The junky little red bench and crate coffee station

The junky little red bench and crate coffee station via

I’m a firm believer that the easiest things can be the most productive. Kinda like the crate and license plate holder toilet paper storage… easy! But super productive.

The junky little red bench and crate coffee station via

Thanks to my junker brother’s garage sale once again, this junky little red bench came in mighty handy for my little kitchen space!

White cream and sugar stoneware / part of The junky little red bench and crate coffee station via

Highlighted with a small collection of white sugar and coffee holders, everything sits on a stainless steel plate that can be slipped out.

Old crate and fry basket to hold k cups, part of  / part of The junky little red bench and crate coffee station via

The little crate and fryer basket both used in my last coffee station found their way back again, perfect for holding the k cups and coffee spoons.

Uh…. that’s where I put them. I couldn’t figure out where all the teaspoons went! Should I have admitted this?!

The junky little red bench and crate coffee station via


Coffee’s kind of a big deal in this house. I love my brew. If I had a larger kitchen, I’d go ALL out and have a much bigger coffee station presence like the features in Party Junk 206 – Coffee Stations. But since my kitchen counter space is tight, isn’t it nice to know coffee can be jazzed up with one simple little bench?

Ever since I went to the little cottage in Salmon Arm with all that fabulous colour, I’ve been attempting to inject more colour into my own home. Things are starting to punch up around this monochromatic home!

Thanks for finding us, little red bench! My wild blue chair is pretty happy to have a like minded interest kinda friend I’m sure!

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18 thoughts on “The junky little red bench and crate coffee station

  1. Okay Donna, you completely obssessed me with your telephone station post (still working on mine) and now I can’t think about anything else than a coffee station lolll! I dont have room for a coffee nook or an upcycled piece of furniture to use as a coffee station: this little red bench give me lots of ideas!!!


    P.s. Always starting my day with a coffee and your blog, thanks for the creativity that you just put in my rational mind since a couple of months!

  2. I could use a serious cup of Jo right now after doing a sleep study test all night. I don’t know how they expect you to sleep with all those wires stuck everywhere, felt like some kind of bionic woman but feel like I was out partying all night this morning 😀

      • I actually don’t drink that much caffeine and only in the morning. They were checking for apnea but I think the reason I don’t sleep is either from severe grinding of teeth or restless leg. They wouldn’t tell me anything this morning but since they didn’t end up using a bi-pap machine, I don’t think I stopped breathing. Just way more exhausted when I wake up than I am when I go to bed. It’s been going on for years but I’ve got junkin’ to do so I have to find some more energy 🙂

        • Dear Shelly Andrade,
          I should mind my own business (but that’s so hard to do LOL) however I suffer from RLS, too. I eat a banana daily, and it keeps it at bay. I swear by this as I miss 2 or 3 days and I’m twitching and I even take sleep aid! I’ve had a bone marrow transplant, and don’t care to take more meds than I do all ready. Just a thought….. hope you get well soon.
          Sleep is imperative!!!

  3. Donna , I love this pop of color..and I still love the BLUE chair …as is! I hadn’t noticed about not having much color in your place . but these little pops will really shine! I have neutral off white walls in my living room ,with one wall painted a sage green, chairs and sofa are beige, carpet is beige, …blah blah …but recently Pier One has been featuring Peacock blue in their throws and pillows, to die for!!! It is incredible the color pops in the living room now that breaks it all up. (And no, the beige is just accumulated as the years go on.:( But the peacock blue, gorgeous, and the pillows I picked up there also..I could mount on the wall they are so gorgeous!So good for you, adding color to the weathered stuff! p.s. I have an emerald green chair almost identical to yours.

  4. Donna,
    You’ve done it again! And please keep doing it…. I have some ideas, but live virtually through your work, as I actually don’t get many projects done. Still nice to *Window Shop* at Funky Junk so to speak.

  5. Oh my goodness! I could look at your blog all day long. I love junk! The husband, not so much. Maybe if I made it look more like art, the way you do, he would see the brighter side to my “treasure-hunting.” 😉

    I am SO glad to be a new fan and follower!

  6. The timing of this post is uncanny as I was just brainstorming on building a coffee station at my tackroom (probably with pallets, what a shocker LOL) since it’s now getting cold and I have to switch my routine to mornings with the time change. Love everything about your adorable coffee station.

  7. Ok, I just noticed that this post is from last month as I’m just catching up on all my posts and emails since recovering from surgery so CLEARLY I need a coffee station pronto. My brain is still on disability.

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