Best 2016 junk projects, and feedback request

24 of the Best Junk Projects of 2016!

2016 ended up being a year where I thought my personal life drew me away from the blog more than usual. So I didn’t think I created all that much.

Until I pulled it together all in one blog post!

Well, this just made me happy. I think it really helps to reflect back on the year, to view what you really have accomplished. Even if you aren’t a blogger, try writing down the major accomplishments you’ve done. It’s quite gratifying!

My Christmas season this year also started a little late. I gifted myself a trip to Maui for Christmas, then returned home on the 27th to begin Christmas at home. Talk about the best of both worlds!

So… while my son and I are still ‘super productive’ playing board games and overeating this week, here’s a quick summary of what I deem my favourite junk projects for 2016.

What’s to come:

Moving forward into 2017, I plan to do more ‘finish the house’ posts, completing full rooms, such as completing the boy’s teen bedroom, farmhouse styled framework, and (egads) finish the tile in my front entry. So I’ll do some tiling posts too. I also hope to break into some video tutorials. Perhaps dive into that ‘how to work with tools’ thing I promised years ago? And of course, my best served stencil tips.

I also realize a lot of my projects include my own line of stencils. For that reason, there’s always more to those blog posts. Each one carries a unique decorating idea that doesn’t require the stencils as mandatory. But I do plan on incorporating more projects without as well moving forward.

What would you like to see?

That said, I’d love to hear what YOU would like to learn or see in 2017! Just reply in comments. I look forward to each and every suggestion!

So… here’s to 2016… and an even more productive 2017!

industrial pipe and reclaimed wood Laundry hanging sign, made with Old Sign Stencils |
Industrial pipe and wood Laundry hanging sign

Challenged to deal with a small laundry room with nowhere to hang clothes, this compact hanging station fit just right! And is super simple to make.

Interchangeable FALL reclaimed wood hanger coat hook shelf, with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils |
Interchangeable reclaimed wood shelf for all seasons

Don’t let the FALL message fool you. This block styled shelf also spells farm, styled for all season  AND Christmas! Talk about a shelf that does it all…

Also includes unique hanger hooks.

Industrial pipe and reclaimed wood Pantry shelf made with Old Sign Stencils |
Pipe and reclaimed wood pantry shelf

My dream pantry is pipe and wood floor to ceiling shelves. But this little mini version can happen anytime, any where!

Mini patio Farmhouse styled table, made with Old Sign Stencils |
Farmhouse patio farm table

An old metal curb side table morphed instantly into a little farmhouse styled table. Coffee’s served!

FARMHOUSE old sign window valance, with junk filled dried flowers, made with Old Sign Stencils |
Junk styled farmhouse kitchen window valance sign holding dried flowers

No need for curtains, when you house an old sign, complete with junk styled hanging flowers. My kinda window treatment!

Potting shed sign with old rake garden tool hanger, on a rustic garden shed : made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils |
Potting shed sign with a sawhorse potting bench on a rustic shed : made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils |
Potting shed tool hanger sign
and sawhorse potting bench

The shed needed a slight revamp. So a productive Potting Shed AND instant sawhorse potting bench added even more garden charm.

Crate entry table with GARDEN sign, using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils |
Crate entry table with POTTING SHED sign, using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils |
Garden themed wall crate writing station

Desiring to summer up the front entry, this little crate mounted to a wall became the perfect entry table writing station, with the help of two cute garden themed stencils.

But the super fun part? Two different looks, one for inside, and one for out!

Super Market soil sifter memo board, made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils |
Grocery list Soil sifter magnetic board

If you are also one that requires a grocery list in hand at all times, this soil sifter list catcher may work for you!

reclaimed scrap wood window box on a mantel |
Reclaimed wood window box planter

A collision of reclaimed wood created one funky window box planter, fitting perfectly on the fireplace mantel.

2x4 industrial pipe shelf phone station using funky junk's old sign stencils |
Pipe and 2×4 coffee themed kitchen phone shelf

Challenged to work with 2x4s, an industrial pipe shelf was custom created to fit overtop of the large day planner. A fantastic kitchen counter space saver, loaded with industrial charm.

old sign wall office organizer with funky junk's old sign stencils
Old sign wall office organizer

Random signed up planks are grouped together, to create a rustic office organization system. Art and function, all in one.

old sign board paint shelf made with funky junk's old sign stencils
Old sign and reclaimed wood paint shelf

Random sign boards were cut down, to create a simple shelf, to help organize paint supplies.

Love reclaimed wood rope and hot glue sign |
Reclaimed wood rope sign

A little rope and hot glue is all that’s needed to create this simple, custom sign. What would yours say?

DIY ladder stencil organizer |
DIY stencil storage ladder

Needing a place for stencil storage, 2x4s and closet dowels became the perfect fix for a custom ladder.

junk themed tool workstation :
Rusty tool workshop station

Old tools gathered together create one interesting workshop station! Just remember to use the tools you no longer use as tools… 

BAKERY shiplap styled sign holding mugs :
Wood plank styled Bakery mug holder sign

Inspired by those that actually bake, fake it till you make it with a cute BAKERY sign of your own!

Space them slightly apart, so you can hang your baking utinsels or coffee mugs.

Old window LUNCH diner styled sign, made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils :
Old window LUNCH sign

An old diner styled LUNCH sign fit so perfectly on this old window. No need for a sign board this round!

Interchangeable TV tray for Christmas and all season, made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils :
Interchangeable TV tray for all season and Christmas

An old TV tray was painted, then revamped to house a festive tray. Then simply remove it for all the other 364 days of the year.

