Make a fall hydrangea wreath in 5 minutes!

Learn how to create a fresh fall hydrangea wreath in 5 minutes! Tips on how to keep the petals from wilting are included! Click for the full tutorial.

Make a fall hydrangea wreath in 5 minutes!

This sweet and easy hydrangea wreath took only 5 minutes to make!

All you need is a hydrangea bush during fall, scissors and a base.

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I got the idea from Daisy Mae Belle’s own pretty version!

Make a fall hydrangea wreath in 5 minutes!


Supplies I used:


wreath of choice: grapevine / styrofoam / wire form

fall hydrangea blooms (HERE are some faux)

gardener clippers or scissors

hot glue gun and glue sticks may help

string or florist’s wire may help

twiggy wreath



1. Start with a wreath of choice as your base.

I used a twiggy wreath, however you could use: grapevine / styrofoam / wire form


creating a hydrangea wreath

2. Harvest hydrangea cuttings during fall.

  • The key to these hydrangea petals not wilting is to wait until they are slightly crispy feeling before cutting. This ensures they will dry on your wreath completely without wilting.

Learn more about how to dry hydrangeas so they don’t wilt HERE

3. Cut hydrangea stems on an angle just under the flowers, leaving enough stem to work with.

  • The longer stems to start with are better. You can clip as you go if you need them shorter.
  • The angle of the stem helps insert them to your wreath of choosing.

4. One at a time, insert or attach the stems into or onto the wreath.

  • If your wreath isn’t textured like mine, you could use string, florist’s wire or hot glue to attach the stems to the wreath base.
  • If using glue, I’d suggest to bypass the stems, and just glue the flowers.

5. Keep adding hydrangea cuttings until it is full.

A hydrangea wreath in 5 minutes! via Funky Junk Interiors

The finished hydrangea wreath!


And here is the full and beautiful hydrangea wreath! Isn’t it gorgeous? In under 10 minutes, this beauty was ready to hang!

A hydrangea wreath in 5 minutes! via Funky Junk Interiors

I added a piece of twine to hang the wreath from this door handle, however a coordinating ribbon or even light rope could work too. 

A hydrangea wreath in 5 minutes! via Funky Junk Interiors

And here is the same wreath hanging outdoors on my patio.

Make a hydrangea wreath in 5 minutes! via Funky Junk Interiors

This hydrangea wreath would look equally gorgeous hanging under cover on a front door! Or headboard. Or set on a fireplace mantel. It really looks gorgeous anywhere!

What colours are your hydrangeas this fall? Where would you hang yours?

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34 thoughts on “Make a fall hydrangea wreath in 5 minutes!

  1. Great idea. If you need a cheap and easy frame to create your wreath as well, I would suggest using a coat hanger. It works great and everyone has one of those around.

  2. Love it. This is on my ‘gotta do’ list. I’ve already cut my hydrangea, so now, just to get some of it on a wreath. THANKS for the push in that direction.

  3. I am heading out to my yard tomorrow morning to gather up the last of my Hydrangeas. What you said about not getting caught up in blogging? I am all about being way too caught up in “producing” as in for other people! I have so neglected the time to make anything for myself, just because it brings me joy. Thank you so much for this reminder. I am copying and printing this to put right above my computer. I tell you, those words were inspired!

  4. I love this post and since it inspired me to make my own wreaths, I put a link back to you in my post about hydrangea wreaths.

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