to look into is getting new doors priced out so a factory finish could be intact.

      Or buying my own sprayer which I’ve long wanted anyway…

      Lots of decisions!

  7. Donna, your floors are gorgeous. Stop thinking of them as orange and appreciate the beautiful wood. The contrast between your floors and that fun chippy island is very attractive. Keep sending us your creative inspirations!

    • Haha, thanks Teri! I think if I focus on removing as much of the tone at eye level as possible, I’ll hopefully think differently. That’s my first focus anyway!

      The floors truly are beautiful. They came from Costco factory finished so they have an amazing finish that can’t be replicated. And that is the only reason for my hesitation to refinish them!

      It’s challenging working with what you have when your tastes change, isn’t it? Path of least resistance is always first…

  8. What a total transformation this made. Just love it!

    And, yes, painting the chairs would probably be good, though they look fine.

    Your upper cabinets are nice and perhaps painting them would satisfy you. I think for resale, should you ever take the leap from this home, might be easier with cabinets. As much as I LOVE open shelving, my kitchen houses a lot of things I do not want to look at every glance I take into my working kitchen. I doubt I am alone on that. For a cottage, where cooking and baking is minimized, I could go for open shelving. But to take out nice cabinets … That said, it is your house and it needs to reflect who you are and what you enjoy. But try painting them white, first.

    Love the island. Just has so much character!

    • I do agree with you Brenda. The open shelf thing would have happened long ago here if this kitchen had more storage. I’d have to dream up a pantry improvement before I implemented this.

      Luckily the kitchen island has big slide out shelves so that saves me big time and was absolutely mandatory when the original upper cabs came down along the sink wall.

      Regardless, if I pulled the trigger on shelving, I’d save the cabinets for any future owner. There’s only two I’d remove anyway.

  9. love your island.. Was wondering what you used as a countertop for the island and what did you use to seal it with? we are curriently sanding down a piece of old gym floor and trying to decide what to do to seal it or stain it etc..

    Thanks for your help….

    • Hi Mary!

      It’s sheet metal custom welded into the desired shape. The sides are just built to make it look like a thick piece.

      It isn’t currently sealed with anything although it was suggested I wax it so it doesn’t rust. So far, no wax and no rust! 🙂

      I’d select some kind of food safe alternative. I know Homestead House carries a food-safe beeswax that I have currently on order to try out. Perhaps wait for my review on it.. it may be perfect for your needs!

  10. I love the island and agree the orange wood needs to go. I think painting the stools all black would look great. Maybe you could sand and paint the floors after you have painted the cupboards and planked the ceiling. I know it would be a lot of work but they look like nice floors. Or I guess I would see which is more cost effective new floors or redoing what you have.

    • Ha! Thanks for seeing what I’ve been seeing for a long time now! I’m not crazy after all…

      I have debated on painting the floors but feared future scratches. Egads…

      Yes, I would definitely get quotes on refinishing before deciding anything if I went that route. They are gorgeous floors and don’t need to come up at all.

  11. You should do the cupboards White too. And paint the chairs Black.
    Leave the floors alone.
    If you really want more old looking floors, you could just sand them a bit.

  12. You may have already painted the chairs, bit I think having the pine seats pulls it together with rest of the kitchen. I love the fix on the island.
    You have such great ideas.


  13. Love you blog Donna and watching for ideas for our dream lake home.

    Great project, love the framing around the shutters with the chippy crackle finish.

    I like some of the warm tones of the wood in your kitchen, I would keep some of it for myself. The floor is beautiful…I love it!

    I would like to see how you will plank the ceiling and beams…?


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