Best upcycled projects of 2020 by Funky Junk!


Visit all of Funky Junk's best upcycled projects of 2020! Made with rustic reclaimed wood and salvaged materials! Includes a screen door, garden walkway, signs, garden shed and more! Click to view all projects leading to tutorials!

Best upcycled projects of 2020 by Funky Junk!

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m finally back after a week of downtime between Christmas and New Year’s which was so greatly needed.

And what a YEAR it’s been. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve stayed home all summer, never mind a full year! Did this really happen for most of us?! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

But boy, did staying put ever help me focus on the long overdue, undone projects needing attention at home. Which led to a multitude of new projects to share, along with SO many new building lessons learned! How so much good could squeeze out of so much difficulty is impossible to even explain.

But here’s proof… This post shares my best up-cycled junk projects of 2020 with a little story telling of the year in general…

Funky Junk’s best upcycled projects of 2020!


Learn how to purge using Marie Kondo's method of cleaning! Click to read the entire series! Part of Funky Junk's best upcycled projects of 2020!


Marie Kondo 2020 cleaning series


Winter projects


The year started off normally of course, with LOTS of deep cleaning following along with the Marie Kondo method.

This series walked you through Marie’s book in order. So if you like the thought of lots of support and doing it right, it’s worth a visit. Which of course I need to do all over again. Egads… 

While I don’t think I’ll be doing a series this year but rather, perhaps chat about it now and then, would you believe the week between Christmas and New Year’s resulted in gutting my garage and filling the back of my truck to the rafters bound for the dump? Yup! Sure did! Most productive Christmas vacation I’ve ever had! LOL

Learn how to make this charming Tic Tac Toe game board and tray with game pieces that flip into beverage coasters! Made easy with a stencil! Click for full tutorial.

Then Valentine’s day approached, so I created a couple of quirky valentine inspired projects that were fun to make! With one being fun to play with after too!

Tic Tac Toe Tray game and coasters

Find Tic Tac Toe stencil HERE

Reclaimed wood Valentine’s Day banner

Learn how to create this helpful Ikea crate coffee station with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils Fresh Coffee! Coolest Ikea hack ever that doubles up kitchen counter space! Click to full tutorial and stencil source.

Ikea Coffee crate station

 During my cleaning, I even got fancy and made the cutest little Ikea coffee crate station to double up kitchen counter space!

Learn how to create this easy and charming Bike Shop sign to hang up your biking gear! Made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Click to full tutorial.

Bike shop sign to hang up my bike gear

Spring projects


Then March hit. I whipped up this cutie pie bike sign to help organize my own bike gear when the world started crumbling down.

As the crazy new world news was building, I even took a quick train trip to Vancouver for a specialist appointment which I have not shared yet! All I remember is being scared of every sneeze or cough around me, then once I got home, they shut down the train. What?!

I was about to share my trip when my head just got full of the news instead. I found myself hibernating in fear and confusion. It really shut down my creativity for a good long spell.

So while I worried away, trying to figure out the world…

Learn how to create this productive puzzle board with reversible game board on the other side! Includes checkers and tic tac toe! Part of Funky Junk's best upcycled projects of 2020! Click to read full tutorial.

Puzzle and game table

How to remove pet hair from puzzles

… my first creative breakthrough was doing puzzles while watching the news, because it helped me feel somewhat productive. Which led to the need for a puzzle table! Whoop! My first project in what seemed like forever!

And boy was this puzzle table helpful enough to rate as one of the most PRODUCTIVE best upcycled projects of 2020!

Learn how to make this unique Buffalo Check checkers board game from reclaimed wood and a closet dowel! Made with stencils. Click to read full tutorial including helpful video!

Buffalo Check checkers board

After making the perfect game board on the other side of that puzzle table, I then challenged myself to make a Buffalo Checked checkers board by itself. How fun is this?!

As the world started working itself out and I started to feel better about things, I started to focus on what in the world I’d do with a full year at home for the first time in years. Oh, I played around with short escapes when we were allowed to. But it never felt right for me. I found a few new bike trails instead for a little adventure. 

But filling up my time didn’t take long. One quick wander outside had me facing quite a few big white elephants that have been in my way for a LONG time.

