The perfect little red pallet wood tray

The perfect little all red tray from pallet wood and a story on believing in yourself, via
Remember the Market tray story I told you about? I was to create a red tray, but I took the ‘red’ a little too far and created THIS instead. Cute… but not what was ordered.

I debated painting over it, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I honestly thought the red paint overtop wouldn’t turn out as good as the original coat, so I was reluctant with the 2 wrongs making a right mentality. 

I delayed over this BIG dilemma forever. I mean… what is the big deal with just making another then?!

Well, part of the fuss was that the wood I had on hand was too new looking, so I didn’t think it would turn out.

But the real reason? I didn’t think my building skills were all that great. Not great enough for a gift anyway.

The perfect little all red tray from pallet wood and a story on believing in yourself, via

So I put it off. And then my neighbour paid me a visit… oops.

After I decided ‘my skills weren’t gonna cut it’ to make the tray, she left, and I felt just… dumb. How dumb! Make it, and if she doesn’t like it, sell it at the market this weekend! 

Ok. OK!!! So I did. I can be such a nag.

But I didn’t tell her I was making it in case it didn’t turn out… 🙂

The perfect little all red tray from pallet wood and a story on believing in yourself, via
Out came tricycle red once again. 

Having a little paint left over, I tackled an old wood box too. More on that soon!

A Miss Mustard Seed no wax vs antique wax comparison on
No wax vs antique wax. WOW!

The more I worked on the tray, the more I realized how ridiculous I had acted. This paint and wax? It saved me. It truly made the newish wood look authentically old! See how the wood grain still shines through? It’s fabulous!

I guess all I needed was to be better acquainted with my new milk paint friend…

As you can see from 2 pictures up, I painted all the wood pieces before assembling the tray. I just think it did a better job because all the edges are painted AND waxed.

I did that because it was a gift. For me I wouldn’t have gone that extra step, but I’ll think differently going forward. The entire piece felt like a chunk of quality.

I learned something through this!

The perfect little all red tray from pallet wood and a story on believing in yourself, via

Once the tray was together, I thought about a twine handle… hmmmm… how cute would that be?

The perfect little all red tray from pallet wood and a story on believing in yourself, via

And then I just laughed! NO NO NO. Do not drill holes and have to make a 3rd, because twine handles were not ordered! 

So I was a good girl. And I’m glad I hung in there. My neighbour is going to look for oil bronzed cup drawer pulls… LOVE that idea!

And know what I’m gonna get in trade for the tray?!

Grapes on a rustic shed via
Homemade grape juice!! These are the grapes on my shed. I like to eat them fresh, but my neighbour loves to make juice. And I like to drink juice but not make it.

This trade was a match made in Heaven. And I think I got the FAR better deal!

Imagine me sipping back fresh grape juice mixed with ginger-ale while I make reclaimed wood projects…. YES! YES YES YES.

The perfect little all red tray from pallet wood and a story on believing in yourself, via
So… did she like the little red pallet wood tray?

The perfect little all red tray from pallet wood and a story on believing in yourself, via
Apparently, it was “PERFECT!!!”

And I get juice.

Why did I stall making this again?!

– – – – –

In my eyes, my work wasn’t good enough. But another felt otherwise. If you do this to yourself too, let’s toss that notion into the nearest broken pallet junk pile, and light that sucker on fire… deal?

Wonder what kinda juice you’ll get…. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “The perfect little red pallet wood tray

  1. The tray looks great. I know how you feel. I do a lot of sewing but don’t think my skills are that great. Yet, I was just asked to make some tote/storage bags. I admire your building skills. I want to take the plunge and ask my husband to teach me how to use his tools. Lol I have so many projects and he has so little time.

  2. Another gorgeous one. I had to laugh at making yourself stop and not put on the rope handles. I do that all the time when doing custom signs or paintings, holding back from adding a touch I would like but not what was ordered. I have some Red chalky finish paint and hesitated using it on some things but with the dark wax it is just Wow! I am going to give it a whirl later today. I can’t wait.
    The homemade grape juice sounds wonderful, I would mix it with Pellegrino though. Mm, mm.

  3. OMG!! I am always “second-guessing” myself! I get sooooo frustrated! So I know exactly how you felt making that “gift”…. and wondering about your ability! Go for it!! Your neighbor surely knows your style and taste or she world never have suggested making something for her! You are very talented! I love looking at junk through your eyes!!!

  4. I’m forever second guessing myself. I would so buy that first tray, I love, love, love it, it is adorable. If that tray doesn’t sell at market let me know.

  5. donna over the years i have said to you more than once that YOU make the best stuff out of junk so i will say it again YOU make the best stuff out of junk okay xx

    • That sweet birdhouse out of barn wood was made by my amazing brother. It’s one of a kind. He was emptying stuff from his house and I snagged that baby in a jiffy! But what’s even cooler is that HE made it. 🙂

  6. Yep, know how you feel. I used to do craft shows and the best thing I learned was…….. I would make an item and not think it was good enough. But if I made several of the same item, each with a little different something, I would think they were darn cute. So, make multiples and feel better. And, Donna, I love everything you do!!!

  7. Hi Donna…..I am a follower, and love your posts!! If I may ask, what was the thickness of the wood pieces you used in making your tray? I am assuming you built it 18 x 18? Did u use pallet wood for both?? I have just made one using 3/8″, painted the slats all different colors, stained the frame with a walnut? stain,(couple slats were also stained) and some “bold” turquoise handles…..looked GREAT, but I think I like the “chunkier” wood. Did it make it “HEAVY”?

    Thanks for your time!!


  8. Donna… my neighbor and friend…thanks for posting my perfect tray that you made for me!! I’m so glad I have the confidence in you to try and make beautiful creations even though they are not in your “view”. You did awesome and I look forward to making you juice this season with your grapes… in the end, I’m the winner…. I get grapes and a tray to bless my friend with! You are wonderful!!

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