Workshop Series – Creating your own workshop ~ Part 1

Welcome to the Workshop Series brought to you by

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All ‘Creating your own Workshop’ posts are HERE.

If you’re ready to learn a few new tricks that will enhance your DIY world, you’ve come to the right place!

Today Miss Mustard Seed is leading Part 1 of her decorative painting seminar. She’s going to guide you through all the steps of getting set up so you too can give it a whirl. You don’t want to miss it!

Let’s get started with Funky Junk’s series,

Creating your own Workshop

Part 1 ~ Choosing your location

Welcome to my garage!


Ready? Brace yourself. And promise to still like me, OK?

Stop laughing. You’ll give me a complex.

(Ugh. I look as good as my garage)

When I first moved into my current home, I didn’t have a ‘garage’. I was blessed with a WINE CELLAR. (and I don’t even like wine.) The first step was to obviously rip out what was there and start with a clean slate again. If you look at the above pics, some work has already been done. Basic cabinets, pegboard, lighting, a heatsource and an insulated new garage door was installed for a great start.

However, if one doesn’t maintain our work spaces, it just becomes an unproductive holding tank for your junk. The mess above resulted over the Christmas holidays when I was renoing and decorating under a deadline. And the aftermath is not pretty!

So, I’m going to take you along for the ride. This mess WILL be organized, to help encourage you to follow along and create your own productive space along with me!

What’s this? You don’t have adequate space for a workshop, so this seminar can’t possibly apply to you? Ohhhh, not so. Whether you live in an apartment or on 10 acres, if you desire a work area for your DIY projects, this seminar is most definately for you!

How to create a workshop

1. Pick your spot.
2. Purge
3. Determine your needs.
4. Search for inspiration and ideas
5. Develop your plan
6. Go shopping
7. Install

Waaay too much to cover in one shot. So let’s start today with,

~ 1. Pick your spot. ~

You may think a garage is the obvious choice for a workshop. In my case it is, however it may be different for you. Perhaps you have a vehicle swallowing every square inch of your own garage, or worse, no garage at all. What then?

Many a day I’ve laid out blankets in the middle of my kitchen to do some painting. I also have a basement where I also do some of my work.

Anywhere you chose can be labeled your work area. Now all you have to do is make that choice, so you can set things up right.

Areas to consider

main living area
spare room
outdoor shed
someone else’s shop area

No space? What then?

I sincerely believe you can have a workshop if you have even just a closet, spare room, or even a simple drawer. The following pictures show some wonderful space friendly solutions. Just replace the contents with the tools of your personal choice and you’ll have everything right at your fingertips ready to DIY on the run!

Young House Love

Below images found at Room Remix

(the following pics will be rightfully linked to their original owners shortly)

A suitcase or tool kit

Wall shelf system

Armoire, heavily utilizing the inside of the doors as well

Peg board no larger than a picture

Brooklyn Limestone

A spare closet


Me ~ “So Miss Mustard Seed, what kind of workshop area you do have available to you?”

MMS ~ “I am very fortunate to have about 900 glorious square feet of workshop in my basement. One little snag – I share the space with my wood working hubby, That’s a great thing and a bad thing. It’s great because he builds things and fixes things for me, the bad thing is that he’s a little messy. He also just got a lot of new tools and total upheaval has come with those new tools. I’m looking forward to following some of your advice, Donna.”

Me ~ “You do alot of spraying on your furniture. How do you deal with the ventilation issue?”

MMS ~ “My spray booth is currently built right in front of my basement doors. When I spray, I simply open the doors and turn on a fan. This keeps the air moving and the fumes to a minimum in the rest of the basement. I wrote a post about my spray booth on Monday, so check it out if you want more detail.”

~ This week’s homework ~

Delegate a special area you’d like to set up for your workshop

Print out the following list and walk through your home. Consider:


main living area
spare room
outdoor shed
someone else’s shop area


enough space to work

For tighter spaces, consider

tool cases
wall mounted storage
collapsible tables and chairs
tables/storage on wheels

Next up – Purging

I heard that groan. (or maybe it came from me) I’m going to take you along for my own purge ride. Weee! You’ll be shown all the steps needed to get your stuff to the right destinations, so be sure to tune in next Wednesday to hopefully see some slight improvement. 🙂

So??? Are you going for it?