With spring now approaching, I decided to start on something easy first… thinking I’d decorate my home for spring you see…

Learn how to stencil this adorable Wild Flower Seeds grain sack striped pillow with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Best Ikea hack! Click to read full tutorial. Part of best upcycled projects of 2020!

Wild Flower Seeds grain sack pillow

A cute garden-themed pillow was whipped up in short order… and honestly, this ended up being the ONLY spring and summer decorating I did all this year. Can you believe it?!

Because what happened next took over my entire life. And ultimately turned into some of the best upcycled projects of 2020.

Learn how this garden shed was repaired using all free reclaimed wood! Includes demo, new framing, and building tips! Part of Funky Junk's best upcycled projects of 2020! Click to read full tutorial.

Learn how this garden shed was repaired using all free reclaimed wood! Includes demo, new framing, and building tips! Click to read full tutorial.

Save The Shed series

Summer projects


One BIG hurdle was to attempt to save my little rustic garden shed out back. 

This project actually terrified me because I have never saved a structure before. I didn’t know how to tear down, nor even frame. But the alternative was to spend thousands to have it torn down and rebuilt new… so I decided to try it myself. What did I have to lose? If it died, then I at least tried.

This shed-save took EVERYTHING out of me. From tear down to rebuilding to landing new free materials. But I’m SO happy to report, it’s my proudest build I’ve ever done. EVER.

This Save The Shed series covers tons of beginner tips of demo, framing and more. I’d rate this one #1 within the best upcycled projects of 2020.

Learn how to create this charming split rail fence with evergreen flower bed along with new lawn tips! Click to read full tutorial.

Split rail fence flower bed and new lawn

Next on my list was to tackle the yard.

Alongside the driveway, I had a grown-in RV driveway and a tree I couldn’t stand. It needed upkeep every month and I was SO over it!

So after a chat with neighbour Janette, together we created a split rail fence flower bed along with new lawn in between our yards. And what a difference!

I still haven’t updated you with the final outcome of the lawn yet… I was so busy building, I barely had time to post. So I’ll try and get that up soon because it’s filled with some really awesome lawn growing tips and equipment I didn’t know about!

Learn how to DIY a screen door from scratch using a Kreig Jig! Includes pet screen materials and other building tips! Part of Funky Junk's best upcycled projects of 2020! Click to read full tutorial.

How to make a screen door from scratch

How to make a screen for tricky indoor windows

While all this was going on, I picked up a new tool so I could attempt to build my dream screen door I’ve only wanted for about 15 years!

I just didn’t like the screen doors the stores stocked and since I didn’t have a clue how to build a screen door, I went without. Until one day in Home Depot, I spotted the Kreg Jigs and bought one on the spot, determined to figure it out!

And so I did. First I repainted the door a deep chocolate black HERE, then I ended up building the door (twice) finally ending up with a result I loved!

And now that I knew how to build a door, I ended up making a screen for a difficult window HERE I also waited 15 years to cover! Whoop!

Learn how to build this charming reclaimed wood garden walkway with scrap wood and garden-themed stencils! Part of Funky Junk's best upcycled projects of 2020! Click to read full tutorial plus to watch helpful video!

Garden themed reclaimed wood walkway

While I was working here and there on larger projects, I took a few breaks and worked on smaller ones in between as well. One of them was creating this scrap wood garden walkway which is my most fav version of all to date! It’s built in such a way where the top boards won’t rot!

Learn tips on how to choose the right PVC materials for the perfect patio or shed roofing! Click to read full post.

How to cover a patio with PVC roofing

But there were also projects I didn’t feel I could complete myself. So I hired a couple of trades and ended up with a brand new patio roof AND repainting of all the trim on the house in the higher places I didn’t want to venture.

My pretty new patio roof came with a few mistakes though, so if you’re in the market for a roof, I suggest to read what NOT to do.

Learn how to build this helpful pallet-styled workshop shelf out of reclaimed wood! Very easy to build design with lots of power tool storage right to the ceiling! Click to read full tutorial.

I also tackled some projects in the garage workshop. It’s still a work in progress, but these improvements brought it a long way, increasing storage big time!

Pallet styled garage shelf

General store cubby organizer with DIY paint shelf

Screwdriver organizer from scrap wood

Learn how to add instant vintage crock charm to plant pots using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils called Vintage Crock Numbers! Click to learn how along with a helpful how-to video!

