New junky patio touches

New junky patio touches via Funky Junk Interiors - tuxedo cat on pallet sofa

The giveaway part of this post is over. (see winner below) But there’s a whole lotta great stuff in here… read on!

*P&G gave me these product samples to review, and I was compensated for this review, however all opinions are truthful and my own.*

I don’t know what it is, but my poor outdoor patio always ends up as my dumping ground. I’m scared to show you the before, but here goes nothin’…

patio before

 It’s summer! Won’t you take a seat? Here, let me grab you something cold to drink…

patio before

 … while you sit on a dead plant, beat up chair I never did complete, or pallet sofas with NO PADDING.

dirty grill before

Why, we can even grill something up on this super dirty grill! What? You have to go? Why ever for? 🙂

I don’t even have a good excuse to have my patio look like this. It just gets this way every so often until I wake up and do something about it.  So! I’ve been busy!

Bounty and Mr

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro

Tide Pods

Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Cleaner / Bounty paper towels / Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser / Tide Pods

Cleaning is so not my strong suit, so when I was sent this team, it was like an omen. You kinda run out of excuses when the stuff arrives on your doorstep!

I think part of the reason I don’t like cleaning is because of all the back and forth with different products or trips. It’s just so much work!

dirty grill before

*The Mr. Clean Outdoor Erasers are easy to use, just wet them down with tap water and and get to work!*

But you can’t get much easier than a squirt bottle and paper towels or an eraser… right? It was worth a shot.

cleaning grill with Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro

 *The Mr Clean Outdoor Pro is powerful, geared for outdoor grit. It did the job on the stainless! The scent is strong, but if that’s what it takes to remove what it did, that’s ok by me, as it’s outdoors anyway. It may not lift all the grease though, depending on how bad it is.*

patio clean up

Put on your sunglasses, you’ll need it for this next shot…

clean stainless steel grill


*Mr. Clean lifted the grit off the stainless steel wonderfully, but because I used it super heavy, I did a quick spritz of an all purpose cleaner to lift off extra residue. I LOVE the results. Stunned actually.*

Good grief. I didn’t think this day would ever come. LOL

I will admit, I was a little shocked. Stainless is picky, so having these two simple things do the job without endless polishing kinda threw me. I have to believe it’s because they are outdoor strength. I didn’t even knew that was a thing to get!

cleaning up old antique trunk with Mr. Clean

I also experimented with the eraser on this old trunk. It changed colour! Sweet… 

line dried laundry

*The Tide Pods were so easy to use, I just popped one into my front loader tub and flicked it on. No messy measuring or pouring. They have a very faint, floral scent.. I was concerned because I don’t like scented products. But I’m happy to report, the fragrance lingered like an afterthought, it was barely there. They did a nice job, with no crunchy residue. I’d use them again!*

I even washed a couple of plain sheets for curtains… I was so pleased with the result, I stripped my bed and did a load of whites!

Well, that’s all it took. The floor got spot cleaned as well, and then I started playing and rearranging.  Wanna see?!

Junk inspired patio decorating via Funky Junk Interiors

 Come on in! The sofas are comfy, and everything is organized and sparkling clean for a visit! Check it out…

pallet wood sofa via Funky Junk Interiors

pallet sofa tutorial

pallet double wide chair, via Funky Junk Interiors


pallet chair tutorial

pallet sofa with burlap upholstery and sides

The pallet sofas got an extra treatment with coffee bean sacks screwed into place along the sides to hide the sides of the sponge seating. Worked great!

old trunk coffee table

The old trunk is ready for drinks! I left it low on the ground so a pillow could be plunked into place for a foot rest.

outdoor flowers on patio rail

An eclectic grouping of plants line the rail so they are there but out of the way.

outdoor plants and pallet sofa on patio

old ladder to hang blankets or towels

A ladder stands by, the perfect holding tank for a blanket or towels from the pool.

sheet curtains for patio

Here’s the laundry line side. Two sheets were just thrown in place to emulate outdoor curtains. They gave the patio a more cozy sitting place kinda feel. It’s quite amazing how something so small made such a big impact.

old trunk checkerboard tray

An old trunk and checkerboard tray were brought out for a grill or entertaining surface. But it does way more than that.

old trunk patio storage

Inside the trunk are grill, patio and pool accessories, staying nice and clean until needed. Notice my cleaning products are easy to grab as well? Easy is key for someone like me!

mountain view

I’m so very pleased with my pretty, and clean patio! Nothing like taking in this view while everything is set up nicely, ready to go.

