Creating your Workshop Part 2 – Purging.. with a music video

Welcome to Part 2 of the Workshop Series brought to you by

 Funky Junk Interiors and Mustard Seed Creations!

 Today Miss Mustard Seed is leading Part 2 of her decorative painting seminar. She’s going to guide you through a few brush strokes to give you a chance to try out your new brushes! You did get your brushes, yes? Awesome. πŸ™‚

First, let’s get started with Funky Junk’s series,

Creating your own Workshop – Part 2: Purging

Remember yesterday when I said I had something special for you?
Here you go. From me to you. πŸ™‚

Funky Junk’s “The Dark Side of Purging” from Funky Junk Donna on Vimeo.

 OK. We’ve had our fun. πŸ™‚ Are ya ready to get serious now?

Recap and direct links:

Entire series to date  HERE

1. Pick your spot.

2. Purge

3. Determine your needs.

4. Search for inspiration and ideas

5. Develop your plan

6. Go shopping

7. Install 

Everyone? Meet your new best friend for this week.

The Lecture Part

Are you an A or B personality?

a) When in doubt, I throw it out.

b) When in doubt, I keep it. I might need this someday.

Hmmm… which one are you here?

a) Ask, β€œWhat would be the worst-case outcome if I threw this item out by mistake?”

If the answer is little or nothing, throw it out.

b) Ask, β€œWhat would be the best-case outcome if I kept this item?”
If the answer seems moderately good, keep it.

You’re catching on, aren’t you? One more.

a) Could someone else benefit from this item more than I would?
b) Could I possibly benefit from keeping this item?

It’s pretty obvious that if you’re a type A, you’re alot more likely going to get rid of unwanted clutter. Looks as if our clutter habits have alot to do with our mindset.

What causes clutter?

*Organized people have a system. When they know a given item won’t serve them well, they already know what to do with it. It’s natural for them. They are disciplined and they stick with the plan.
Disorganized people have few or no systems, so they must make every decision on a case by case basis. Eventually this becomes overwhelming, and clutter begins to pile up. (I had no idea I did that to myself! I love research…)

*It takes far more time to be disorganized than it does to be organized because disorganized people lose so much time to inefficiency.

*Research tips from Steve Pavlina – ever read his stuff? He’s amazing.

The solution?

Figure out what patterns there are to your clutter and create simple systems to deal with it is a start. However, I doubt I can single handedly cure everyone today. There’s a whole mess of google searches that you can tap deep within if you feel you have a real issue with it.

However, for now let’s focus on reclaiming your workshop space again so we can get back to the business of paint and sawdust. I am missing it!

How to purge

I won’t lie. Purging is difficult. It requires mental strength and time to relinquish. But once you get going, it’ll be hard to stop.

1. Make the time and time it well.

You can organize a shelf in 1 hour. You can clean out a cupboard in perhaps 3. However to gut entire contents from a room can definitely take an entire weekend or longer. Chances are, you’ll need the great outdoors to help you for temporary storage while you gut, so it’s important to time your purge with cooperating weather patterns if you plan to do it right the first time. Can’t wait? A few large tarps and a spare patio will help you for now.

2. Gut, not shuffle.

It’s pretty difficult standing in the middle of piles of rubble, attempting to sort. The best way to clean and organize, is to GUT your headquarters. And by that I mean, right to the 4 corners, dumping everything in sight.
Yes, it takes time. But I honestly guarantee you, once you get momentum going, you’re going to feel so good seeing things go back neatly! It’s very addicting! But the full effect comes into play only when you GUT. If you SHUFFLE, you’ll get overwhelmed and be inclined to give up.

Another bonus comes when you gut. You will put LESS back into your workspace. When you shuffle, you tend to make what you have work. However, when you gut, you can see the clean slate and you’ll be more inclined to better orchestrate what goes back so you don’t lose that magical space you’ve just reclaimed.

3. Make piles:

Thrift store
Give away
The dump


4. Take pictures of items for sale. NOW.

What better time to click a few pictures of your for sale items than when they’re right outside in perfect lighting? Choose a nice spot for your item with a clear background, and click away.  Take the pictures now and you won’t have to revisit this step.

