My picket toolbox gets fresh on me

I love red. But not just any red. I like the deep rich primitive tones that speak of all things heritage.

So when blog friend Heidi from The Red Dollar House broadcasted that she had a sign that she had ideas of sending me, I nearly fell over. It was rustic, looked exactly like something I myself would make, and it was deep red!

I wanted this baby to pop in just the right place soooo…

… when these pretty flowers were a done deal, it was time for a fresh look once again.

My ever changing picket toolbox sits on my back patio.

I’m having the most fun changing this thing out! That’s the beauty of fresh flowers. They’re a little more labour intensive to keep up with, however the change is also fun.

A broken twiggy wreath became a nest of sorts to start things off. Love the extra texture.

Mix in 3 cups of water, an ounce of of creativity and a few fresh blooms and you get…

the perfect backdrop that makes your gifted Fresh Cherries sign pop!

Heidi did an exceptional job with this sign. I love how she lowered the upper case characters as well as visually centering the center parts of the text. This girl is good with typography which pleases me to no end! Because there are indeed tricks when playing with text. The two toned border makes the text pop too. It’s absolutely perfect! And I have only 101 ideas for it, this being the first.

Thanks Heidi! I love my sign! 

And dear friends, it’s time for a little R&R with my son. We need to go forth and splash, giggle, play board games, create new adventures and downplay electronics for a short spurt. I’ll be checking in over the next week, but it’ll be sporadic.

Thanks for continuing to be interested in what goes on in my little neck of the woods! SNS will still run as planned with the theme being FJI inspired projects. I can’t wait to see what you bring! 🙂

Happy Summer!

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24 thoughts on “My picket toolbox gets fresh on me

  1. Oh Donna – it looks so at home! I have to fess up that the font was already designed that way so I didn’t have to manipulate it. I’ll just take credit for choosing it and spacing it… Have some great R&R!

  2. Love the toolbox, love the table, love the flowers and love the sign! Go get some R&R and enjoy yourself! I had mine last week and, as much as I love to blog, it was nice to NOT have to do it for a week. 😉
    Scissors & Spatulas

  3. I am in love with the branch that you used for the tool box…. that makes a world of difference on the entire look of it. And the flowers, oh my so beautiful.

    – Much Love, Trashy Crafter Kim

  4. Hi, you said in a previous post to look around to see where a toolbox could fit in…and I keep looking! Just so imaginative of you to make these, how many do you have around?
    I almost rescued one from someone lighting up a fire…..I passed the place three times looking at it…but I was to shy to ask for it……damn!
    I`m inspired by yours, if I could only find a good place for one, I could build one.(My boyfriend, that is!)
    Have a wonderful day,
    Hugs, M

  5. So pretty! I love the idea of a box for the front porch that you change up every week. It’s so pretty and fresh and fun. I think I might steal this idea someday!

  6. OMG Donna that is an AWESOME sign. I have a cherry kitchen and I would love to have that
    sign. Does she sell those? Your picture is absolutely beautiful. Your flowers are soooo
    pretty, mine are all fried from the 107 degree
    heat here. Have fun with your son, they grow up way too fast.

  7. Have fun! Play hard! Rest up!

    That is a rock’n sign…reminds me of Mary Engelbriet designs, love it!

    Okay, tell the truth…did those leaves and petals just fall in place naturally or do you delicately place them just so? 🙂 or is the a designer secret?

  8. I love that picket fence tool tote and just showed my husband. We have done lots of projects with pickets and have a few leftover pieces to do this one. Tomorrow! How fun!
    Thanks, love every project you do.

  9. LUV the combo of red, white, and blue, on your darling table, Donna! I’m always such a wimp when it comes to mixing colors and patterns, but you have done it perfectly! 🙂 Sweet sign and toolbox, too!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  10. I made the picket fence tool tote as I said I would and love it! I posted it on my blog MAY DAYS with a link to you. It’s in the party too.
    THanks again!!

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