And I want you to be pleased with yours too! Wanna chance to win all these products plus a $100 Lowes gift card?! Here’s how!

Win a $100 Lowe's gift card plus P&G cleaning products!

One lucky reader will win the following… 

Summer Done Bright Prize Pack


$100 Lowe’s gift card

Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Cleaner 

 Bounty paper towels

 Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser

Tide Pods

Duracell AAA Batteries

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Next time you go to Lowe’s to pick up your flowers and citronella candles, you can also purchase all your favorite P&G products, too! Visit HERE to see even more cool ways to make your party sparkle with P&G and Lowe’s!

Thanks for coming out to see my patio and for playing. Good luck!

Contest is open to Canada and USA, excluding Quebec. Void where prohibited. Winner must be 18 or older. Canadians will answer a skill testing question in order to fully qualify. Procter & Gamble provided the prize, as well as any prize provided as part of this contest. Winner will be selected by random via rafflecopter and will be announced in the raffle copter widget in this post June 28, 2013.


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299 thoughts on “New junky patio touches

  1. There is always something to clean with all the P&G products…my biggest cleaning area is a screened in porch….since it is always in the elements of the season, it can get pretty nasty at times…wood floor, screened door furniture, roll up bamboo window shades, and wicker furniture/and the cushions….also the end tables/lamps…so a good cleaning…(like what you did in your clean up)is needed to go from spring to summer….it needs good ole fashion elbow grease to get the dinghies away….and believe me since I use P&G products I know they work….

  2. I can’t wait to run out and buy that Mr. Clean Outdoor Cleaner to use on my BBQ grill. Your’s turned out sparkling clean. Btw, Donna your patio looks so comfy and cozy, a great place to hang out this summer! ~ Robyn

  3. I would use these products on my double doors at the back of my kitchen that opens to our patio and pool. My door is very dirty from our hands and grand children’s hands going in and out:)!!

  4. What are the batteries for…? lol. Ooooo…are the paper towels powered and self scrubbing?!!! (I can dream right?) ;D

    • Haha, I don’t know yet! I meant to pick up something cool to use them for before the post went live but the store closed on me. BOO! Will search for something and repost again. 🙂

  5. Wow! I love your pallet sofa and chair! I need to find some coffee bean sacks and get busy! Thanks for sharing your new look and inspiration.

  6. Great job! I use the manic erasers on my glass shower doors. Takes away all soap scum, hard water spots. So easy to then just wipe every week. Best invention. Mimi

  7. Don’t you just love those erasers? I use them all the time and it is shocking to me how quickly they get grime off of stainless steel and porcelain as in a bathtub. I love your porch – I scored a free hand pump antique cistern this weekend and am headed to search your blog to see if you have done anything remotely close because while it is so beautiful, I have no idea what to do with it! You would love the rust and patina!

  8. My hubby’s uncle gave him a gas smoker so I would love to give it and our grill a good scrub down!

  9. I have been looking all over my small town for the Mr. Clean outdoor products, but have had no luck finding them. I haven’t had time to travel the thirty miles to Lowes, but I will this weekend, unless, of course I can win them, but then if I do I will have a really good reason to travel to Lowes that my husband can not argue with!! Lol thank you for such a great and inspiring blog I love it!!!

  10. Great products! I am always looking for clean and EASY! I have a screened porch that could use a little work!

  11. With three outdoor porches< I could definitely put these cleaning products to quick use! I can't wait to try to spruce up my husband's grill!
    Thanks for all of your inspiration!

    • Hugh fan of these products. Have not seen the outdoor one before.
      Guess what I am buying today? I thought my grill looked good but your’s put mine to shame. So gonna grab me a bottle today.
      Can I come an cozy up on your sweet porch?

