A finished story through a photo studio reshuffle

Photo studio farm table and tool station | funkyjunkinteriors.net

Right before Christmas I went on a rampage to make my son a gift.

Who builds 1 week before Christmas?!

Apparently I do.

While you were wrapping and baking and shopping, I was tripping over power tools late into the evening in this very room, building, painting, then finally staging said gift. Coming soon.

After that was a done deal, I packed up his gift into my truck, then made a beeline for the kitchen to do what was needed there.

Did I forget to mention I was working on all this the entire week before Christmas INCLUDING Christmas AM?


After the big Christmas storm blew over, I had full intentions of playing with family for the rest of the week.

And then we were hit with a massive ice storm I showed you in THIS post.

Well! That changed a few things because I was going nowhere anytime soon. So with a big massive sigh, I faced the after-Christmas wrath I left behind in this space.

Repainting a board and batten photo studio white wall | funkyjunkinteriors.net

And it was bad.

It was actually SO bad, I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of it.

Inch by inch, I started putting things back where they belonged while enjoying the big snow storm outside.

Everything seems more fun when it snows out, doesn’t it? Thank goodness for small miracles.

Once the room was clean, it was ready to use again except for the long back wall. 

This wall is where I stage most things. And it was riddled with holes, so it needed repainting.

Filling the holes, the wall was rolled. So nice! And that’s when I decided to keep going juuuust a little further. So I moved EVERYTHING into the middle of the room, and went for it.

White board and batten photo studio with reclaimed wood craft and tool storage | funkyjunkinteriors.net
So much better!

Once the entire room was finished, I pulled everything back into their places and… hated it.

The problem? It was still too cluttered.

When I need to shoot something along that big white wall, the stencil trolley is almost always in the way. So when I move that, I have to move the cupboard too. Too much moving!

“Finish the story… finish the story” is what came to mind. Yet again.

I had just completed a silly little Insta Story clip on my cat howling upstairs while I worked downstairs. Once I found him, I filmed him asking what his problem was.

But that wouldn’t have made much sense if I didn’t keep going. So I told myself to finish the story. I then filmed him hopping on the kitchen island eating from a half empty bowl. Pretending that was his BIG issue, I then filmed shaking the bowl to fill it again and ended the story. Mission complete!

Who knew a silly cat Insta Story would encourage better work habits?!

So taking on that finished story theory, I reworked the room hoping for a more productive ending.

Black and white cat enjoying the snowy view outside the window | funkyjunkinteriors.net

“Whaaa??? You want to move MY table?”

Sorry kitten, but I’m swapping out your beloved paint table for the prettier wood table. You’ll look prettier on it too!

Black and white cat on a farm table overlooking a snowy outdoor view | funkyjunkinteriors.net

And in about 30 seconds, Skye forgave me. It fit perfectly and the lighting will be fabulous when shooting small objects on it.

White well lit indoor photo studio workspace with a farmtable and stencil trolley | funkyjunkinteriors.net

Then the stencil trolley got moved to the far corner of the studio, which fit perfectly alongside the paint table.

Stencil trolley cart made from an old crate | funkyjunkinteriors.net

In a pinch, the trolley and table can both be moved if I wish to use this area for a backdrop as well. Which I rarely do, so this was a good place for the tools of the trade.

Find the stencil trolley tutorial HERE

Old table top turned tool and mason jar screw storage for an indoor photo studio | funkyjunkinteriors.net

Photo studio farm table and tool station | funkyjunkinteriors.net

To the right of the farm table, I left the tool station for now because it’s needed and not totally in the way.

I’m still deciding if I should make the shelving section larger. I always seem to gut the little cupboard to use for shoots, so that doesn’t help much for storage!

reclaimed wood top on an old cupboard | funkyjunkinteriors.net

The cupboard’s top was a little small for true productivity, so I just added an upside down reclaimed wood tray to instantly gain a little more work space.

White board and batten photo studio wall for taking product shots | funkyjunkinteriors.net

All that said, the big shuffle ultimately gave me the big white wall back!

I’ve since added a vertical board to cover the plugs on the right as well.

As for those wires and box thing, they have always been the bane of my existence… one day I’ll figure that out too.

I’m just glad to have the wall back without all that shuffling chaos.

Black and white cat on a farmhouse table in a photo studio | funkyjunkinteriors.net

I don’t mind some partly written stories. As long as they are left in a somewhat productive state.

