Funky Junk’s favorite posts and junk projects of 2019

Read 29 of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019

Can you even believe it? 2019 is a done deal!

And that generally means it’s time to share Funky Junk’s favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

Looking back this past year, lots transpired. My heath took a turn downward but then improved, I took another long Hawaiian adventure (I’ve yet to share!), transformed the living room and a spare bedroom, and made plenty of cool projects!

But did I check off all my dream to-dos? That would be a no. But I love how life weaves its own way to help guide.

For example, for the longest time I thought I was prepping my house to sell. Maybe I still am? But my health took a turn downwards totally stalling that one. So I went on a lengthly Hawaiian healing trip instead.

While I can’t even begin to know where 2020 will take things, there are a few things on my list that keep rising to the top…

Within my 2020 dreams…

I’d sure like to take to add Ireland / England / Scotland to my travel section…

Waterfront is still in the picture, I just don’t know how.

My house needs lots of work, especially the outside which is basically untouched.

More people in my life would be a great perk… perhaps through travel or a hobby?

I’ve been debating on introducing a new way to inspire with a more one-on-one twist… possibly a membership group? Course? The subject keeps rising to the top…  encouraging women with full-throttle support through a community, DIY challenges, sole travel, life changes, etc.

Anyway, regardless where things go, let’s take a trip down memory lane from this past year… I’ve chosen these projects and posts as my own personal favs due to how much I loved the outcome and what they ultimately brought to my home and life, and based on readers’ interest.

Recognize a few?

Funky Junk’s favorite posts and junk projects of 2019


White ektorp Ikea sofas in a winter living room with wood oar wall decor. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

A new winter white ektorp sofa living room

Two new beasts came home and made my dream living room finally a thing!

Learn how a little curb-side furniture piece was transformed with removable Houndstooth panels with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

Houndstooth curbside find makeover

An unlikely little curb-side find got a cute and easy revamp. And it’s one of my fav pieces I still use every day!

Learn how a bulletin board became an instant and productive Office helper with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

Houndstooth Office bulletin board makeover

I love this project because it’s helpful, cute and easy!

Learn how an antique bed find suddenly transformed a boy's room into a beautiful guest room. Includes black painted wall with Ikea shelving and wicker basket storage. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

The antique bed that changed everything

Just when I had finished redecorating my son’s old room, it became a ‘guest room’, thanks to this gorgeous bed find!

Learn how a wooden TV tray was stenciled and stained to create this beautiful Fresh Coffee theme with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

A fresh coffee revamped TV tray

A revamped TV tray got another revamp…  And I continue to love and use it every single day!

Learn how to transform a new Ikea shelving unit with stain, turning it into rustic farmhouse charm, and how to build the shelving to the ceiling. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

Turn a new Ikea storage shelf into a rustic farmhouse beauty

I gave myself a deadline to get the guest room done, so this shelf became a BIG part of it!

Learn how to stencil authentic looking grain sack striped pillows through stencils and Ikea pillow covers. With Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

How to stencil authentic looking vintage grain sack stripe pillows

I’ve always wanted grain sack designs to go with the grain sack striped stencils, and finally launched 4… putting them right to work!

This pillow includes a cool technique to give the fabric more texture.

Learn how to Ikea-hack these crates into rustic herb and flower crates with stencils and stain. Featuring Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

Stencil garden-themed Ikea crates

With garden season upon us, I challenged myself to make some cute garden-themed crates… and the Ikea hack began!

My fav part is the addition of casters, corners and pulls.

Learn where one of the best biking trails are in British Columbia Canada. Welcome to the Vedder River Rotary Trail, and a series of how-to bike posts. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

How I got addicted to my accidental bike habit

How to buy the best bike for you with 10 must-get accessories

You already know the day I started biking my life changed overnight.

This 2 part series shares how that all became, and all about my fav bike gear. It’s a helpful read and just may encourage you to get out there and move a little yourself…

How to freshen up flowerbed edges like a pro – part 2 with video

There are two posts that continue to do so well… so I guess lots of people need to edge their flowerbeds!

This one included a new video of the process, which makes it even easier to copy now!

I will say, this method hands down WILL transform your yard in a matter of an hour of your time.

Learn how to stencil this cool argyle TV tray with stain, paint and Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

Stenciled argyle TV tray revamp

I wanted argyle in my life, so I created a 2-part stencil and promptly put it to work in a style that married my rustic theme. The TV tray still looks as good as the day I made it!