5. Think PURGE, not keep.

Remember the mindset thing? Restate your goal to yourself when you find you’re starting to horde again.

When I go through my closet to purge, I go through the works at least 5 times. I do it once, then walk out of the room for a reset, then start over. And over. And over. Why? Because as time goes on, I tire of the task and the growing mound and want it gone.  But, a good result NEVER happens on the first time around. It takes some getting use to when you let something go you’ve had for a long time. So know it for what it is, and do this until you’re 100% sure, you WILL use that thing again within 6 months to a year if it’s in the KEEP file. All else? Let it go.

Tip: Put it in your way.

Once your stuff is bagged, put the bags IN YOUR WAY. Anything that needs to be driven away, store them in your vehicle. In your way.

In your way = you can see it and you are forced to rethink it again and again. It will be ugly and wear on you, helping to motivate you into action. That garbage bag is your giant plastic post it note to DEAL with it.

“Dresser or tool storage? I think I’ll keep!”

6. Think storage before ditching.

You’ll need new storage solutions, so think outside of the box before you let a storage item go. You will require storage with drawers, doors, hooks and work surfaces. And no where is it written you must have the kind of storage professional auto mechanics have. This is YOUR work space and you get to cater it to your personal needs.

Me – “Hey Miss Mustard Seed, are you busy planning a big purge of your own? Your thoughts so far?”

MMS – “I am sort of a type “a” and type “b” combined. Is that possible? I like to be organized, but I like to keep stuff, too… except when I don’t. I’ll get in a purge-happy mood where I’m ready to sell everything in the house. Later, I regret a few things I got rid of! So, it depends on the mood I’m in and what kind of stuff I’m sorting through.”

“We are in the process of purging and cleaning out our basement workshop to make room for our new tools and a proper spray room. All of these tips are so great! I especially like the “gut” vs. “shuffle” rule. I think you’re much more effective when you gut, so great advice.”

~ This week’s homework ~

Just. Purge. It.

Take this list with you when you start.
1. Make the time.
2. Gut, not shuffle.
3. Create piles.
4. Take pictures of the objects for sale
5. Purge, not keep.
6. Think storage

Your turn!

So, what’s your plan of action? Who’s actually going to DO this?

I am personally setting aside Friday and Saturday to gut my garage AND basement. I am so tired of tripping rather than enjoying the space. It is TIME. Are you with me?!?

I’ve had a couple requests to put up a MckLinky so you can show off your progress as we go. I had planned to do this only at the end of this series, however, if you too would like to document your progress, let’s give it a whirl! If this helps motivate others, I’m in and I’ll join you! The link trend will continue weekly if there’s enough interest. The purge link will be active until next Wed, and then we’ll move on.

If you link up,  please link back to the series via text or button so you can entice others to get motivated and join in. And check back periodically so we can help support each other in this. We are an official Club now, right?

~ Next week ~

Determining what you need

Storage ideas

High five! Let’s get to work!

After your comments, head on over to Mustard Seed Creations and you too, will be an artist shortly. πŸ™‚

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34 thoughts on “Creating your Workshop Part 2 – Purging.. with a music video

  1. Ok, you have convinced me. This weekend, the gutting and purging will start. I will have to do it the shuffle way too a bit because my work area is in the basement and I am not going to haul everything up the stairs to put it outside. But I’ll make it work. I’ll be back…..

  2. That video was soooooooooo funny!! I am still laughing! I love the list and I plan on using it as well. I’ve got to take pics of my space that I am going to purge and then link up.
    Thanks for the great advice

  3. Oh my gosh, your video cracks me up. I just did the master bedroom yesterday. It took all afternoon, it is amazing what got thrown in there over the holidays?? My husband and I slept much better. Well, except for the fact, that I rearranged the room too, so that was an adjustment.
    I definitely want to start my basement, but the whole family needs to be here for that one?! I will take pics, for sure.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I am allergic to clutter. If I’m not using it right that minute, I get rid of it. Then, four weeks later, I’m kicking myself because I finally found a use for it. Maybe if my husband didn’t totally consume our garage with his crap, I would have a place to store my treasures until I have a good place for them.