  12. Love how you’ve gotten yourself into a cleaning mood. I was cleaning up like this just last week, but my grill really needs a good cleaning so that’s most likely what I would do should I win this awesome giveaway! You did a great job cleaning up your patio, Did your son help?

  13. Most definitely I would clean my porch, kitchen and bathrooms! I love the ladder on the pation idea for towels.

  14. I love Magic Erasers. They get dirt that you don’t know how else you’ll get it off. I haven’t tried the other products but with our messy conditions – lots of shade trees dropping stuff, chipmunk pooping in all the wrong places, etc., etc. I’d love to try them.

    In your pictures I’ve never seen that beautiful hill or mountainside before! I’m going to look for more of that scenery in coming posts.

  15. I love Magic Erasers. They get dirt that you don’t know how else you’ll get it off. I haven’t tried the other products but with our messy conditions – lots of shade trees dropping stuff, chipmunk pooping in all the wrong places, etc., etc. I’d love to try them.

    In your pictures I’ve never seen that beautiful hill or mountainside before! I’m going to look for more of that scenery in coming posts.

  16. Love the patio! Such a homey feel. Actually spent alot of time cleaning mine yesterday but its also one of my “work” areas so no matter what I do it still seems to look a mess, scrapwood that I can’t part with, you know the feeling, I’ll find something to do with it, right!

  17. Why when I put out my “junk” it still looks like junk? 😉 Looking good! I’d love to use this to clean my patio area.

  18. Donna, the way you decorated your deck is so inviting and unique. LOVE everything about it! I have a wonderful deck but it’s gotten so grubby over the past few years with such an extreme workload that I’ve actually stopped inviting people over. I know, isn’t that sad! I wish I could keep up with it all but there never seems to be enough hours in a day. I’ll definitely check out some of these outdoor products but our grill is REALLY bad ~ not sure if anything could cut through that mess. Enjoy your back yard and your new kittys 🙂

  19. I love the pallet sofas. I also cannot believe how good Mr. Clean worked on your grill. I am going to have to get some myself.

  20. I have a courtyard that becomes my garden in the spring, summer and fall. All my shrub and plant containers, plates on my garden walls and outdoor furniture get covered with “Winter Green Yuck” and I almost forgot the grill. I think I’ll give these products a try! Love your patio, Donna.

  21. Ha! The question is ‘what wouldn’t I clean?’ I’m anxious to see if it would handle the scuff marks from lawn mower tires on a few things around the yard…and some mystery spots on my vinyl siding. Your patio looks great!

  22. I love your patio–the pallet sofas are brilliant, and the burlap down the side is a nice touch. I think our grill could use the same treatmentP.S. I love your kittens 🙂

  23. Wow, what a difference! Looks fantastic and I will be over for some ice cold lemonade… 🙂
    My porch is also in need of a serious cleaning and overall organizing and looks like these products will do the trick!

  24. OMG My patio…i am so behind on getting it ready for summer…

    i love the work you did with yours! Your inspiring!

    thanks for an opportunity to win!!

  25. I would clean the chaise lounges, around my pool! I have tried other (non-outdoor) cleaners but they still look dingy. I’d love to see how the Mr. Clean outdoor cleaners work!

  26. You did a great job, everythting looks really good. All you need is a cold glass of lemonade and the cool evening breeze!

  27. I love Mr Clean products~~.I have not used the outdoor cleaner but after seeing how it made your grill sparkle I need to grab some and clean mine too!
    Love your patio!

  28. WOW! I can’t believe how clean your grill looks. Ours has not looked that clean since the day we brought it home. I am officially embarassed!

    I love your porch. It is so cozy and inviting.

  29. Oh, my grill needs a good cleaning so I’d love to try those Mr. Clean products on it. Your grill turned out so sparkling clean.

  30. I do have a question? What did you use to make the cushions for the pallet sofa? I love the idea but agree it does need cushions.

