When a hobby grows up

I received some rather exciting news in my email today. But you know it’s good for a story attached, yes?!

sawhorse pallet wood blog office desk | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Sawhorse pallet wood blog office desk

As many of you know, my little blog started out of need. I was broke at the time, and just fired up a blog in order to showcase the junk I was collecting off the side of the road to decorate with. To my knowledge, repurposing was not a thing… for me, it was a need that turned into a creative, fun thing to do.

You can read my full story HERE.

All the while, I had been running my sign company Graphic Impact… for 20+ years.

Over the years, my light went out with my ‘dayjob’ work. I did it to pay the bills, but dashed home at the end of my long days in order to create at home with my hobby. Or… free job.

This little hobby kept me sane. It felt effortless to work all hours of the night to create a project, then a blog post around it. Compare that to 6 hours of day job that had me dieing inside? No competition.

Passion always wins.

Once I started learning how my passion thing could earn, I bravely threw up a few blinking ads, but kept doing my thing. Sponsorships knocked as well. I took on a few, but as you well know, I don’t do many. If it doesn’t chime well with what I love, I just say no.

Potting shed sign on a rustic garden shed : made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils | funkyjunkinteriors.net
See Potting Shed sign how-to HERE

But the pressures of burning all these hours into two jobs started to take its toll. Time to read a book or watch TV was unheard of. My gard-en turned into a weed-en instead. (unless it revolved around a blog post of course!)

I played around with the thought of leaving my day job, but how could one possibly leave the earnings behind? It was a dream, but way too scary. 

Chevron striping on the back of a firetruck | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Story of My Last Truck

But one day, the knock was so loud and hard for me needing to be at home, I handed back the last work order, and said I ‘had’ to go. I had no choice.

I walked out of the parking lot in a complete daze… what had I just done? But I also felt like I was walking on clouds.. what HAVE I just done?

The next day I woke up as just Funky Junk Interiors. Elated but scared to death, I went to the computer, and scanned my email.

And that’s when I noted something… I had been so busy turning away my dreams due to no time, that I had never taken the time to add those dreams up, seeing that they’d more than make up for the dayjob income.

From that very day, I hit the ground running and quite simply got to work. I even got a little more daring with accepting scary exciting opportunities, such as a keynote speaker in Toronto.

Super Market magnetic board : Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils | funkjunkinteriors.net
Super Market soil sifter memo board made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils | funkjunkinteriors.net
Super Market magnetic board

But that was meant to be more also. That’s where I met Jennylyn Pringle from Fusion Mineral Paint. We hooked up and she helped me along with our pal Joanne, launch my first test run of Funky Junk’s Old Sign Stencils.

Funky Junk Interiors writing on the beaches of Hawaii | funkyjunkinteriors.net
And on it went. I now had a small line of products that serviced the desires of readers, a blog I could take with me on even my travels, all because I just followed my heart.

Here is why I’m sharing this with you today.

I just received an email that my little hobby is now an official incorporated company! My blog has always been run legally, but it was under Graphic Impact, my sign company.

Well, I no longer stripe firetrucks thankyouverymuch. Hello… I decorate with JUNK!

My reasons for becoming an inc. are due to my accountant’s advice. When you make a certain income, this move will save you taxes. But know, there are also more fees applicable, and more diligent bookkeeping involved. You are also protected legally in other ways, but what’s still most important is getting the right kind of insurance. I’ll write more on this topic once I learn a little more.

That said, I desired to protect my name as mine, due to a product line. It was just the right thing to do. 

When I first picked out Funky Junk Interiors as a blog name, it was suggested to be careful with that name… as it would likely be my next forever company. I tried renaming it, but it always stuck. Why? Because it made me smile. Isn’t that what a job ought to do?

When I recited the name to my incorporation lawyer, any guesses what he also did?



And I’m so very grateful I get to smile every day I work, because there is nothing sad about turning your passionate hobby into your life’s work.

Donna of Funky Junk Interiors | funkyjunkinteriors.net
How to build a dream job while you work a day job

I’m so proud of my little hobby that grew into a grown up company. I’m not rich. But I’m able to support my son and I through this thing we call life, in the most creative, enjoyable way for me possible.

Creating something from nothing, writing from the heart, gardening, travelling, inspiring…  this crazy little blog has quite simply allowed me to become…


With an INC on the end!

Thank you Graphic Impact, for my start in a creative career.

But Funky Junk Interiors INC just makes me smile BIGGER!

Trust your heart, and the one that gave you that heart. It will never lead you wrong.

