The 5 boring steps to exciting success! – journal 2

The 5 boring steps to exciting success - do this and the best is yet to come! via Funky Junk Interiors

Resolutions?! Not exactly my favourite word.

In my world, resolution spells this big ‘ol list of promises I’ll break within the hour.

So, I created my GO idea for this year. Yup, it’s a pretty good idea, but there’s one thing wrong with it. If you don’t have a direction to go, you end up going in big circles of nothingness. You need a direction.

No. These aren’t resolutions so don’t’ you worry. These are STEPS. Much better, don’t you think?

But this is boring!

Hey, this is no new earth shattering rusty gear creation by a long shot. In fact I see this post going down in a flurry of flames, falling off a skyscraper even. 

Hang on. I have an idea.

rusty gear creation via Funky Junk Interiors

Better? You’re welcome. That rusty post is HERE in case you need more of a diversion.

But I have to do this. Maybe you do too… Wanna do boring with me? That might make it 10% less boring… maybe not. But well, here’s why I have to do it…

Do it anyway

I’ve long understood that creative types have massively short attention spans for all things boring. We need constant, new change. That’s why we start stuff and never finish it.

But know what? There’s no easy way out of this. Here’s the secret. 


Hear me out. How many of you like purging stuff? Gutting your garage? Cleaning out your closets? No one. But once you get going, you see production and improvement and it’s hard to stop, right? 

Oh… hang on.. I  have something on purging. Excuse the quality… early days and all.

From a purging workshop post HERE

Point is, boring can get pretty fun if you just get on with it.

List it right now

Gotta list it in order to achieve it. Start a new list EACH day, then cross done stuff off. It’s really the best way.

An easy way to list

My top secret weapon for lists? Have a large spiral notebook by the computer, and each phone. Even have one by your bed if you need it. Date the top of the page, then keep those boosk in those places so you can refer back to them. You’ll gasp at how many times you actually do go back for needed info.

Sticky notes get lost. Binders stay intact.

Short term goals

Yikes. Ready? It isn’t pretty.

Dayjob / Blog Tasks

– work during work hours

– play after the work is done. No done work? No play.

– crack open ebook daily for at least 15 min. This is regarded as work. (gulp!)

– are you still reading this? because it’s kinda boring

Home / DIY Fun stuff

#1. Gut and purge so there’s new room to move (less stress)

#2. Finish unfinished rooms in my home – to do:

laundry room – need shelves, cupboards, racks, storage, counters, laundry tub

boys’ room – need desk, chair, mirror, hooks, area carpet, foot stool, side table, floor lamp, overhead desk lamp

living room – 2 new easy chairs or learn how to sew a slipcover pronto! Just do it already!

kitchen – stage it, then do a photoshoot to finish off that kitchen series you never finished. Do it!

ensuite – finish the feature wall

main bath – shower surround, shower curtain, feature wall, area carpet

office/sign shop – need storage for craft supplies, stage it all for ebook

entry – finish the nearly finished tile floor (notice this is last on the list?! there’s a reason for that!)

I KNOW this is boring. If you’re still reading, you must be equally bored! Maybe you should do something off your own list…


After school hours are family hours. Period. I don’t want him remembering a mom getting her only suntan off a computer monitor.

Make better meals… together. 

Strike up a hobby… together.

Help my boy create a hobby on his own too.

So! I’m off to go get my spiral books all ready for tomorrow, and will print out my 

Long term goals

Publish ebook.

Create a way to offer a line of products with my style, whether I do it on my own or join forces with another company. (do you have any idea how often I get asked where my store is or when I’m going to sell my stuff?!)

Host online and local workshops.

Write a book/book with a book publisher.

Connect with companies that would benefit from having a spokesperson for home decor accessories or tools or building supplies, etc. 

Man oh man. Now that I see it all down, I have no time to whine about nothing to blog about. I have some pretty non boring stuff to do! Exciting!

So… do you have a boring list yet?

I’m linking mine to:

2013 FOLK journal agenda, entry 2 via Funky Junk Interiors

All journal posts to date are HERE

One of the most honest, well written and even pretty goal making posts is by 

Inspired by Charm HERE.

You will love it and learn from it.


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31 thoughts on “The 5 boring steps to exciting success! – journal 2

  1. That wasn’t boring at all. It was an honest assessment of a real life! I hear you- I am purging and listing stuff since the Holidays ended and dedicated to living a “cleaner” life. We can do this, you know. And…don’t you give up a precious moment of time with your son-it will be gone all too quickly and you can NEVER get it back- xo Diana

  2. I enjoyed reading this very much.
    In fact I was just about to do what I figured would be a boring wordy post but maybe folks wont think it is…
    thanks for always being an inspiration.

  3. Nothing in January is exciting! That’s why making lists and purging is so popular, there’s nothing else exciting TO do! I started purging yesterday and I’m nowhere near being done because it’s always a 12 step process.

    I hope that if you read my list of (yes, I used the word “goals”) that it may serve a purpose, like maybe helping you get that nap in. yawn!~

    I also get bombarded with the question if I have a shop, so….