  31. I moved into this awesome, old apartment with crown moulding and huge baseboards. Even built in cabinets for china with the original lead glass still in place.
    But over the last 60 years tenants have haphazardly splashed paint all over these features. I’ve done a few of the old oak doors with the Mr. Clean Eraser and it worked like a charm. Would that I had the strength of those Outdoor Erasers to make it easier!

  32. Looks like amazing products. My grill could use some TLC. I’m loving your covered porch. I would love to add one one my place. Could you send me some pictures showing how it is attached and built on….please?

    • Good idea Anna, I’ll do some shoots of the back of the house one day soon and blog about it. It’s just a typical add on porch to an upper level of a 2 story home. Nothing fancy at all. In fact, it’s rather outdated. I’d love to update it someday with a new vaulted wood ceiling roof and jazz up the floor. One day…

  33. I’d love to clean my grill too. A couple years of use and abuse have left it looking very dingy. From there, I’d probably move on to the chairs which have a layer of grime. From there … who knows?

  34. 2 old metal lawn chairs. They have been outside forever, kettle bbq, a yard of other dirty stuff

  35. Inspiration!!!! I just bought a huge antique wicker basket to use as a coffee table on my back patio….I have to admit I was dragging my feet to get out there & get things sorted out…we are experiencing our first heat wave of the summer right now so you have inspired me to get cracking!!! Thanks!

  36. I would love to win this because my patio needs a really good cleaning from all my projects i’ve been doing lol. Living in an apartment and refinishing a dresser doesn’t work to well when you have to cut wood pieces for it lol.

  37. We have an old smoker that works great but looks awful. Would love to get Mr. Clean after that. Fantastic Pallet furniture. Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. I would love to give our grill a good cleaning and get rid of the grime that accumulates on the table and outdoor furniture from the general summertime grime! We love the pallet sofa and have just started collecting pallets for several projects. Wish up luck!!!

  39. I would love to be sitting on a patio like yours. I love the results of your BBQ grill with the Mr Clean

  40. I wld definately use the outdoor pro on our grill. We love summertime grilling! The MAGIC eraser is one of my favorite weapons against grime I use it all the time:)for outside I have a train table in need of a shine…love your patio! looks nice place to fellowship.

  41. I will bring the lattes! I am working on my porch too–it is also a dumping ground, such a lovely way to greet visitors :-/. Thanks for the inspiration!

  42. I had not idea these outdoor cleaners were available!! Can’t wait to use them on my porch – it’s partially enclosed for my cats, and this will be perfect for a deep cleaning!

  43. After seeing how sparkly your grill got, I think I need to clean mine too. And the patio furniture and windowsills and window frames could use a little de-crustifying treatment. Your patio looks beautiful. Go have a nice glass of iced tea- you earned it!

  44. I’d definitely try the Mr. Clean Pro and eraser on my old, dirty barbecue. Would love to see it looking more like yours!

  45. Everyone needs a bit of inspiration to get cleaning. Hmmm I am almost there.
    By the way your comment section is invisible on Firefox. I figured out where to put things like my name and email and website to leave the comment but all that is visible is a large white space below where it says Post a comment!

    • Thanks for letting me know… my site doesn’t appear to like firefox and I have no idea what to do about it. My guru said to try clearing out your cache… sorry for the inconvenience!

  46. Oh I wish I were your neighbor. Love your porch! And your property is gorgeous. Thanks for the chances!

  47. Looking at the before and after shots of your grill, I would definitely clean my grill ( it really needs it!). The other item would be my huge, never ending stack of laundry. The final place is the kitchen, grease really builds up and I need a good, easy-to-use product.

    Thanks for the opportunity,


  48. The porch looks so inviting. I need to get cleaning our back porch too! Yup that barbeque and the patio set need work. And just maybe it is time to tackle the pool cabana.

  49. don’t ya love it when something gives you the incentive to dig in and straighten up as well as clean up? Great job and the right products always do make a tedious job easier. Nice to know what will work on that nasty looking but well used grill of ours.

  50. I always love what you do with spaces. Thanks for the tips for the patio, I’ve been looking at mine and trying to figure out what to change!