  5. ohhh donna! I do not have time for this nonsense! lol I have work to do. (on my fireplace) I should not be watching blog friends videos! πŸ™‚
    wonderful video! I like how you keep it real! Yes, I may be a hoarder. Your questions will help me a LOT this spring when I can finally tackle my workplace/garage! It’s so cold that I only slink into the garage via a small path to get what I need, and slither back out the same way. If you can imagine, clutter on the left, in the middle and on the right. With a tiny path going on either side of the middle! Too cold to purge right now, because I want to GUT. Last two times I cleaned, I shuffled. πŸ™
    I must revisit this post when the weather warms a little!
    thanks for a chuckle, and thanks for keeping it real in blogland.
    great ideas and thoughts!

  6. Donna the video and the special cast member(your son) was so funny. My kid would never help in a video.
    I am a purger. You can ask my husband – he says it drives him crazy. We purge at least twice a year. It scares him and the kids when they see me with the bag of black trash bags. I love to purge and reorganize the garage/workshop. I think I have an illness as I love to be organized. I probably spend way too much time organizing things when I could be doing things but I hate it when I can not find something or not be able to move in that garage.
    Of course my fave times to purge are when hubby deploys to either Korea, Iraq or Afghanistan. It is so much easier to clean the garage and the attic when he isn’t here to say, “keep it I may need it in the next 20 years – not that I have used it in the last 10. “
    love the series..

  7. That video was hilarious! Great job. I fear that I am a “when in doubt throw it out” kind of gal. Can’t stand to have things just hanging around that I’m not using, so I’m actually working on keeping stuff around “just in case”. How weird is that? Excellent series.

  8. You. Are. A. Nut! : ) This was great! Have you uploaded it to YouTube ~ you could be the next internet sensation. I used to be the person who would think I should hold onto something because I MIGHT need it. Now, I am more likely to either trash or donate something rather than keep it.

  9. I couldn’t stop laughing. That video is hilarious. I’ve been working on my kids rooms this week. Always a challenge when they want to pull things back out they haven’t played with for years or forgot they even had. You could probably guess I’m type A personality, so I don’t really have a problem with purging on a regular basis. Now if I could just get the rest of my family on board. Great series, by the way!

  10. I am a pack rat. I keep everything in case I or someone else might need it. Now that I have a trail through the basement and crap all over the house I am purging. One room a month. I am also trying to do some decorating on the way too. I started with my bedroom and could not beleive the amount of junk that was in there! It was scary! I didn’t know that I could actually pack that much stuff in that small of a space!

  11. The only place we have that is reasonable as a woodworking shop is the basement. We have no garage or shed or what have you. Problem? The basement leaks at one end. Badly. Our landlord has bought a sump pump but has not installed it. I could do it on my own but I’m not sure he’s dug a pit for it yet. ugh. I’ll have to call him soon. Like yesterday. πŸ™

  12. I love purging! I think it’s my addiction, but unfortunately my husband doesn’t share my love of organization. He’s a pack rat! I finally convinced him to build some storage shelves in the garage, because his “junk” was taking up so much space that his motorcycle was surrounded. He caught the organization bug after everything looked so good up on the shelves, so this weekend we’re building more, smaller shelves for food storage and regular garage things like paint and antifreeze. Hooray for organization!!!

  13. Oh My Goodness Donna the video was too funny! You had me laughing. I’m a pack rat and I LOVE junk! I had a yard sale in October and now you should see what I have once again. I will try and do my best to purge when it’s warmer in the garage.

  14. Great video–purging to ABBA! I am pretty good at the purging part. My theory is, there is always more “crap” out there if I happen to get rid of something that I maybe could have used. usually when it is gone, you don’t remember you had it in the first place!

  15. This was such a great post!!

    I thought for sure I was a “B” personality, till I read MMS thoughts saying she was a combination.
    I love being orgainzed, and tidyness, but when you hoard, it is impossible to keep it that way.