Fess up! What’s your current workshop situation like? Fed up of tripping over tools and trikes? Why not roll up your sleeves and gut that back room, shed or garage along with me? Pretty please?!? I need your support. 🙂

Remember to take those before pictures! At the end of this series, we’ll be having a before and after MckLinky event so we can share all the hard work we’ve accomplished!

After you leave your comment, make sure you head on down to Mustard Seed Creations for your first session on becoming a decorative painter. I’ll meetcha down there. 😀

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34 thoughts on “Workshop Series – Creating your own workshop ~ Part 1

  1. I just happened to mention in a recent post that I took over a small space in our garage {I can put heat on in there}. It works for me and keeps me and my projects off our kitchen table. I am saving that armoire picture ~ we have a computer armoire that we don’t really use for a PC anymore and I hate to get rid of it.

  2. Great informative & interesting post. I have to be honest – your work shop looks clean and organized compared to mine. I feel some motivation coming on to get the place in order. All the best, Lori

  3. I stopped and asked one of the guys working on one of the new construction houses yesterday for an estimate on building me some shelves above that dead space above my garage door for storing my seasonal decor. Yeah me!!
    So loving this – you and MMS are awesome!
    Next on my list – pricing a shed – I want a real workshop!

    Oh – my shoulders deflated (for real) when I saw that first pic – I REALLY thought that was your shop and was about to cry! Thanks for keeping it real!

  4. Love this. I am going to junk out our basement, it is the place that is supposed to be our workshop, but it hasn’t seen any decent work in ages. So count me in, this weekend it is clean up time (after I try to take some before pictures in a dark basement, wish me luck on that).

  5. My current workspace isn’t pretty by all means. However, over at Ethel Edith we completely organized our workspace this past weekend. We used paint cans & boards to build a paint storage shelf, we got 3 drawer bings with clear fronts to store our paint brushes, sandpaper, gloves, tools, etc. Then we separated our piles into a finished, almost finished & needs a lot of work! I feel so much better about the space already!

    I like to sew so my personal workspace is a big armoire turned into a sewing station. It looks pretty in the family room, but everything I use is neatly tucked away.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  6. Hahaha! I couldn’t stop laughing at the way you introduced your workshop. ALTHOUGH, I must confess my mess could put your mess to shame. I use my garage, and each morning when I walk out to my car I try to close the garage as fast as I can. TOTALLY embarrassed for any neighbours to see. I’m definitely on board to clean up my cluttered compound! Looking forward to the challenge. Honestly I’m going to have to clean it even before the before pics. Auughh!

  7. Okay- I’m off to figure out where to put my workspace. I am really thinking it will be in the garage, where I can put heat. Basement… ugh, it would take me forever to purge. I’m going to start small.
    I’m off to look at the garage (and to walmart to get paint brushes that Miss Mustard Seed told me to get)… and something else… oh yes, I have to go to work. 🙂

  8. Donna,

    I almost stopped reading at the first picture, thinking God I can’t manage to keep the house that organized let alone my garage — and I don’t even have a garage! Thank goodness, I continued. I do have three out buildings — one was the original one room school house for the town and has been deemed my studio! Anyway, I am ready and willing…GOOOOOOO!!!!


  9. Thanks for all of the helpful tips, Donna, and for the mention. As you know I’m working on my craft room, so hopefully this will keep me motivated to keep moving on it. As far as an actual workshop, when it involves power tools my husband usually gets involved (at least so far) and we use the garage or outside (no outside work in the Minnesota winter though!).

  10. I have a big fat confession to make. How could I possibly teach other workshops if my workspace was this dismal? This simply had to come first and it’s all my fault.

    However.. hmmm… I’ve noticed a few of you are in a similar situation.

    This isn’t a very fun project. It’s like a root canal festival going down there and doing this stuff. I’d rather make pretty stuff. BUT, it’s a must. I can’t wait to show you how I’ll lay stuff out so it’s easily accessible for quick wood cuts and so forth!