Learn how to journal in a way that includes working towards your dream goals as well! Click for printable list. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

My big dream journal list

I finally spilled the beans, and shared the way I journal.

But it isn’t just a to-do list. This is MUCH more, and will have you digging deep, and writing down scary big dreams as well… if you dare…

Hands down, starting the day on paper in this way WILL redirect you in a very productive way.

Learn how to make this easy wood block styled adjustable shelving for paint supplies, pallet style! Detailed with Shipping Crate Stamps from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

Easy wood block crate styled paint shelving

My paint studio badly needed a revamp, so this easy wood block shelving unit from wood scraps was so perfect!

Easy to adjust, and detailed with just the right shipping crate stamps thanks to a new stencil…

Learn how to build this reclaimed wood fence, decorate it with rusty junk antique tools, then detail it pallet style with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

Reclaimed wood tool fence with Farm Supply sign

With the reclaimed wood fence finally complete, it was time to finish it up with some cool stuff!

Learn how to make faux garden shutters with this charming rustic garden shed complete with a vintage bike flowerbed. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

Rustic shed with garden shutters and bike

Coming home from a month’s vacation left this shed in a grapevine shamble. So I took the pruners to it and had it totally revamped in a couple hours time!

The cute shutters and bike were new additions.

Learn how to revamp a simple shelving unit into this stained and painted rustic beauty with Shipping Crate Stamps stencils from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Part of Funky Junk's favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

Industrial shipping crate stamped shelving

When I visited my son’s closet, most of his clothes were on the floor. So rummaging through my garage workshop, I came across a shelving unit that would work wonders… but it had to get a lot prettier first!

Learn some amazing new Menopause tips from this Dr.'s visit.

My Dr.’s advice for menopausal women and a health update

During my month long Hawaiian vacation, self care was #1 on my list. So once I got home, I promptly visited my Dr. for a bunch of advice.

What I didn’t expect to hear was lots of what I was experiencing was related to menopause! And other things.

Here’s what I learned… it’s an incredible read that you WILL learn something new from.

Learn how to stencil this fabric-styled dresser with Houndstooth, Argyle, Buffalo Check and Plaid with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils.

Fabric pattern stenciled dresser makeover

Landing an old dresser on the curb became the missing piece to the guest bedroom makeover. A little paint later, this beauty now stores sewing supplies. Fabric-style no less….

Take the tour of this charming, vintage-themed fall living room filled with crates, candles and leaves.

Welcome fall rustic living room tour

With fall upon us, it was time to play with the living room. The warmth of reclaimed wood and crates sealed this tour’s deal!

Take the tour of this moody fall bike ride on the vedder river rotary trail in Chilliwack, BC

A moody, gorgeous fall trail bike ride with a life update

While I was biking daily, I wasn’t writing about it. So when I noticed the leaves were nearly done, I hauled the camera along and snapped some pretty beautiful sights… and also share a life update in this post as well.

Learn how to stencil this JOY Christmas sign with Buffalo Checked ornament with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils and reclaimed wood.

Joy Buffalo Check Christmas Sign

With Christmas upon us, it was time to start with some festive ideas… and this JOY sign with a buffalo checked ornament became an online favorite!

Learn how to stencil this Joy rustic Christmas sign on red chippy barn wood shiplap with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils.

Rustic JOY Christmas porch sign

Rummaging for a piece of barn shiplap that was the perfect hue against my front door brick, this JOY sign was fast, easy and PERFECT.

Take a trip to Seattle by train, then see all the major sights in this blog post series!

My Seattle adventure by train!

An impromptu trip to Seattle by train with my best friend transpired… and I’m so glad we did this!

We took in major Seattle sights, saw the (somewhat gross) gum wall, plus! If Seattle is in your sights, this 2 part series is a good one.

Learn how to stencil this charming Grain Sack Striped Reindeer Feed Santa Sack from a burlap sandbag and Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils.

Reindeer Feed Santa Sack

A cheap sandbag became an instant santa sack idea, thanks to a couple stencils that made it easy.

Learn how to stencil this Christmas Countdown Bingo Bulletin board with vintage dresser mirror frame with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils.

Christmas Countdown Bingo Bulletin board

I’ve always wanted a Christmas countdown. A bulletin board and vintage mirror frame later, this happened!

This post also turned into an incredible blog hop where other bloggers shared their latest Chrismtas projects with new Christmas Funky Junk’s Old Sign Stencils. SO good!

Learn how to make this rustic flocked Christmas tree skirt with reclaimed wood.

