No sew burlap coffee bean sack sofa pillows… instantly!

No sew burlap coffee bean sack sofa pillows... instantly! via

 One frequent question I get asked are where I get my burlap sofa pillows from. 

I’m nearly embarrassed to tell you how ridiculously easy it is to get this instant look with these no sew burlap coffee bean sack sofa pillows. But I will anyway. Non sewers unite!

Where to find burlap sacks / No sew burlap coffee bean sack sofa pillows... instantly! via

Collecting burlap coffee bean sacks are the key. Check with a local coffee roaster in your home town because they are the ones that receive the bags in bulk.

I found mine from The Back Porch in Harrison Hot Springs, BC Canada. They are indeed a local coffee roaster kinda place I blogged about a few times. But they don’t always have them in. But when they do, I stock up! 

I use these things for so many things, such as my faux coffee bean sack window valances HERE.

Anyway, here we go with this deeeeep involved tutorial. Ready?

Slipping a pillow into a coffee bean bag / No sew burlap coffee bean sack sofa pillows... instantly! via

1. Insert pre sewn coffee bean bag over existing premade pillow found at a thrift store. 

Pillow inside coffee bean bag / No sew burlap coffee bean sack sofa pillows... instantly! via

2. Flop over the top.

No sew burlap coffee bean sack sofa pillows... instantly! via

 3. And you’re done.

Are you as tired as I am?! πŸ™‚

Burlap coffee bean sack sofa and ottoman pillows... instantly! via


The pillows are so easy to change out, that I frequently give my sofa a new look. 

Burlap coffee bean sack sofa and ottoman pillows... instantly! via

Trunk ottoman and pillow case tutorial HERE

 I even made a pillow case for the old trunk ottoman. This case was wrapped around a pillow with ties hand sewn onto the ends with heavy twine. 

Pallet wood outdoor sofa bean bag pillows /

Pallet wood chair reveal and tutorial

I also do the same thing to the pallet wood outdoor chair…

Pallet wood outdoor sofa bean bag pillows /

Pallet sofa reveal and tutorial

and the pallet sofa. Even the bottoms are just loosely wrapped in place.

Instant burlap sandbag pillows /

Same deal with a $1.50 sand bag pillow. You may find them at your local hardware store.

Instant burlap sandbag pillows /

Painting on a sand bag pillow tutorial is HERE

This one was painted with acrylic craft paint in about 10 minutes.

Do they wash?

I don’t know. The only time I’ve washed burlap, it came out like an Abraham Lincoln wig. It didn’t work out. So I never have again. I just beat them or wipe them clean.

Are they itchy?

Yup! If it’s shorts weather, I’ll throw a sheet on the outdoor pallet sofas first before sitting down. But we only get 1 month of summer in BC Canada anyway.

Why do this then?

Because I like the look. πŸ™‚

Seriously, if I could find my silly lost sewing machine pedal, I’d probably do more permanent types of cases. As it stands, it’s gone, so my ancient machine that never worked very well sits and continues to turns yellow with time. One day I may spring for a new machine. Any recommendations?

Ah well. Until then…

Tuxedo cat Skye on burlap pillow /

Tuxedo cat Lake on burlap pillow /

… us non sewers are ALL quite happy just the way it is!

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25 thoughts on “No sew burlap coffee bean sack sofa pillows… instantly!

  1. Donna, THAT is a skill level I can relate to. Ha! I totally love the look of these, too. My “brown-sectional-that-I-hate-but-can’t-afford-to-replace” could really benefit from a new pillow look like this.
    Thanks for the awesome tutorial (giggle). Never get tired of seeing those cute kitties either!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

  2. I’m sittin’ here speechless. Like you, I LOVE this look but never had a clue where to find the burlap bags (except at an antique shop for megabucks). So, that bit of info was priceless!

    And then, to look at them I would have never guessed there was no sewing involved. I’m sold! We actually have a local coffee roaster. Guess who I’m going to see next week? πŸ™‚

    Thanks again, Donna, for another great idea!

  3. Hi,
    Luv the idea, I sew but not for too long now, anyway I was thinking of the Back Porch coffee place, and here you mention them ! I live only 15 mins. from them. So I will go see now if I might find some. It is a really cool place, a must see if in the area πŸ™‚ Great Article..luv your site too !

