Crazy awesome stair case/rail project – Part 1 (with video!)

Do you like my stairs? I can’t wait to do a total before and after on these guys. They’ve had a long hard life. But my friends are showing up this week to help me out.

What I really wanted this post to be about was the fact that I ME YES MOI made the new spindles myself today.

My desire for livin’ on the edge didn’t stop at this project. Although black wrought iron spindles would have been the cat’s meow, I desired a more industrial look to tie in with surrounding metals in my house. So I paid a visit to my buddy Dan’s and he set me up at his shop today.

Dan lives 5 minutes from me and has mentored me for a few years now on how to use tools and build stuff. But I still have a lot to learn. He showed me what was possible with pencil rod steel and a chop saw. I was sold. So….

A tutorial video on how to make your own stairway spindles!

starring… ME


1. Filming was done from my crappy photo camera, not a movie type.
2. It’s my first time so whatever.
3. Don’t let the ‘good’ hair fool you. This chick is green.


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7 thoughts on “Crazy awesome stair case/rail project – Part 1 (with video!)

  1. Very cool…but I almost had to stop watching when you were hand holding…I started to feel sick..LOL
    But you are a natural!!! Well done…can’t wait to see the results!
    That coke fridge…what is built around it?? Looked like a carving?

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