  4. Even as a young person I had a problem “setting goals”. But I’ve never had a problem making lists. Guess it’s just symantics. Better go find all my lists and tape them in a notebook….

  5. Most excellent list and, yes, I do have lists and notebooks. I try and stay away from bits of paper but am not successful in that sphere…yet. On Dec 11, I posted my PDS, Pretty Darn Smart goals and on Jan 1 I posted Dream Large, the second part to PDS. I don’t believe in resolutions, mainly because I’m not sure what they are -grin- but I do believe in lists and goals.
    I’m thinking about putting the farm on the market in the spring so a notebook is essential in keeping me on track.

  6. love the video!!! i am beginning to think “Now I know where I have goten some of my STUFF” you put it out there and I called me to come get it. And now your tell me to get rid of it!? LOL Thanks for the nudge i soo baddly needed.! going to start just as soon as i get off this #$%@#$ computer. you do know it sucks the time away from you, yes??
    lol thanks again for the great post

  7. Donna – I have the perfect scenario… for three years I have been renting the house that I JUST BOUGHT!! (PS yay for meee!!) But to replace flooring, change the bedroom into a studio and vice versa, I have to totally purge and re-arrange… this will be FUN!! VickiLynn

  8. Hi Donna, just loved your video. It was wonderful and humorous. Miss your dog! I have been a list maker for more years than I want to count. Sadly, I always missplace my list (I use spiral notebooks), ack I lose the whole notebook!!! Putting it by my phone and my pc, makes just so much sense. I WILL do that. Thank you so very much for your inspiration and I truly love your decorating style. I’ve been following you for years now.

  9. Not boring at all! I loved the video and the binders are a great idea. Seems like I had some around here somewhere. Now if I can just find them.

  10. I have lists, then I lose them. I have notebooks, then someone turns the page or they get lost. I am thinking of using the back of a door or two. I will make Huge Signs, so I won’t forget, like putting out the trash. I hope you weren’t getting rid of that twiggy chair. I love that. Also: You must try to make a slipcover. I would pay money to see the video. If you can do it, anyone can. I would especially like to see your version of the basic drop cloth slip cover. No ruffles for you – you might hang a fringe of rusty washers from the hem. Yeah, that would be nice. Ann

  11. Cute video. Love your doggie trailing behind you. You used my favorite Abba song (sshhh, don’t tell anybody i have a favorite Abba song – lol)

  12. Oh Donna, was this written for me!!! I am a huge list maker, not so much of a finisher. Number one goal if the year, finish the overhaul if my office. Finish! I don’t know why, but it is like having a tooth pulled for me to finish a project in my home. I want to prove to myself that I can! Love the binder idea. Way better than the virtual lists I create, then never look at!

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  15. Okay, any post with ABBA and you running around spreading your “purge” is absolutely NOT boring! Though your lists started to stress me out a bit. Okay, a lot. You have a lot of work to do (as do I!). Yikes. I’m off to get a spiral notebook so I can condense the 15 random pages of “to do’s” scattered about the house …

    🙂 Linda

  16. ABBA is one of my all-time favourite groups! I watch ‘Mama Mia’ at least once every other month…yeah, I know…geeky, but I also love Meryl Streep! Loved your video.
    I have goals, and will start a couple this week. But then we head to Edmonton for a week to visit our sons and their families (including our baby granddaughter we have yet to meet!!), so the rest will have to wait till the end of the month. I will spend tomorrow implementing some sort of day planner…your idea I like, multiple books placed where you are most likely to have an idea that needs written down.
    Debbie 🙂

  17. Hi there. I got to number # 1 on your list and saw WATER coming up, so I stopped immediately and went to the basement to get ice out of frig there. Then came back up, put ice in top of frig ( Ice box) hahaha, then put in ice and water and am drinking.Then,I went back to # 2 on your list. Believe me I am probably 3 times worse shape then you were in. There has not been anything that has moved me in 5 years. But, you were so every day in your writing and sounded like me, I thought I’d read some more.Lord knows the medical conditions are so numerous. Even if I just moved a little bit it would be the greatest thing for my poor body. Yep, and going to be 65 in April thought I might do something. Although only reason I stated age was for you in case you needed it for any reference. I have never given my life an age, as in numbers. Really, My children usually have to remind me of age, haha thought I was older on couple of birthdays. So blah, blah, just thought I would try something here and pictures you posted were all fantastic. I am not really very good at p c stuff. I found you accidentally on Pinterest. Everything you have done and displayed is wonderfull. I probably have all those things and 4 times more at this house. Sure would be nice to get them out of a pile and display as you did. I have older pieces because I am widowed from husband that was born in 1920, and you know back then because of Great depression they never threw anything out. I fell into that pretty easy. But, physically speaking, so much would be hard for me to do. But Not Impossible.It would take me 10 times longer. Don’t get me wrong. My children are wonderfull but all that they want to do is throw EVERYTHING in dumpster. A lot of what you have in pictures. I love your Greenhouse,house. I do have to cease with this rambling on. But just wanted to say Thank you so very much for your site and I subscribed. God Bless you and yours. Have a great day.Oh I have never wrote anybody online or anything like this so I did it right, heeheehee.. <3

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