Reclaimed wood stockings on a wreath filled mantel, made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils :
Reclaimed wood stockings with Christmas living room tour

This post showcases the making of the wooden stockings,wreath filled fireplace. You can take the entire living room tour HERE.

Snowflake stencilled pillow on an Ikea pillowcase, made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils :
Stencilled snowflake pillow design

Desiring to stay with a black and white theme throughout Christmas, this snowflake pillow design added the perfect wintery touch! Extends well beyond the Christmas season.

Ikea Christmas tree in an old crate, with saw sign, made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils :
Christmas tree in a crate with saw sign

A faux tree in an old crate looks anything but faux! Add a cute old rusty saw for a fun Christmas element.

Hot Cocoa sign with toolbox shelf, made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils :
Toolbox shelf hot cocoa station

‘Tis the season for hot cocoa, so a toolbox came to the rescue, mounted as a productive shelf. Bring on those marshmallows! Made with Old Sign Stencils.

Sleigh Rides arrow sign, made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils :
Sleigh Rides arrow sign

Super easy way to morph any plain plank of wood into a creative arrow sign.

Sleigh Rides and snowflakes are made with Old Sign Stencils, all info in post.

Hope you enjoyed the round up! And here’s to an even more productive, junk filled 2017… for ALL of us!

I also wish for you a very Happy New Year! Thank you for continuing to follow along, and for your never ending support, even when times got a little tough and quiet in these parts. 

This blog has really become a little more than just projects, so I’ll share those other unique highlights in another post soon too!

All the best!

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18 thoughts on “Best 2016 junk projects, and feedback request

  1. Keep up the good work. I enjoy seeing what ideas you come up with for all those leftover bits and pieces and long forgotten finds.

  2. Looking back you truly get to see all that you’ve accomplished! I would love to see tutorials on working with power tools to create some of your projects..

  3. Donna – I really love reading your blog and getting inspiration from your posts. There is no other blog that I enjoy reading as much as yours. I believe you have a following of kindred spirits out here! I’m definitely looking forward to 2017 and your wonderful posts and stories.
    (And I also love your stencils – the quality is awesome!)
    Happy New Year!

  4. WOW where to begin: entry coat rack, patio table, telephone/workbook counter shelf, hooks and ladders and stencils and etc:. But most of all how about videos on power tools. I got my hubby a few Dewalt sets and I would love to use them and not be afraid of them. Hand tools I get and use and as I get older it seems to be a little harder. So power tools is the wave of the future!
    You have accomplished a lot this year and gone to so many places. Pat yourself on the back girl and look forward to 2017.

  5. You are doing great Donna! Would love to see more uses for stencils and how-to videos for power tools!
    Thanks and Welcome back to Canada!

  6. I was going to say the fall shelf was my favorite but then I kept scrolling and forgot about all the awesome JUNK you created! I NEED one of those “sleigh ride” signs next year! It’s a must.

    Happy New Year, D. Wishing you love and light in 2017! (and more fantastic travel!)

    xo M

  7. Donna dear,

    YES, please… power tool tutorials! I want/crave to be creative on a larger scale!

    L❤️VE & ADMIRE… your blog, your style, your talent, your ramblings, your adventures!!

    Cindy Lou
    A Texas Fan❣️

  8. What can I say? I love your website and am looking forward to 2017. I do look forward to any video tutorials you may do on using tools. My husband got me power tools for Christmas. My sons were so funny. They said I made them look like sissies. Under the tree was their computer games, clothes, etc. and there I was with my paint, brushes, orbital hand sander and a drill that I can use that fits me. Needless to say, I was very happy! If I could just get better at finding the studs. Next thing I’m going to get is a stud finder. They are never where you think they would be. And I did, ready for this, spray paint my Christmas tree white. Not heavy, just lightly misted, and was very happy with it. It wasn’t so dark. I’m enjoying it so much, I’m going to leave it up for a while. Thanks for all your time you put into your website and for taking the time to respond when you do. It’s much appreciated. Happy New Year!

  9. I love the stencils, but I’d like to see you go back to working with more antique/junk finds, which is how I stumbled across your site in the past. I love the antiques that you find and finding a way to incorporate into today’s living, and re purposing for a farmhouse style. I also love the furniture builds, keep that up! I’m always a fan of finding an old something-or-other at an antique store and re-purposing it into something useful or giving it new life.

    Not everyone can take junk or antiques and put it into a house of today’s times! It takes skill to blend the old with the “new”.

    Bring on more Junk!

    • Yep, agree! I have some things I’ve been wanting to (try and) build, so this will be the year I push harder for that.

      Antiques are little harder to come by in my area. Maybe a trip down south is in order! ?

      Thanks for your input!

  10. Donna,

    I love everything you have created and your displays when complete. You inspire and motivate me to get things done. I wanted to make the wood stockings for our fireplace but did not have time. Will save that for next year. Also, would love to visit the place near your home that has all the rusty stuff.

    Happy 2017 to you and your family!

    • Ohhhh you wish for another shopping trip to Granny and Grumpa’s I take it? I could certainly do that!

      We are going through another deep freeze at the moment, and the barns aren’t heated, so once it warms up a little, I’ll head down there again. 🙂

      Thanks for your input! Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year Donna,

    You my friend are to say the least one busy and very creative person.
    I have enjoyed all your creations last year and look forward to your new ones to come in 2017.
    My personal piece created was the Wood plank styled Bakery mug holder sign over the stove.
    Thanks for all your sharing.

    • Wow Greg, I was just looking at the Bakery sign today, wondering what my new 2017 look will be. haha Maybe I should leave it!

      Thanks so much for the kudos, and am honoured that you continue to follow along!

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