I think it’s when we cut off those short stories a little too short and start too many others, that’s when true chaos reins.

Mid stories make messy stories.

Cordless phone lost again? Yep. That’s why corded phones will always have a place in my house.

I can’t cook! But I guess it would help if I stirred the pot instead of running to the computer…

Getting home without your cell phone… that is still sitting on the bank machine. (that was fun)

Why am I building on Christmas Eve again?

Black and white grumpy cat on a farmhouse table in a photo studio | funkyjunkinteriors.net

Oh, right. And moving favorite tables into new spaces… cat-blasphemy!

Here’s to finishing more of our short stories… for a chaos free new year.


Do your stories tend to end a little short too? What’s one you seem to tell over and over?

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34 thoughts on “A finished story through a photo studio reshuffle

  1. Such a fun post. I love all that you’ve done with this space. I so much miss my big windows, wallspace and the awesome natural light. (moved-bad choice this downsizing) Beautiful cat…and I love the tool station. Hoping your weather has settled a bit, it was minus temps for so long it seems 1 above is like spring. But I’ve lots in door things to get done. Enjoy this beautiful space and thanks for sharing it.

    • Love how bright and clean your workroom is! I would love for my workroom to look that good. I do not work well in clutter but our extra room, aka my workroom, tends to be a dumping ground for things my daughter and husband don’t know what to do with so it gets messy. I have big dreams for that little room and you have inspired me with your post.

    • This room has become my total go-to thanks to that natural light. Next house, I’m ordering one that’s all glass! 😀

      Yep, weather is now mild. It’s raining and the ice is slowly turning into slush. Bike season right after, count on that!

    • I can relate Carlene. Having one empty room that works so well for photography is every blogger’s dream.

      It was a sacrifice though. It use to be an office that I let go of, thanks to a failed computer. A BIG thanks! Glad it broke now! 😀

      If you have a spare well lit room, I highly recommend analyzing what it’s doing full time and whether that function can be carried out in another part of the house… I know you need a room like this!

  2. This room is such an inspiration, what a lovely room to work in-you have those big windows that let so much light into the room and provides a great view outside too. I love your stencil trolley, tool station on the wall and nice big farm table to do projects on-great ideas for my own work space-thanks, enjoyed the post!

  3. Good for you that you have a clean new work area to start the new year. Your post might have indicated a little ADD personality or maybe you are suffering from being stranded alone in a snow storm but it was funny. I do worry that the two drills with bits sitting up high on the shelf might fall and hit you so a different home for them might be safer for you. Can’t wait to see the Christmas gift for your son.

    • Bingo on the drills, I don’t like them there either. Maybe I’ll make this indoor tool storage my next project…

      And yes, I sure had been suffering from being stranded at home. The first day I de-iced my ice sculpture truck, I dashed for the nearest coffee shop. You’d think I’d come from the depths of being alone for a year in Alaska the way I carried on… 😀

  4. Looks great. Nothing like reorganizing and painting a room white white white. But the detail I really appreciated was the braided curtains. Loved it.

    The table and top to the smaller table, that was a tray, are so lovely. I can see them as a background to your displays. You have some nice things to work with, even in your work area.

    Have a productive new year, Donna!

    • Thanks Brenda! I give credit for the the braided curtain idea to the wonderful stay at Hotel Lana’i. They did that to their very tall window curtains and I thought it was a fab idea!

      I did it because the curtains always get full of cat hair. Another reason why traditional curtains aren’t best in my home… 🙂

  5. I love organizing and appreciate the thought process as you made each decision. Kudos to add wheels that make each piece easy to move. Good reminder to shake things up in 2018!
    Happy New Year!

    • Oh, wheels are so on point for everything I make now! I was at my son’s the other day and was frustrated because I couldn’t simply push his coffee table to one side as I was vacuuming. (oh yes I was) I think I’ll make him a caster loaded coffee table next… haha!

  6. Of course it looks beautiful! Never in my life have I met someone who can take old and rustic and make it look soft and beautiful! When I try taking an old crate and doing something creative with it… it looks like an old crate! lol!

    I also really love that braided curtain!!!


  7. Hi Donna, Along with everything you artfully did with furniture placement, the FIRST thing I noticed was your braided curtains in the corner. Great idea!

