Walking and talking up and down the hill

Walking and talking up and down the hill / a nature walk for working out via FunkyJunkInteriors

The weather has been cooperating in our area lately, and that means one thing. It’s time to go walking.

I’ve played with the idea of joining a gym. But so far, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. So for the time being, I’m just going to throw on my runners and head for the nearest hill.

Walking and talking up and down the hill / a nature walk for working out via FunkyJunkInteriors

Today’s hill resembled a gravel driveway. This road shares a mountain driveway, however if you continue on, it leads to a mountain trail you saw in the first picture. It’s gorgeous and tempting to keep going! But I stay on the driveway unless I’m with another for safety’s sake.

The hill doesn’t look like much, but that’s a fair grade. Once I reach the hill, I just walk up and down, many times over. It’s all about the hill. 

There’s a reason for it too.

waterfall / Walking and talking up and down the hill / a nature walk for working out via FunkyJunkInteriors
I can’t get my heart rate up walking on flat ground. Maybe if I carried weights, but I really don’t love level walking. A hill will get your heart racing going up, and because of the grade going down, it moves you along faster than if you were walking flat. So you win going both ways.

I’d LOVE the ability to run on flat ground, but my back/neck don’t agree.

So a hill does it for me.

Walking and talking up and down the hill / a nature walk for working out via FunkyJunkInteriors

I consider myself an official walker now because I have the pants to prove it. 🙂

Until now, I’ve been walking in jeans and a farmer jacket, eh? 🙂 But… well, the clothing was bogging me down. If you’re gonna move and break out into a sweat, you need to go light. It’s made a big difference! 

Next up will be real walking shoes. Soon.

Farmland view / Walking and talking up and down the hill / a nature walk for working out via FunkyJunkInteriors

Another reason I love a good hill is because of the view. Oh my goodness… isn’t this gorgeous? 

Funny fact.. see that barn and house with the red roof?

I have a little history with that place. I’ve dreamt forever that it was mine. So I guess I’ll just pretend it is each time I walk since it taunts me daily!

The mere thought of something like that being mine actually boosts my speed. It’s as if I work a little harder, it could be. Not really sure on that mentality, but I’ll take it!

Train tracks / Walking and talking up and down the hill / a nature walk for working out via FunkyJunkInteriors

Train tracks at sunset / Walking and talking up and down the hill / a nature walk for working out via FunkyJunkInteriors

Train tracks / Walking and talking up and down the hill / a nature walk for working out via FunkyJunkInteriors

I realize this post had nothing to do with junk. But it has to do with the health of a junker. So it still legally ties in, right?

Trust me when I say, I’d much prefer to stay home, sitting down, locked in front of my computer or putzing around in the yard working on things. But for me, walking is like lubrication for the joints. If I don’t move, I seize up, loose motivation, feel lazy, and would rather have a nap.

And gain weight… of course.

I currently walk that hill for one hour. Up and down. I have other places to walk, but I like this route because there’s no traffic.

And it sounds pretty too!

Doesn’t sound that exciting does it? Well, I do something that gets my mind off the walking. I practice talking.

I pretend I’m a motivational speaker in front of an audience and practice my spiel on various topics. I appear to be a no notes kinda gal… don’t you admire those type? Throw me a topic and try and keep me down!

I don’t know why I do this. Maybe it’s practice for the possible pie in the sky workshop with my friend.  Or maybe I’m very simply losing it…

No matter. Walking and talking up and down the hill is free and is doing me some good!

Wonder what I could accomplish with decent shoes…

– – – – –

Have you started your own walking/running this year yet? How far do you go?

Fall trees via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Where I walked in the fall

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21 thoughts on “Walking and talking up and down the hill

  1. Lucky you as you have great weather for walking. Here in Michigan yesterday it was 50 degrees and a great day for my 5 mile walk. Today we have 6 inches of snow! So much for my walk today.

  2. Great pictures and it looks like a inspiring place to walk. Keep on to your dreams – there’s no reason why you can’t have a big barn one day. I live on a small farm and it’s changed my perspective and given me a new vision on life. It’s also the hardest I’ve ever worked. But I can see where walking and getting away from the farm would be a good addition to my daily routine. Thanks for sharing. Carole

  3. Hey, good for you. Walking/running is excellent exercise. I did the “Couch to 5K” program last year and blogged about it. Now I run a mile every day. I lost over 10 pounds and easily kept it off.

    I also understand what you’re saying about the shoes and neck/back issues. I have neck problems due to an accident/injury. But I bought good running shoes and they were well worth the money all the way around. You HAVE to get good trail shoes.

    You go girl!!

  4. Enjoyed this post and the video of the creek. That sound is something I really miss since I moved from a cabin in the Colorado Rockies down to Boulder a couple of years ago. While I was living in the mountains, with the encouragement of a neighbor’s dog, I walked almost daily. Since I moved into a senior housing apartment I’ve become a total computer toadstool. Turned 70 last week and just got myself signed up at a local health club…free with my insurance. It took so much courage to go in there yesterday and get signed up. Next step, equally nerve wracking for me, is donning my exercise togs and getting on the treadmill surrounded by all of these younger and fitter beings. I envision a Lucille Ball moment…being flung off the equipment and landing in a heap on the floor…but I will do it!