Flocked Christmas tree with a wood crate tree skirt

I’ve never had a flocked Christmas tree before but have always wanted one. After landing this beauty, it came home AND got a new reclaimed wood tree skirt too!

Take the tour of this Christmas vintage crates rock fireplace mantel in a living room, part of a Christmas junk home tour.

Stacked vintage crates Christmas mantel

A stack of vintage crates from fall got slightly shifted to accommodate a vintage Christmas!

Learn how to make these scrap wood Christmas and winter trees staged inside an antique toolbox and faux snow, with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils.

Wood scrap Christmas and winter trees

Every year I like to create a Christmas idea with scrap wood… and these scrap wood Christmas and winter trees won!

Take the Christmas kitchen tour with the red ski valance, new signs, a vintage Christmas living room and more in this Christmas Junk Home Tour!

Christmas kitchen and living room tour

Challenged to decorate the kitchen in one day, I completely gutted it, took a toothbrush to it, and painted skis, made a new sign, and much more! With the last room complete, here is the whole tour… and it’s personally my fav Christmas tour to date. I LOVE THOSE SKIS!

And with that my friends, 2019 is a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this little memory lane travel of Funky Junk’s favorite posts and junk projects of 2019.

And a very special thank-you for following along all year, supporting me through blog reading, purchasing stencils, opening up newsletters, sharing my work through social media, and enjoying epic laughs over Instagram Stories!

Let’s ring in the new year together through creative and affordable ways to enhance our homes, join me in some epic new travel, and whatever else comes along!

Is there anything you’d like to see more of in the new year? Please share… I’d love to hear!

See ya ‘next year!’

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18 thoughts on “Funky Junk’s favorite posts and junk projects of 2019

  1. Happy New Year 2020! I always love your posts – regardless of their theme. After following you for so many years I laughed when I read you wanted more people in your life. You have so many! But, it is a one way street. We know all about you and count you as a friend but you do not know about us. If you are ever in Connecticut let’s get together! 🙂

    • Happy New Year Laura! And LOL to the lots of people comment!

      I think when you live on your own and are self employed at home, your socialization circle of real people connections organically grows smaller. I have to actually make myself leave my house most days! Hence why I attempt to try new things on a monthly if not weekly basis.

      And thanks for the invite! I’d soooo love to travel the states more! Hmm… maybe I should make that a priority…

  2. Hey Donna,
    Talking about more people in your life. I can relate. What also came to mind is something I’ve thought about times before…”I have a feeling I’d enjoy a trip with Donna”. Being an introvert, that is a rather uncommon thought for me to put out there but often find myself thinking how I like your fun or adventurous or self healing and being reflective journeys. Travels that just take their time in seeing and feeling your surroundings and take time for self. And now that you have become so familiar with Hawaii…let me just put something out there. It would be an intriguing idea for you to have a “travel group” to Hawaii with plenty of down time or exploration or solitude time like you plan for yourself. If your anything like me, that is a big gulp thought for a number of reasons…could that get to peopley for me? But it isn’t just the travel aspect, I have a feeling I’d enjoy chatting with you and your deep thought while sitting on a beach or cross legged on a couch. There is just one problem…I’m not much for drinking coffee but I’ll gladly do some hot chocolate. Smile.
    Enjoyed your year overview…always do. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year Laurie!

      And I have thought many times of travel groups! You guessed right… if I did one, it would be geared with plenty of slow or down time so one has time to saturate in their surroundings. Getting quiet is the secret to complete relaxation in my book. There are loads of questions I need answered before venturing down that path but it’s certainly an option to look into…

      I’ve also always dreamed of having my own little casual rustic retreat in Canada, (think plaid shirts and fire pits!) but I felt a move was needed before that…

      Gotta keep that dreaming up….

  3. Donna,

    Great tour! Love it all. Look forward to your weekly posts and other friends who have submitted their ideas. If you are ever in California, in the Santa Cruz area the coffee is waiting. Happy New Year and a great 2020!

    • Happy New Year Nancy! And thanks for encouraging me in your direction! There are so many places in the states I’d love to visit and Santa Cruz is one I have not yet considered! Thanks for giving me a reason to! 🙂

  4. A blessed New Year to you, Donna! I can’t tell you how much your site/posts, insight, inspiring ideas and different projects mean to me. As Laura said below, there are many of us here who count you as a friend.

    I can’t imagine what I would like to see more of other than continued online demonstrations and other ideas for junk renovation. Just love what you have done with your guest bedroom, the basket shelf, the FLOCKED Christmas tree (beautiful)and your different sign projects. Fabulous!