Vintage crock number flower pots

Find Vintage Crock Numbers stencil HERE

Because I was so busy building, I didn’t do a whole lot of stencil designs during the summer. But I did come up with a cute way to recreate the look of a vintage crock through a sheet of numbers with the cutest borders!

These little flower pots took on a whole new look in very short order!

Learn how to build an easy rustic wood garden shed gate with reclaimed fence planks, stenciled with a garden-theme with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Click for full blog post tutorial including 2 helpful videos! #gardening #gardenshed #gate #reclaimedwood #shed

Easy rustic wood garden shed gate

Another fun project was THIS easy garden gate, thanks to the new jig I got! What a difference this little area of the yard took on!

Learn how to build this charming Buffalo Checked pumpkins in a wagon fall sign using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils and rusty junk! Click to read full tutorial.

Fall Buffalo Check Pumpkins in a wagon sign

Fall projects


And then fall hit. So I came out with a few new fall stencil designs and went full tilt creating with them! Here’s a few of the projects:

Homemade Pie sign with scrap wood

Easy fall directional arrow signs

Rustic fruit crate for fall decorating

Homemade Pumpkin Pie sign on an old window

Learn how to add a cabin-cozy feel to plain white walls with this easy removable board and batten wall treatment! Made from mdf mouldings. Affordable and so cozy indeed! Click to read full tutorial and take the full room tour!

Removable board and batten wall for a cabin-cozy look!

With Christmas soon approaching, while everyone was putting up their trees, I had my livingroom torn apart and created this unique board and batten wall to cozy up the space.

I just wanted something extra special this Christmas, and this certainly added a whole lot of charm in short order!

Winter projects


Learn how to create this rustic Christmas tree sign with a 3D crate for Christmas cards or decorations! Made easy with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils! Click to learn how, including a helpful video!

Rustic Christmas Tree vertical sign

Visit ALL my Christmas projects from THIS page.

Christmas upcycled projects


And then Merry Christmas!  I whipped up a new Christmas collection of stencils and got busy creating some new projects to decorate my home with!

Here’s all the Christmas projects created this year… have a favorite? I love all of them but I really think the tree sign with 3D crate and the Christmas trees in presents are my favs!


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Whew. What a year,huh?

Even though this year started off pretty funky, I think it ultimately ended with a good bang! Lots got done, and I’m pretty proud of the many new things I learned how to do while cranking out my best upcycled projects of 2020!

As for my plans in 2021? It’s all about finishing the house… still. With another BIG shed revamp again this summer… unless travel safety comes into play first… but I’m thinking the shed will once again myself…

Thanks so much for following all my DIY upcycled adventures this past year! It’s been such a pleasure sharing and encouraging you to keep at it too! Creativity is just the best medicine for the heart and soul, don’t you think?

And on that note, what kinds of things would you like to see me blog about this year? Any how-tos or a series that could be helpful? Let me know in comments!

Was your year full of some good surprises too? Which are your main highlights you are grateful for?

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4 thoughts on “Best upcycled projects of 2020 by Funky Junk!

  1. Wow!! Taking a look back, really makes you realize what a productive and very creative year you had!
    Your shed, and screen door are my faves.
    You should be so proud of yourself Donna!
    2020 certainly was the year for getting projects done for many of us 🙂
    I repainted, my kitchen/dining room, painted my kitchen cupboards, painted my front door, a ton of purging, and opened a new booth-3 times, ( in the same location ).
    Here’s hoping we get a break from projects and get to do some traveling in 2021. 🙂
    Happy New Year Donna!

  2. You did a great job on your projects this year! In our province this year we’ve found wood prices doubled, yikes! So your desire to find used materials for your projects is the best. It’s also near and dear to my heart as I love rustic and reused materials too.
    I’ll be watching the rest of your shed re-vamp in 2021 to get more tips! I’m converting an old grainary (a rectangle framed building formerly used to store grain) into my she-shed! Thankfully we have the cash to put a new corrugated metal roof on it but the rest will be reused lumber if possible.
    Thank you for the inspiration, as always!

  3. I always enjoy seeing all the amazingness you’ve made, Donna, and I totally agree with you about the she-shed makeover. She is sooooooooo awesome. The tool storage takes a close second. We’ve been clearing space in our garage to do something similar, so thank you for the inspo. Hope you have a truly wonderful 2021. May it be filled with love and many, many more incredible projects

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