A boardroom DIY like NO other (video!)

Well friends,

I am around doing LOTS of DIY of late! Just not in the typical sense.

I’ve been spending some time helping out my friend Dan with his business when he needs an extra set of hands.

Who is Dan anyway?

If you frequent FJI, you’ve heard Dan mentioned here several times by now. Dan and his wife Janis run their business, Imagination Corporation which specializes in themed environments and 3D signs (as the one above). Check out the website and you will be amazed.


ย I’ve known Dan for many years through the sign industry. He’s a signmaker/builder/welder/artist type, so it should come as no surprise that my world tends to entertwine with his on an ongoing basis. He’s been a big part of my past on getting me up to snuff with all things tools, and most recently, encouraging me with my iMac purchase.

My own vehicle graphics biz

Being self employed allows me the flexibility to help out in between my own work.

I builD and paint for Imagination Corporation

And working with IC offers me a diverse choice of growth in all things building and painting. Cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dan (and crew) has had a hand in some interior design in my own home as well. He created my metal kitchen island topper… (link HERE)

and my rock floor to ceiling styled fireplace. (link HERE)

So you can see, there are simply no limitations to what he can do or teach. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since I have nothing new to share DIYing in the style we normally share on our blogs, I thought you may wish to take a peek at what we’re currenty working on. Dan style. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hold onto your hat!ย  You have never seen a room quite like this before. Ready?

(Dear Vimeo.. please let your users pick their own still shot.ย  Thank-you.)

Edited to add: you can now! Thanks Miss Mustard Seed!)

Let’s rock!

ย Just WAIT till you see the boardroom table. ๐Ÿ™‚

ย This room is being designed for a company that sells CNC routers. They desired a boardroom that reflected ALL the incredible things a router can perform. Dan tends to push things where no one has gone before (sounds ever so slightly familiar??) so he’s making the router do some pretty wild things which are being reflected in this very room. World firsts you can bet.

The room is turning out INCREDIBLE. Every trick in the book is being used for specialty faux finishes (which daughter Bec does) on top of hand carved, sculpted AND routered work (done with high density HDU). Dan is all about bringing the seemingly impossible to life.

Dan writes two blogs for a client/corporate following, as well as a journal on his own site, so if you’re interested in small updates on what he’s currently building, you can check out:

Speaking from Experience

Enroute Adventures: Much More Fun than Working

Imagination Corporation Journal

I may fall abit more silent than usual on my blog over the next little while during this project.ย  But don’t worry. I’ll share what I think may intrigue you as we go along.

And I can guarantee you, it’ll be VERY funky indeed. Dan style. ๐Ÿ™‚

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27 thoughts on “A boardroom DIY like NO other (video!)

  1. Fascinating! I love things like that. I have been in a lot of board (bored) rooms but I think this one is the best I have seen. Usually they are very dark, with nothing to look at. Sometimes you almost fall asleep. You two are very inspiring. The video was great!. I guess I should go to the Apple store when I get home to learn how to make those. Did you make the video on your New Mac? How much do you love it? ann

  2. OMG, Im not only addicted to your blog, and all that you do creatively, Im now a ‘Dan’ stalker!
    I clicked on the link what seemed 2 hours ago to his website, ended up looking at every photo, and then read every post on his blog!! He is one talented man, and such a hard worker.
    And his grand-daughter is too cute!
    It is fitting that you two met, people come and go in our lives for different reasons, and friends like Dan are keepers! You both are so creative, and Im inspired to continue with my little studio, and little creations I do. I lost my mojo for a bit, but now I think Im ready to get back to it!Thankyou!

  3. Wowzers! Amazing!! I would love to be working along side both of you! Fabulous work and the room is going to be so awesome. Well, heck, it already is awesome! I am so jealous. How I would love to pick Dan’s brain!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! Hope we get to see the entire project?
    Thanks so much for sharing this and say thanks to Dan too!

  4. You guys. Ok, officially I have the most boring life on the planet. I declare. Canada is where the fun is at!!!

    Curious, is the board room in the basement of the building…all the pipes and whatnot exposed? Or did Dan build all of the ceiling accessories too?

    going to crawl back into bed now…..


  5. Your manager says that this room needs to be featured on one of the HGTV-type shows. Seriously. Heck, maybe he needs his own show! That is some serious artistry and skill.

  6. Oh wow! I am just amazed and overwhelmed by the talent and creativity! I cannot wait to see more of this project!

    Last Sunday I did a quick post about a truck I saw which made me immediately think of you!

    ~ Tracy

  7. Dan seems like an amazing person! I’d love a Dan to sponge knowledge from.

    What about that TV stand? Are those palates? Did you make that? If so, did you do a tutorial on it.

    I’m new to your blog and I couldn’t find a search button.

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