  8. Oh Donna, my basement workshop is a total (and I mean total) mess. I too was down there creating gifts before the holidays and now I have been avoiding the mess. But it keeps creeping to the front of my mind. I want to start putting away my Christmas decorations, but I need to purge out some of the never used items that are in the bins already. I bought the cardboard boxes to fill for donation, but need the “push” to get down there. It’s almost a feeling of junk claustrophobia. You’ve given me the courage to face my junk mess! I’ll brew a big pot of coffee, put my big girl pants on and face the mess head on! LOL!

    • Good going Sharon! Starting is the worst. Just start on something small. You’ll soon catch the wave.

      I found myself sorting screw sizes on Christmas Eve. Crazy talk! But I had dumped nearly every jar out over time and I couldn’t function any longer.

      Next time I’ll brave the mess and show you a little more. I am going to attempt to crank up the story teller in me again so you see the real start of it too.

      I find the subject of purging to be year long. Some times it’s taken many months for me to let go of something. Case in point… I needed storage for some file boxes but I had too many old ones in the way. So I pulled the old ones and had them sitting in a hallway for weeks until a free shredding / donation to the food bank program came into effect. I loaded those 8 boxes piled to the ceiling so fast, and left them a nice donation to boot.

      Just start…

    • Thank-you! The cats are indeed adults now. This is my ‘little girl shadow’ Skye. Lake is the big boy and is about twice her size! I catch him a lot on my Instagram Stories. I’ll try to get him on the blog too!

  9. I love the light that you get in that room! I sooo need a work space but it is just not feasible in my house. Jealous!

    • Laura, I totally lucked out. This is an extension the past owners built underneath an outdoor patio. It isn’t a comfy room as it’s generally either too cold or too hot, but it’s perfect for working in and using it for this!

      I also gave up an office to have this. I’m glad I did. I use this just as much if not more!

  10. Hi Donna,

    First of all love the room. Before I moved every room in my house was white and loved it! The braided curtains are awesome, would never have thought to do that. More ideas. I finished cleaning up my craft, sewing and ironing room. Everything in bins and organized. A good feeling!

    • Good for you Nancy! I admit I’m a little reluctant to use the room because I’ll mess it up again! There is nothing like a well organized space. Glad you’re enjoying your efforts!

  11. My office/craft room is so scary right now. I haven’t opened the door to it since Christmas… Today I hope to begin the search for my desk…

    I love your room. Its beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you made for your son, everything you make is gorgeous.


  12. Love the room Donna and your cat looks so huggable. I also have many unfinished stories. And they’re repeats. I have got to purge and edit. There is always a shuffle going on here. Stuff here stuff there shuffle. And I am looking forward to completing some short stories. I am in the mood to. Like your analogies.

  13. Thanks for your closing line: “Here’s to finishing more of our short stories…” Words of wisdom to guide me in the new year! Thank you!

  14. I love reading all your posts and especially love your photos! I live in the Deep South where we rarely have snow/ice, so seeing your photos of snow and ice makes me sigh in wistfulness but also and makes me shiver. LOL! It is beautiful!

    On the topic of purging, I have lived in the same house for almost 47 years. I have accumulated 37 marriage years of stuff, birth of 3 children and all their crap (did I say that? I mean their stuff!) as well as a craftroom full of scrapbooking supplies. I decided last year to start purging. I didn’t want to leave this project to my children to do. So I as I went through things, I offered it to my kids, if they didn’t want it, that was ok and I donated it. All this to say, it really makes your life simpler. I realized it when I decorated & undecorated my Christmas decorations this year. It didn’t take me three days to do it. It only took a day! I love it!

    With regard to my craftroom, I confess, I have done 3 different purges. I offered the items to friends and what was left, I donated it to our church’s preschool. It did not come back to this house. I can walk into to the room and find just what I need when I need it.

    I have done the same thing with my closet. It’s an ongoing process. I use the backwards hanger method. Each season I put my clothes on hangers facing backwards, as I wear them, they go back on the rod facing forward. At the end of the season, I know just what clothes I haven’t worn. Those get donated. I’ve read that we wear 100% of the time only 20% of our clothes. I think that describes me.

    Simpler is better and I think I have learned some of this by reading your blog. Thank you. I look forward to more of your good writing!

  15. I love the curtains in your Paint Studio. I am new to your site.
    Do you have a tutorial on how to make them?

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