    Feel and stay well in 2020. Take care of yourself and thank you for being our funkyjunk friend.

    • Thanks SO much Karen! I really appreciate you following along and your suggestions! Yes, my love of turning junk into something is still my #1, no matter how it’s done! You’ll continue to see that for sure.

  5. I love the houndstooth roadside find and the funky, patterned dresser the best, I think. And also think that bed is to die for! So fun to get the year overview. You have cranked out a lot of creativity, despite not feeling the greatest & vacationing!

    • Thanks Lora! Yes, it’s been a challenging year filled with hardship AND success. Just gotta keep on keepin’ on I guess! I’ve long discovered that with hardship comes the need to refocus something, so as long as we listen, things can and will improve!

  6. Hi Donna! Belated Happy New Year to you!
    Isn’t there just something about the # 2020, that sounds so promising! One of my goals this year is to visit your page/blog every day. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your top 19. It was fun to catch up a bit on what I missed. My 2 faves ( can’t just pick one ) are the guest room dresser makeover. The stenciled drawers are perfect and I just love the eclectic mix of handles! I also love the scrap wood Christmas trees.
    Thank you for the features this year, and your continued inspiration!

    • Oh Kim… you make me feel like a movie star! haha You are the sweetest!

      Thanks for continuing to bring your goodness to my weekend parties! They are SO good. You totally get my connection to junk! Thanks for your follows and sharing your creative like you do!

  7. Hi Donna – It’s so much fun (my kind of fun) seeing you love to salvage “junk” & turn it into something so unique & awesome looking. I’ve always loved this that but because people around me think I’m strange for liking it, I couldn’t share with anyone anymore. Without getting deep, I’ve been separated for a while. My grown kids don’t speak to me, not sure what the exact reason is, although I’ve asked them for 9 yrs. HE doesn’t speak to me either. I had to be the one to move out & into an apt. My mom is in a nursing home & I can’t go see her. She has dementia & is very hard of hearing so getting her on the phone is a big challenge. As you can imagine it’s been extremely depressing for me. Now that we have this pandemic, I don’t even have work where I would see & talk to people everyday.
    I’m not usually lucky enough to find things on the side of the road so I spend way too much money at Home Depot or other people’s things from marketplace.
    I made a couple of pieces with the inspiration I got from you. But some days, like today, I get so frustrated that things don’t work out. I had to walk away feeling like I wasted so much time & got nowhere. I wish I could meet women and/or men who are interested in this art.
    I really thought this was my thing. But lately not feeling inspired. Any advice or words of wisdom from you might help me right about now. I never thought I’d see someone who loves doing what I’m interested in. Very glad I found you on here. You seem like an amazing, strong woman. Be blessed.

    • Hey Johnna!

      First off, I’m sorry today’s climate is making things tough. Just know, you are far from alone.

      I vote to keep moving. Pick up a piece of nothing, and play with it and see what it becomes. If it fails, chalk it up as the test piece. I’m personally building a screen door for the first time ever and oh my… I want to cut it up for fire kindling and start over, but that means buying more wood! haha Learning and playing indeed may fill up a dumpster, but it’s the lessons along the way that make the journey the most valuable at all. Everything is a lesson, and that is how we grow.

      My own inspiration shut down for a spell, but I do find if I just get up and start with cleaning, I soon come across a ‘need’, which gets my creativity rolling again.

      I vote to be kind to yourself and just keep moving… even if it’s building a puzzle. It really helps.

      • Thanks for your response. Makes perfect sense to mess around with a practice piece. Some days I feel I could fill a dumpster, lol. This is so weird, I LOVED the shelf unit you made for your son, so this morning I went on marketplace to browse & saw what I think was the same piece except it was tall. I brought it home & cut it down (I was in a brave mood), even swapped out a couple of pieces that looked really chewed up. I obviously didn’t get to inspect very well since it was raining when I was loading it in my car. I’m leaving it apart for now because I ordered the hemp oil you talked about. I wanted to get the black coal fusion paint but everyone seems to be sold out. We’ll see what happens when I put it back together.
        Thank you for the words of wisdom.

        • I fill plenty of dumpsters Johnna… you are not alone! haha Best way to learn! The key is to have fun with it!

          Yes, with everyone home, Fusion paint is somewhat limited but new product will be ongoing. Keep on the lookout for it, it’s great stuff! You’ll love the hemp oil for SO many things! I love to use it to give old metal a lift too!

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