    I have boxes of things I loved and am going going to make something out of ‘someday’. =))
    But, will it ever happen.

    Also, thought your ‘gut’ not ‘shuffle’ was an awesome insight.
    Would take a lot of time though. And time is not something i have a lot of right now, or I am not using it wisely I guess. Of course i would have to wait till summer to ‘gut’ anyway.

    Not sure i would dare show you my garage at home or business, or my back storage room at the store. Everyone would probably faint dead away at the mess and wonder how i get anything done. =0)
    I’m even a disorganized crafter. And you are right, it takes a lot more time, cause i am always looking for things on the table.

    Thanks again for the great post.


    barbara jean

  16. I loved your video! The dog watching the stuff fly out of the garage was great! I am a keeper-to a point, I do go through stages of throwing it out! I do keep most of what I have pretty organized so I know what I have, there are often times I pick something up having no idea what i am going to do with it, and then i will start a project and will be so glad I have “junk” laying around to re-purpose!

  17. Donna

    the video was award worthy! I think it is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    making a valid point ‘clutter should be against the law’– Down in Texas we have a Do NOT Litter campaign… DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS, wELL, YOUR LITTLE BANDIT DISGUISE…perfect! You can declutter without showing your true identity.
    I guess a lot of ladies can identify with it… not too many linked … I hope to see more blog posts tomorrow complete with show an tells!

  18. Hey, glad you liked my little gag. πŸ™‚

    I just felt this purging thing is big time work, so may as well make it fun. Think of the plaid jacketed trash bandit when it’s time to chuck your stuff. Abba’s SOS will never be the same for you again. Sorry about that. πŸ˜€

    Glad to have any of you cleaner uppers aboard! Post again with another link if you update so we can keep up with you!

    FJ Donna

  19. I like your idea of dropping off unwanted items at my neighbors doorstep! I couldn’t stop laughing! I’m a definate shuffler, and I hate it. I’ve been trying to organize the same room for over a year. πŸ™ Now my baby is due in a few months, and I need that space for him. Time to purge!

  20. I’m sure I’ll be ‘chuckling’ all day long, as I remember your totally entertaining video…awesome are too cute! I only wish I were your neighbor….I’d actually give you money for the willow chair and white bench!

    I adopted the philosophy of “use it..or loose it” several years ago, which pretty much keeps me somewhat free of clutter.

    Good luck with your endeavor.


  21. Haha! Your neighbours must think you’ve lost it!! I’m sure they all had a ball watching you film that. Great video! I’ll just purge in the dark on garbage-night-eve. A little here, a little there…they’ll never know!

  22. “Figure out what patterns there are to your clutter . . .”

    Mine starts with an H and ends with an usband. Ha-ha-ha!

    The basement — it’s GOTTA get decluttered! I may be a few days behind the rest of the gals, but Donna, I’m coming along!

    Love to you!


  23. Oh I love you, I love you, I love you! That video is absolutely hilarious! And the message of this post is exactly and precisely what I need to hear as I’m sitting buried in a paper blizzard in my office. No, I don’t have a workshop, but an office can be just as bad.

    Just last night I was looking around thinking, “I want to just take it all out of here and not bring anything but essentials back in.” I was too chicken. Now, after this post, I’m not!

    I’m that a and b type person like Miss Mustard Seed. A few months ago I went on a binge and sold the sofa and a bunch of the living room furniture. That was a purge I wish I hadn’t done yet, at least not until I had funds to buy more furniture! Now we sit on two uncomfortable wing backed chairs, one lawn chair, and we fight over the one recliner. When we need a sofa I pull out a cot.

    My goal this week: PURGE! Thank you so much for giving me permission to get a little bit crazy. I can always count on you for that!

  24. I followed the link from Bonita’s blog… love this post! I have moved a lot throughout my life, so I thought my “gutting instinct” came from that. I am a saver, a piler, a constant clutter-fighter. Shuffling definitely doesn’t work for me. Gotta gut! I am bookmarking this post… when it is warmer I have got to gut my garage… stuff in boxes from two moves ago, still! Thank you!! Blessings!

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