  51. I don’t own a grill so that wouldn’t need cleaning.
    But, my patio often needs cleaning and this would surely help.
    I’ve been thinking about trying some of those pockets for the washer and wondered how they worked. Glad to hear you approve.
    Have a great week.

  52. What a great relaxing porch you have. I have a “junky” porch too, maybe a little of those Mr. Clean products will work for me too. Hope I win! Have a fantastic and relaxing summer.

  53. I’d have to clean my grill cause it’s pretty greasy!

    Where do you get those coffee bean bags???

  54. I have to get those Mr. Clean outdoor products! I have been reading about them on a lot of different blogs and everyone seems to love them. PS, I LOVE your pallet couches!

  55. Thank you!
    I have been staring at my yet unused BBQ wondering how to get it cleaned up!
    I now have a cleaning strategy! Yeh!
    I loathe the outdoor cleaning thoughts but if the products and these look like they do, I .ll start with the BBQ and probably be inspired to move right on to the patio furniture, planters etc.
    The cleaning seed is planted in my brain, actually looking forward to picking up these products, getting the job done and enjoying my outdoors space
    Thanks again

  56. My grill needs cleaned, my walls need cleaned, my dining room chairs need cleaned, I could go on and on….

  57. Thank you!
    I have been staring at my yet unused BBQ wondering how to get it cleaned up!
    I now have a cleaning strategy! Yeh!
    I loathe the outdoor cleaning thoughts but if the products work and these look like they do, I .ll start with the BBQ and probably be inspired to move right on to the patio furniture, planters etc.
    The cleaning seed is planted in my brain, actually looking forward to picking up these products, getting the job done and enjoying my outdoors space
    Thanks again

  58. I would clean all of our outdoor furniture just like you did! Boy does it ever have a way of getting away from me, and by the time I get to cleaning it its so gross! And all of that cleaning supplies really adds up! I’d love to win this!!

  59. I need to clean everything indoors and out. We’ve been doing home remodeling inside, Have 10 pets plus three teenagers, and multiple side projects I plan to finish someday laying in any free space. I would love to win this because we have an old house and the floors are falling in in the bathroom. I love what these products did, especially on the stainless-amazing! Thanks so much, Kim Laughery

  60. I love Magic Erasers, they really are magic! What I love even more is the way you create art out of Junk! My fav thing to do too. Love your porch. I could use alot of these products when doing my cleaning. Keep up the wonderful work. We love getting your photos of new ideas. Just like your idea of cleaning the suitcase with the magic eraser. Brilliant, and I liked the new color. Kim Laughery

  61. Thanks for the review of the products…a good motivation to get busy cleaning grimy outdoor furniture and grill/smoker. Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. Well, our grill could definitely use a good cleaning. Also our patio furniture and pavers need a good washing. I love your blog and get so much inspiration from you. You have so much more imagination than I do! Thanks!

  63. I could really use the outdoor cleaners as I think my BBQ looks just like your “before” BBQ pictures (maybe worse). Help.
    My excuse so far has been the rain… 😉

  64. I’m inspired to clean my grill with these products. I’ve tried in the past and failed. Now I know what to use!

  65. I sure could use these cleaning products! I too have a dirty porch that I’m preparing to tear into! It is grimy and dirty and the furniture really needs cleaning! I’d buff up the table, chairs, grill, iron chandelier, even the bird feeders could use a bit of polish! I’d also use it on the siding where it grows green stuff where the sun doesn’t shine! These products would be awesome to get me into gear and the Lowes gift card wold be perfect for purchasing plants to liven everything up! Hugs, Leena

  66. I would LOVE to win!! Your site is so inspiring especially because we have a little two year old running around so don’t have much money for decorating:)

  67. I’d start with my 7 year old BBQ that I think was stainless steel at one time, but now I’m not sure what it is. Thanks for chance to enter.

  68. I looked for the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro yesterday at Walmart and was unable to find it. I want to use it on my SS appliances and my new grill to keep them all looking spiffy!

  69. Looks great! I love those magic erasers and would like to try those other products! Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. My patio chairs and tables are so grungy.
    These products look like just the ticket to clean them up very easily.