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35 thoughts on “When a hobby grows up

  1. I’ve followed you almost from the beginning of your FJI blog, thinking for the longest time you were in the Texas Hill Country. I love your junky style and have incorporated that into my own curvy junky kinda French country style. I’ve been inspired to follow my own dream to start a jewelry business makes my and selling sterling silver metalsmith jewelry. My mantra became ‘if not now, when?’ My business continues to grow and sustain itself and more. Thank you for posting openly and honestly about your successes and struggles along the way. Every one of us who follow our dream have others watching, waiting and hoping to follow their dream. We lead whether we intend to it not. You keep writing. I’ll keep reading! Just be encouraged….you’re doing a good thing! Charlotte from Tx

  2. Congratulations. You know the saying, do something you love to do & you’ll never work a day in your life! Well not quite. Sometimes you work harder than you ever had before, but you care greatly about it. I have almost always followed my own star, of writing, and eight years ago I launched my own magazine with a partner who works tremendously hard. We both love it. Even when we’re exhausted, we can’t think of giving it up. And by the way, we’re doing very well indeed.

  3. Congratulations on a job well done. And I have to say “it’s about time” We (all your followers) have been rooting for you since the 1st time we read your blog.
    You have inspired so many of us to try new things and see how successful we can be. I know I am so proud of you and I am sure you will go on to be even more successful in the future. Thank you for being my inspiration. You deserve it all.

    • Congratulations! I started following you a few years ago and when a friend of mine started blogging I told her about yours and that she should follow you. She took my advise. I’m hoping she can be as successful as you because I can tell she is following her heart as well. I know you’ve been an inspiration to “Sadie Seasongoods” and I feel like a match maker of sorts. I wish you continued success in all that you do! Keep on inspiring!

  4. congratulations! your name has always given me a smile too. i have bought some of your stencils and used them last christmas on old windows i hung up in my living room. they also brought smiles all around~~thank you

  5. Such a milestone! Congratulations! I have really been enjoying your blog in the past several months. Still can’t recall exactly how I made my way to your page, but I know I was meant to find it. Thank you for sharing yourself so honestly through all of the joys (and the sorrows) of your life. I look forward to catching up every day!

  6. Donna, I am so happy for you!!! You are a true inspiration to many!!! I love everything you do. I have written on your page and you always have taken the time to let me know you are really there. That I want to thank you for. You are just AWESOME!!!!! Congratulations my friend.

  7. Congratulations and good for you Donna! I have followed your blog for a long time. Probably at least five years, but I didn’t have an email or know how to use one for the longest time. The day my sons showed me how to do it, I was elated! I could finally communicate technologically. I love, love, love, your blog. It is so you. When I am visiting your site I feel at home and positive that I too can succeed. Thanks!

    • Well, I for one thank your son, because I LOVE when you write or comment! Your thoughts are always insightful and they actually help guide me! Thank you son, over and over again! haha

      And I couldn’t be more pleased that the welcome mat feels like it’s permanently out for you on my ‘lil ol spot on the web. Thank you for always tuning in!

  8. It never fails! You write these “life” posts when I’m over there drowning and trying to figure out what I’m doing that I shouldn’t be doing or vice versa. It’s perfect timing. So instead of crawling in bed and feeling overwhelmed, I step back and reassess. Thank you Donna. Super happy for you. Enjoy Hawaii. Teresa Gunn

    • Oh Teresa, I get in those drowning syndromes all the time. That’s usually about when I jump on my bike and take off! haha (and a big reason I love to travel) Seriously, it’s about clearing your head long enough to better focus on which path to take.

      There’s also worth in making mistakes… they tell you that is what you shouldn’t be doing.

      Thank YOU for showing me that these deeper posts do actually help others from time to time!

  9. I’m sooooo very happy for you. You are such an inspiration. You have never given up despite how difficult your circumstances were. Thank you for sharing your great news with us. May God continue to bless you.

  10. Congratulations! What a wonderful life you live. Many blessings to be thankful for 🙂 So proud of what you have accomplished Ms. Donna!

  11. All I know is I’ve certainly gotten my share ofEntertainment,information,inspiration,enjoyment and hope from your blog.I hope you keep up the good work for a long time to come.Because I Love it!. -Judy A-

  12. WooHoo! You have no idea how many people you have inspired with your “hobby”. I have a feeling that you will continue to inspire and now your company will grow too!!! (I just love your stencils!) 🙂

  13. Very, very inspiring. I love it when people live their dreams! It keeps me putting one foot in front of the other toward mine. Your work is outstanding. I look forward to seeing you reach the biggest of your goals! Good luck!

  14. Wow. I could not have stumbled upon this post at a better time. You’re incredible and I’m so grateful that you were bold enough to share your experiences with us! THANK YOU! And congratulations! 😀

  15. Nice!!! So happy for you. “Trust your heart, and the one that gave you that heart. It will never lead you wrong.” Love that. Continued blessings.

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