  4. You are so lucky to find these burlap coffee sacks. We only have the non burlap ones here anymore and I cannot find the burlap ones anywhere. I’ve called several coffee places but their bulk coffee beans come in those plastic-y woven bags. No more burlap. πŸ™

  5. Fantastic craft at the perfect time!!! I just got 12 coffee sacks at $1.50 each at a fantastic reuse shop called Second Use down here in Seattle. Living in the country’s Coffee Capitol is finally paying off! Anywho, I would love to know how you sewed your heavy twine in. Some sort of fat needle? I’m hoping to connect my “pillow” sacks and make them the bottom cushion for a large parpasan chair I found in the dumpster…. perhaps throw a thin dog bed pad on top? We’ll see.

    Thanks for any advice. Thank you for posting such interesting and realistic projects. It makes me feel a relieved to know that I’m not the only non-sewing machine-hand sewing crafter out there.

    Ps I’ve hear you can was burlap on delicate with a dash of fabric softener and machine was in the same fashion. I’ll check it out and let you know, at $1.50 I figure I have room to experiment. If not, I’ll try hand washing in the bath. If not that, TGFF (Thank God For Fabrease.)

  6. Love the information on the coffee bag pillows. I have made a couple of
    pillows from coffee bags; one no-sew and the other just sewing in frienge
    around the sides….. very hard c/ a nettle and thread……Good collections of bags

    Love your ideas.


  7. Hi Donna, Love what you’ve done with the burlap bags! Love your outdoor sofa with the burlap bag that says “Oakland, CA”. I’m from Oakland so it always catches my eye. You’ve got a great blog!

  8. Donna, about sewing machine suggestions…unless you want to buy a very expensive machine, most new machines are made with plastic parts, and I don’t mean the outside casing, but the inner, moving parts. My sewing machine guy does not think much of these types of machines, even those coming from a reputable manufacturer like Singer. A good way to get a sturdy, older machine with metal parts is to find a local sewing machine repair person. They sometimes will sell machines that they have refurbished. Machines with metal parts can last for many years and can be kept in good working order by a good repair person. My machine was given to me over 20 years ago and was an older machine then. It still works like a charm with a little oiling and an occasional tune-up. Also, if you are a novice seamstress and intend to stay with simple sewing, you know, forward, backward, maybe a little zig-zag, or a button hole, then avoid machines that do a lot of fancy stuff, or are computerized. There is just more that can go wrong with that kind of machine. Find a simple little machine, and I think you will be very satisfied with that.

    My repair man (he also repairs my vacuum which is why I know him as I have much more trouble with my vacuum than with my sewing machine), highly recommends a Singer Featherweight quilting machine. He says they are much desired and in high demand and he sells them almost as soon as he gets one in. They are very light, very portable, highly functional, and beautifully vintage.

    Here is a picture:

    This seems a little pricy. Again, I would check with your local repair man. I think they are out there, and do not have to cost $400.00. I got to see one in person at the repair shop, and it was lovely. If I didn’t already have a couple of machines, I would be looking for one of these for sure.

    Those are just my suggestions. Others may disagree and feel that an expensive new machine is the way to go. Follow your instincts!


  9. I love the pillows and the ease of no sewing diy. But it is your cats that catch my eye. Sky and Lake are clearly the cats meow!!!!

  10. Any tips for softening really scratchy burlap? I was given some sacks that I’m just itching (literally, they’re very itchy!) to use, but they are ROUGH. They feel more like straw than burlap.

    • Hi Cassie! I’m afraid I don’t know what to suggest. Some say that washing the burlap softens it, but when I tried, the burlap went really ripply. I’m sure I did it wrong. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi

    all your posts are amazing but am looking to sort an answer to a question i have…

    just got a bunch of jute sacks from the peanut factory and want to transform these into cushions for some uncomfortable metal chairs i have, but im scared that the jute will get stuck gto peoples clothes when sitting down -:(
    i so dont know what to do i havent washed them yet and removing the side string i was covered with the material fluff πŸ™

    any solutions pleaseeee?

    • Hi Nicolette!

      Jute is weird stuff. There is good jute and bad jute, so it’s a matter of hunting. You may get a better quality from a fabric store. But I’m kinda thinking a thick linen might resemble a grain sack the most, while adding the quality you’re after. Or even a painter’s drop cloth… fabulously hard wearing and soft! And even super easy to stencil on. πŸ™‚ I’d go that route if you are unsure of the jute for chairs.

      Best of luck!

  12. thank you, thank you, and thank you! I wanted outdoors pillows that if they got wet while outside, I would not be to upset. Thanks to you, I know how to have beautiful pillows outside, without spending a lot.

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