  71. I agree with you on cleaning. These products look amazing though. I could use the Lowe’s card to work on some projects from the site.

  72. We live out in an area of open fields, wind, and DUST/DIRT/GRIME. I would love to clean our grills (we have 2. 1 for meat and 1 for produce)
    I also have a lot of old wooden furniture on the porch that could use a good cleaning.

  73. Hi Donna:

    Just tried to enter the contest but for some reason I could not enter a comment and I honestly don’t know if my entry was submitted.

    I will add my comments below and perhaps some techno genius can add them to my entry.

    I live on an island which means I do a lot of cleaning outside – especially bird poop which is a nightmare. I can’t wait to try out the new outdoor Magic Eraser on the bird poop and all the other nightmares I regularly clean outside. I am a big fan of Magic Eraser in general – in fact I buy them in a big tub at Costco on a regular basis. I will be definitely picking up the outdoor Magic Eraser during my next shopping trip.

    I am also hoping the Outdoor Magic Eraser will help to clean off the seats in the boat not to mention to clean off the rust and tarnish from my husband’s tools when he leaves them outside. In fact, I could come up with a long list of projects I could use this new type of Magic Eraser on. Thanks for bringing this new product to my attention.

    That’s all for now, Nancy

  74. I would love to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor and the Magic Eraser. My door facing on the screened porch is always growing mildew and my grill could use some love too!

  75. I would try the “Outdoor Pro” on our patio furniture and of course the grill! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  76. The porch looks fantastic! So inviting.

    I would use the P&G products to spiff up all my outdoor furniture and the gift card for lots of potted flowers! We have a new home with decks for the first time and a little shine would pull it all together.

  77. I would clean my patio AND the white pool railing around our pool! THANKS for the opportunity to win!

  78. Super cool stuff! Love Mr Clean erasers! Need to get some of this outdoor cleaning stuff! Your patio looks fab!

  79. I love to clean and this would be like Christmas for me!!! I haven’t tried all of these products but would love to!! By the way, I love your patio! And the view is pretty nice too!

  80. I’ve been using the erasers too but haven’t seen the outdoor ones. Would love the gift card as we’ve just bought a house w a fab back yard.

  81. I would also clean our backyard area up! I don’t know if I have ever really clean our grill…yikes 😉 Thanks for offering this!

  82. I wish I had known about these products about 2 months ago! I pitched a stack of disgusting (no-longer) white resin chairs that had sat outside all winter! I still have 2 glass and metal tables that I’m going to salvage, as well as the grill, so I plan to try these products there!

  83. My deck is the catch all for everything too…. Here it is late June and it’s still not ready for summer use 🙁 Maybe I’ll start on that tonight … Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win something cool ♥

  84. Our grill and back porch is looking a little creepy so I’m sure I could use the products to clean out there!

  85. I already have the paper towels, but the rest is going on my shopping list. Thanks for checking them out for us.

  86. I’d love to go to town on our porch and grill with all those great goodies! Thanks for a chance at winning. I love your patio!!!

  87. I loved the transformation. The couch and chair look great and I appreciate the tutorial. I look forward to reading your blog every day.

  88. I would clean EVERYTHING in this place! After just finishing school a lot of things got neglected. I will do a big summer cleaning!!

  89. Such a gorgeous little porch! I love it. Where on earth do you live! It is so green and lush! I just love your junky style. I live on a ranch and collect old junck, bottles, hinges, wheels really anything that looks cool at the old abandoned houses around the place. I get inspired to use all the cool stuff when I peruse your pics! Thanks so much I really enjoy your Blog.

  90. Oh boy, cleaning day with help! We would definitely clean the BBQ, patio dining table and chairs, serving cart, other outdoor chairs and tables, spots on our Trex deck that need an extra bit of cleaning.. These products would be great! Fingers crossed 🙂 Thanks!

  91. I would clean my vinyl rail patio fence, it can get kinda mildewy (is that a word?). My grill could use a sand blasting, so we will see how these products work. Your porch is lovely and the view incredible!