  5. I too have pondered the thought of joining a gym, but I know I am not disciplined enough to go once the sun and warmth return. There is no comparison to the outdoors; embracing nature vs a sweaty gym with no fresh air. Being outside and doing anything; walking, biking, gardening, even if your sitting admiring the views really helps clear your mind. I can’t wait to get the bike out, perhaps Friday when we reach 50 degrees, today we are 20 degrees with snow dusting.
    The weather is a rollercoaster as March usually is, but at least I am sitting in a warm house, instead of an airport in Malaysia knowing the fate of a loved one is not good.
    Keep walking and enjoying your beautiful scenery; your spirits will continue to lift and you will reach your goals.

  6. This was such a beautiful post. Amazing that such simple things make such a difference. My daughters and I…and the dogs, moved to Michigan (city) from North Carolina (coastal/country) in November. Let me just say that we all miss, very much, the peace, the beauty and the simplicity. Thank you for sharing you little piece of the world. Teresa ps….You aren’t the only one that “pretends” that certain things and/or places are yours when they really aren’t. Dreaming is a great and healthy thing. 🙂

  7. Hi Donna, I’ve had a farm twice in my life[I’m 56] and I loooooong to go back. Its so amazing but costly.My husband wants a cabin by a lake instead which we can’t afford yet but I’d rather stay home and have the acreage. Of course I’d like it all but…. so I live on my great memories of chickens ,gardens, fresh flowers and vegys,a pond and some noisey geese, baby ducks and fresh eggs from the hen house. We had baby kittens,geese,ducks,and chicks….man I miss it!

    • Hey Joanne! I use to be on a 5 acre property so I know the workload well! THAT would be way too much for me. I’d take a barn in a small back yard with no issue! As long as I was surrounded by fields… yes, I do want it all! haha

  8. Even when you are not creating something out of junk you inspire! Thank you for taking us on your walk. What a beautiful place to walk and talk and dream. Keep it up!

  9. You’re not the only one with speeches in my head. I also have bits of books that may be written, so , no, you’re not losing it. (Unless I am too and then maybe we’ll be roommates at the funny farm). Love the Frazer Valley scenery-miss BC very much.

  10. You don’t need a gym with a view like this. There is no comparison. One day and you’d be ready to give up the membership. Don’t put off the walking shoes though. Good shoes prevent injuries. Have fun, wish I was there.

  11. We are semi-retiredand and blessed to only work 6-7 days a month. Those are the only days we don’t walk in the morning as we are up at 6:30am to get ready for work. The rest of the month we walk 3-4 miles every day. We have been doing this for 5-6 years now. We really miss our walk if we have to schedule an early appointment for a doctor or something else. We walk with our coffee in an insulated mug about 7:30am in the rain, snow or sunshine. It is our special time together.

  12. Keep on walking, Donna! I too walk several times a week, 3 miles each time. And like you, up and down hills with a view of the Rocky Mountains to inspire me!

  13. Such a lovely little creek! I’m jealous. Yesterday there may have been something similar somewhere near me, but today we received 12″ of the white stuff. 🙁 This winter in Ontario seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving…

  14. It looks so lovely there! I’m jealous of the green grass! We have tons of snow to melt off yet. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the inspiration to get out walking.

  15. It’s still a bit too slushy to be out walking on our hills in the neighborhood here, but we’ve had a few gorgeous park days. It’s funny how much your area looks like ours here in Colorado. I can’t wait until we can get out more, but it looks like it might snow again today!

    I had my heart set on a red-roofed farmhouse once, too 🙂
    Good for you for conditioning your body and mind for all the good things coming in your life, Donna. Keep feeding those dreams!


  16. It’s still winter here in Montreal – but wow does it ever look like Spring in the other end of the country!
    Maybe you should start belting out songs now and then ( that’s what I’d be doing lmho )

  17. I passed a couple runners today while driving back home from town. They were fit. They were trim. They had smiles on their faces. I wanted that feeling. I wanted to feel the wind against my face, my body taut and trim, and to know that I’m taking care of God’s Temple….my body. So, thank you, Donna, for the incredible inspiration today. I used to run 3 miles a few times a week, but gradually got freaked out after hearing about different women being abducted while walking or running. I can’t let worldly issues confine me to my house in fear, so I’ll take my phone and my pepper spray and run these country roads again….and hope I lose the 20lbs that have crept on over the past 5 years. 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  18. No walking around here, yet. We are still knee deep in snow and the last couple of days have been in the minus double digits, again. I can’t wait till I can get out…we have a nature ‘park’ with 4 ponds next to us and we love walking there. It’s a good workout because there are no proper paths…you really need to keep your eyes open for tree roots and animal holes. But it’s beautiful…
    Debbie 🙂

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