    A place to park the truck? Well, forgetaboutit. Work Spaces Unite!

    What I REALLY can’t wait for is the personalization part. I want a funky garage! Ohhh yes I do.

    Glad to have some of you aboard! And just so you know, I’ll try to speed some steps up so we aren’t going at a snail’s pace with this seminar. But I’ll indeed allow enough time for you to keep up.

    FJ Donna

  11. Putting in a workbench and cabinets in my garage is high on this year’s To Do list. Unfortunately it’s an unheated garage which means that will have to wait until it gets warmer. My biggest issue is where to hang the bikes in our tiny garage to make room for the work bench to be.

  12. I’m lucky enough to have my own craftroom inside the house, it’s small but I love the fact that I can close the door and forget about the mess.

    We just added a second workbench to our garage. The first one was already there but was a little high for me, so we built a second one just a few inches lower. Having 2 works out great because I have room for my tools on one and have a ton of space on the second to paint,stain, etc.

    So glad two of my favorite ladies in blogland teamed up for this workshop, way to go girls!!Can’t wait to see more.

  13. Because our house is such a work in progress, half of our basement is still a workshop. With the addition of our 2nd son, I managed to reclaim the nursery from my husband; he was using it as a main floor storage/workshop. I’m currently using a vintage desk to do all my crafting projects. Lisa

  14. My issue with my “workshop” is that it is scattered. Funny, that is much like my brain.

    Anywho, my point, what was that again? My tools are in the garage. My work area is under the patio, not too far away, but still not right there. My paints and other crafty bits are in a bedroom. You see where I am going here?

    Looking forward to the rest of the seminar!

  15. Will we still like you? Shoot I like you more because of the messy garage. Who has one like the first picture? Obviously someone who never works on anything.

  16. When I saw your pictures of your garage…I thought, “What is OUR garage doing on here?!” Our before, during, and after Christmas stuff is still out too…what a mess! I’m excited for this! Thanks!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  17. Thank you for doing this! You’ve put a “fire under my fanny”! (is that the saying??)

    I’m SO new to all of this! I’ve figured out how to grab a button. Now if I could figure out how to post some pics…daily!!! I have a studio/basement/room downstairs. It’s in UTTER CHAOS currently! However, because of you and this workshop I may be able to make a path clear so that we can get to the can goods!!!

  18. Very informative–I will do my homework. I know you have plenty on your plate, but I am hosting my first linky party and would be honored if you joined.

  19. Oh thank you for the pictures and ideas for someone with almost no extra space. I could do the shelf or even make room in part of a closet. This gives me hope to find my own space for my art supplies, rather than lugging it all out to the kitchen table each time I need it.

  20. Wow! A little overwhelming, right? But I know what it’s like when I get in the creating mood.

    Nice pictures, but my work areas aren’t so pretty.
    Stuff I do is usually toooo messy. A lot of sanding, sawing, drilling and painting involved. I like organization in my two work areas, the basement or garage.

  21. Oh my goodness…when I saw your work shop I fell in LOVE! haha That’s where I would always be! I am creating my work shop myself right now! I am using my new power tools EVERY day! I am kicking myself in the rear for not taking a before picture!

    ~Bridgette from

  22. Well, I just recently discovered your blog, and want to say that you are truly an inspiration for me. After a long time (I won’t even go there, it’s so embarrassing) waiting to start my blog, I decided to finally do it, along with a bit of graphic arts (you see, I went to art school, but that was back in the Dark Ages, so I have a LOT of catching up to do) and, of course, my own style (?) of reclaimed furniture & other stuff.

    Anyway, I spent the last few days researching bloggers and their work areas, and didn’t even realize you had this covered. Thanks! Way to go – I recently moved to a tiny apt and bought some cool shabby furniture for my bedroom. Now I’m ready to pull my hair out because I can’t figure out how to fit everything I need in my room. I figure I’ll do some creating in the kitchen, porch, etc., but this is going to help me re-construct my own tiny area.

    Thanks a million!

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