  92. I would, like you, clean our dirty grill and storm doors~ Thanks for your always interesting and beautiful ideas~

  93. Donna…your porch is so beautiful…love those pallet sofas!!…and cannot believe how great the trunk came out using the magic erasers….Have to put those cleaning products on my grocery list as I have lots of outdoor things to clean….We are going to try and use the magic erasers on the porch ceilings…has to be better than using a bleach solution!
    Great products and great giveaway…have a wonderful week!

  94. I would start out by cleaning my grill, and then move to the windows and doors and “erase” the dog prints.

  95. I would clean everything! However my patio furniture needs a good cleaning and I would also freshen up my linens!

  96. Oh I have so many things I could clean. Kitchen, bathroom, laundry room etc. Thanks for the chance. I love your blog!

  97. After 20 years with the same BBQ we just got a new one on Fathers Day. It would be great to start off keeping it looking good. My old BBQ had seen many a good day, but it good not be revived this year. So far I am still waiting for the new one to be totally assembled. No on told me there was so much detail included in assembly. I love your pallet couches.

  98. I swear by magic eraser’s. Now, after seeing your grill, I can’t wait to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor Cleaner. By the way, your porch looks amazing. I am loving the pallet sofas.

  99. I would like to try and use these products to clean some parts of my Kitchen which I am having a problem cleaning with my old stand by of vinegar, soap and baking soda!
    I need Mr. Clean!!!!! 🙂

  100. Your funky vintage look is so comfy and homey looking! We need to clean a grungy porch swing and a bike that’s been sitting out a while.

  101. My mom was the one who turned me on to the Magic Erasers and I’ve always been amazed by those things! 4 kids makes them very useful, but the thought of a heavier-duty version psyches me! LOVE your ideas and your “real-ness”, Donna. The Lord bless you and keep encouraging you to bless so many others with your creativity!

  102. I love P&G products!! They are always great! I am hoping that outdoor cleaner will get the green grime from my trees off of my windows!

  103. I too would clean my balcony which has a lovely table and chairs covered with all sorts of projects I’m working on or contemplating!

  104. i know what you mean about cleaning. i make a million trips in one day so i go to lowes a lot & i will pick up mr. clean when i go out there. thanks for the help & for the giveaway.

  105. First, I would clean the grill, also. Then the plastic chairs that I haven’t cleaned since last summer(yuck). If I have anything left, the screen doors.

  106. How do you get anything done girl! With that gorgeous view and adorable porch I would never go anywhere else! What an awesome idea with the pallet furniture!
    I could use a new car, if I were to drop off some pallets . . . .

    Love ya

  107. Well, let’s see, the list is long when it comes to the things I could clean with these products: my grill, the sink in my basement that is used for paint clean up, the basement shelving, the greasy handprints left behind by hubby and the grandkids after automotive projects, the garden hose holder and the storm doors-just to name a few.

    I enjoy looking at the projects on Funky Junk Interiors. I am inspired!

  108. Donna, today it’s working and I can see the boxes. Didn’t have to change from Firefox. So, what would I clean ? Everything on my porch that needs it! Everything needs to be taken off so we can pressure wash the siding and floor. The wicker needs to be repainted, but cleaned first. All my planters need cleaning, too, before I fill with new plants. There’s no end to cleaning around here! Please enter me in the giveaway!

  109. love your porch! it turned out fabulous! I definitely want to try the outdoor products to clean up our gas grill! what a shine! my husband always forgets to use the grill cover he had to have!

  110. I like anything that makes outdoor cleaning easier. I would try the eraser on our glass table and would also like to see what it would do on the vinyl railing.

  111. Would love the cleaners to brighten up my dingy deck table and chairs! And I love the pallet pillows!

  112. I’ve yet to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor Magic Eraser, but I’m DYING to! I have SEVERAL things that I could try it on. 🙂 Thanks for such an awesome giveaway. And, your porch looks FANTASTIC!!

