This week – Kidless Vacation. Next week? Kid Vacation! (plus video)

Wow. It’s over. On Friday, it’s over.

The 10 day Kidless Vacation proved to be an amazing time to simply unwind and appreciate.

I did NOTHING in the DIY realm. Nothing. Honestly, I took every morning to sleep in, and let the wind direct me on where to take the rest of the day. If I didn’t wanna do something, I just didn’t. And if I did, I did.

So what did this gal do all alone for 10 days?

Β Remember the list?

rent girlie movies – yes, 5 for 5 days for $5. FUN! I watched one a night.

go for my morning dike walks with my dog and just listen to the gravel crunching – yes, in the leisure sense.

go beachin’ – yup!

Β go junkin’ – one stop. And picked me up one fine purse too!
decorate and build a little – nope, not even close. blogged instead. πŸ™‚
work for a living – NO!
make a delicious stir fry – surely you jest!! hotdogs and salad, baby!
pray – oh yes.
sing and dance alongside blaring music – sang

pack the travel trailer in case we scurry off for a weekend when kidlet gets back – maybe. πŸ™‚

snooze on a floaty lounger in my backyard pool – big time yes!

take in live music at a local beach with an iced coffee in hand – was there.. missed the band. πŸ˜›

read – no, I thought instead
get some cookies (with icing!) to eat while lounging in the sunshine – yes! lemon. πŸ™‚ and cupcakes too!
light up the propane fire pit in the evenings and close my eyes and just rest in the quiet – nah. Waiting for my son with this one.
sleep in – daily!
get up early and get to bed late to make a special day super duper LONG – one day before 9. πŸ™‚
take naps – yep!

get my hair done-yes yes sassy yes!

get my first pedicure maybe? – eh… forgot. Who can see toes buried in sand anyway?
take deep bubble baths – ohhhh right. I forgot.

miss and reflect – lots.

go to my fav log cabin pub (I said the P word!!) at a resort for a big fat burger and fries and THIS time own my table, not letting any guy chatters scare me away.Β  πŸ™‚ – take out. πŸ™‚

stay in pj’s all day while in my creative mode – till 1pm some days.
write deep – only the quiet post
browse retail stores and scoff, “I can make that for FREE!”- only retail I saw was the lounger store. Can’t make that. πŸ™‚

While it was an amazing week, I knew what I was preparing for. I wanted the house and my mind in order for the return of my son whom I missed very much. I just didn’t allow myself to go there too often. What would be the point?

Β I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared this, however my alltime favorite destination to take off to is Hawaii. I’ve been there 5x and would go 5x more in a heartbeat.

Now, let’s combine my restful downtime, missing my son, pining for Hawaii and a whole buncha leisure type photos. What would you get?

A new slideshow to the tune ofΒ  Ku’uLei, Ku’u ipo by Hapa of course. πŸ™‚ I have no idea what it means, but I think it’s about missing a Hawaiian girl. Let’s just substitute the girl for my boy and… here you go.

My Kidless Vacation, modern Hawaiian style. πŸ™‚

Did you notice the end message? My son and I are downplaying our computer time starting Friday, after I pick him up, for about a week. I’ll pop in from time to time, however it will be very sporadic. So I hope you’ll understand my short absence away for the next little bit, while we prance around doing things we just love to do together. I’ll tell you all about it when we tune back in on a more regular basis. πŸ™‚

SNS is still scheduled for Friday, 7pm pacific. Theme is curb appeal, so bring along all your pretty curb shots!

We’re off to make some new memories! Happy summer my friends! We’ll be back at’ter before you know it. πŸ™‚

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26 thoughts on “This week – Kidless Vacation. Next week? Kid Vacation! (plus video)

  1. You had a terrific kidless vacation and I am proud of you! Loved your slide show!! Everything looked wonderful! Now that son is home…play play play!! Enjoy each day and take lots of pics!

  2. What a wonderful vacation and you look sweet and happy. I thoroughly enjoyed your video!! Photography splendid and music soothing. Have a happy reunion with your son and a great vacation together playing and doing all the fun things you like doing.


  3. Donna, you are my hero! Really nice video, nice enough to make me really jealous! I give you so much credit for getting out of you pjs by 1!You really took good care of you,woo hoo. That’s something we never do.I’m in luv with your dog,so pretty.I’m not showing my dogs the video.And the toes in the sand shot (both of you) made me laugh out loud! Have a great time with your son now, see ya later.<3

  4. Donna ~
    That sounds like a truly restful and wonderful vacation ~ It is good sometimes when our lives and heads are constantly going so fast to just take time to refresh ~

    P.S. ~ I love Hawaii too and am ready to go back soon !


  5. I’m realizing how much I need a pool! One kidless vacation for me coming up soon and I’m going to miss him soooooooo much! But, I’m taking some of your advice ;)bb

  6. I so enjoyed vacationing with you via your blog, especially since it will likely be the only one I get this year! ha ha

    Love the new hair and it will look great flowing in the breeze while we do the hula in Hawaii.

    Did you really take that one picture while you were driving? I’ll drive in Hawaii, okay? That way you can snap away without killing us.

    May this week with your boy be even 1000% time better than the kidless vacation! Enjoy!

  7. You are awesome Donna! Your hair looks fabulous! Loved the video! Loved the pictures of your feet and your pup’s paws in the sand. I hope you have an absolutely fantastic vacation with your son.

    ~ Tracy

  8. I enjoyed our vacation vicariously! Thanks so much for sharing your BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT through this fabulous slide show! —- Of course you know, we are all expecting another next week of the even better Vaca-With-Kid!!!!

  9. #17 Kristi… LOL! What am I creating here?!?

    #19 Laura, if I could package all of you wonderful gals up and plunk you in my very neighbourhood, what fun we would most certainly have! What a lovely thing for you to say. Thank-you!

    And thanks all for your kudos and patience for my non DIY posts of late. I just wasn’t even in the mood to dig into my archive pics to blog about it. This week was all about me me me. πŸ™‚

    We’ll be sure to bring some great new pics and memories along from our adventures we have up our sleeves next week so stay tuned!

    Other stuff coming soon:

    Blog photography from a point and shoot
    My computer review
    Some other cool product reviews
    Refinishing a table top

    … and a whole lot more. Soon! You can count on it. πŸ™‚


  10. Looks like you live in a beautiful corner of the world! I enjoyed the video and music…hope you are enjoying your homecoming with your son!

  11. What a great week you had Donna!! I love all the shots of the river ~ looks like a spot that I would love to go. Your list was perfect and it’s wonderful you got so many things checked off it ~ we all need a week like that ~ at least a few days. I was hunting for treasures last week and thought of you a couple of times…. I think you will be pleased with some of my finds. Have a wonderful vacation with your boy! xo

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