  113. Wow-I think we were separated at birth! My best friend owned a coffee shop here in town and 10 years ago I started using the coffee bean sacks she gave me as cushion covers on my Cargo furniture. I was cool as you then and didn’t even know it! I wish you could come share ideas on my porch watching the chickens and horses while were drinking tea! Tried the pods..WOW!!! Used the super Mr Clean scrubber on my YETI-fan-freakin-tastic!! Keep up the cute, adorable, cool (and numerous other adjectives)DIYS..they’re AWESOME!!!


  114. Your yard is beautiful! And your patio looks great!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win :-).
    God Bless You 🙂

  115. Oops! I forgot to say what I would clean! LOL I live in a 25 acre farm with red clay dirt, in a really big dusty farmhouse. EVERYTHING needs to be cleaned and shined!

  116. You did an amazing job! I love all the touches of burlap. My fave! Is the landscape in the background even real? So beautiful!

  117. Oh my! It would be a cleaning bonanza! The porch swing, the wicker settee, the wrought iron bench, the grill, the vintage metal chairs, the porch posts too….and so much more.

  118. Patio looks super. Perfect place to hang out. Love how the trunk perked up too. I never would have thought to use those products on the wood. Going to have to give it a try!

  119. I wish I had your patio. But great ideas to make my little patio over! Going to try the mr clean outdoor pro!

  120. I would clean all my windows with bounty and the grill could use an overhaul with pro cleaner, hoping it comes out as good as yours did! Hoping it might work on the steel decorative doors I have by the old sheds as well

  121. I’d clean my grill. It could really use a good scrub. Oh and the patio furniture, porch furniture could use a good cleaning also! Thanks for the chance!!

  122. Most definitely my stainless steel grill could use a good scrubbing!

    What a beautiful view you have from the deck!

  123. I’d clean my front porch and ALL the furniture on it. I just painted the railings, all 48+ feet so I need to remove the junk and clean everything else.

  124. There are so many areas of my house needing cleaning I’m not sure where I’d start! Probably the big ‘ole covered porch

  125. I would love to try it and see if the Mr. Clean would really clean my metal porch pillars. I am at my wits end trying to get them pretty again! I love your porch and am in love with the little side table also!!

  126. I would love to try these products on my outdoor kitchen area! I’m a big fan of the Magic Eraser, but have never tried the outdoor version!

  127. Oh My Stars!! Love your patio, you have a flair for decorating! Come and help me…lol. I have stainless appliances, out door grill, painted rocking chairs, shower stalls, faucets…. the list is endless of what I could clean!!!

  128. I would use the P & G products to clean my front porch and my back glassed in sun porch. The sliding doors are always getting trash in the tracks. There is also a painted concrete floor in this room.

  129. If I won these Items I would use them to clean up all the outdoor toys that have been pulled out for summer outdoor play. The picnic table and chairs, the barbecue, the kids swings, and whatever else I find in the yard that needs some cleaning up. It is the season to play and that means that we will have some heavy duty cleaning to do as well!

  130. Wow Donna! I’d give almost anything for such a beautiful view! Always love reading your blog, it so inspires me. I have an enclosed breezeway and wrap around porches and live in the country where the dust from the fields and dirt road always blows. I am always cleaning (or needing to 😉 ) and I know P&G products are great as I use them often. From the porch walls and windows to the rockers and porch decor they are such a help. I even use the erasers on my truck and car. Works great!

  131. I got one of those magic eraser mops. Mop I say! I have this terrible kitchen floor I inherited with my old house, and it really works getting gunk off old floors. I probably should mop my floor this weekend. Even though the mop is great, it only works if you use it.

  132. Oh the things that I could clean with these products….My back patio and BBQ island are in desperate need of cleaning! I LOVE the Mr. Clean magic erasers and can’t wait to try the other products!! *beautyFULL* patio! Looks like a perfect place to lounge 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration!

  133. I’d clean my Big Green Egg and the outdoor buffet table I have next to it,
    Love your backyard, so lush and green!

  134. Love this! I just made a pallet sign the other day for my wedding and remind me of your blog style 🙂 I’ll have to send you a photo!

  135. I use the magic eraser sponges to clean the ring around my pool that accumulates from sunscreen. one swipe and it’s gone!

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