Wood Organic Coffee sign with mugs

Wood Organic Coffee sign with mugs

About a month ago, my junkin’ buddy  Kim from Junky Encores who whips up the most creative junk-infused projects EVER, reached out to me, asking if I’d consider designing a coffee sack stencil.

Why didn’t I think of that?!

I’ve always loved the stamped look on burlap!

You know the look right? HERE’S how I made window shades from some real coffee sacks.

This idea had loads of great potential. Not only could  a cool look on burlap be achieved with it, imagine the perfectly-themed coffee signs one could make on reclaimed wood, pillow stamping and more!

Time to get to work! So over the past little while a new coffee sack stencil was born…

View the Organic Coffee stencil HERE

About the stencil


Organic Coffee is styled like a burlap coffee sack design. With lotsa industrial charm! Weights, numbers, and a bold Organic Coffee title makes this stencil easy to industrialize other stencils as well as use separately for smaller project details! FUN. 

I have another project made with this stencil which I’ll share next week as it’s a little more involved… but for today, here’s how I made a super easy wood Organic Coffee sign with mugs!

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Wood Organic Coffee sign with mugs


Supplies I used:


Organic Coffee stencil

Fusion Mineral Paint’s Coal Black

(locate a local Fusion merchant HERE)

dome-tipped stencil brush (my fav kind!)

3 reclaimed wood cedar fence planks at various sizes

coffee mugs

rustic hooks

miter saw

variable speed palm sander

cordless drill and drywall screws

Kreg Jig

How-to build the sign:


1. Cut 3 random reclaimed wood cedar fence planks to desired lengths, leaving the bottoms with live edges. (meaning, not trimmed)

This round, the more random and rugged the better!

These boards measure: 6″w x 22″h / 26″.5″h / 24″h

Overall size of sign measures: 18″w x 26.5″h

2. Position the 3 planks of wood side-by-side, and attach them to each other with wood support strips running horizontally or with a Kreg Jig.

I used my Kreg Jig to join the planks, which took minutes to do! 6 drilled holes later and I was done.

About the Kreg Jig with video

A Kreg Jig is a tool that helps you create pocket holes so wood can join end to end effortlessly! It creates very strong holds, and is very easy to use, however there’s a few tricks to using it…


Click short video above to learn how to use a Kreg Jig! (Ad blockers must be turned off)

Visit other projects I’ve made with a Kreg Jig HERE

Back supports with wood strips


View Noel Christmas Tag sign HERE

If you don’t have a jig, you can install support planks running horizontally across the back.

I’d suggest building with shallow cedar strips, so the sign lays as flat against the wall as possible like the above project.

View Organic Coffee stencil HERE

Stenciling the sign


3. Stencil Organic Coffee in the middle of the left 2 planks.

Stencil tips


  1. Position stencil into place.
  2. Load stencil brush with Fusion’s Coal Black.
  3. Off-load most paint onto a rag to create a dry brush feel.
  4. Tap or swirl paint through the stencil to create the effect desired.

I like to swirl using a dome-tipped stencil brush myself. It allows you to ‘swirl’ on the paint easier.

Learn more about how to stencil from THIS POST or visit how-to stencil videos HERE

4. Attach rustic hooks on the far right board with screws.

Hooks tip


I used some coat hooks I had on hand that pointed OUT more than UP like THIS TYPE HERE. This shallow styled hook takes up less space, giving you more room for the mugs.

And there you have the easiest and coolest wood Organic Coffee sign with mugs! This sign sure makes a neat coffee station, doesn’t it?

Love the coffee shop vibe!

Another neat detail you could add would be a grain sack stripe down the centre or off to 1 side using any of these Grain Sack Stripe stencils of choice.

I’ll be sharing a new sign with stripes next week!

However until then, THIS hot cocoa tray shows how that would look!

But this round, I loved the clean look to allow that rugged rustic wood be the star of the show… aside from my beloved coffee of course…

Now about that coffee…

Fun piece, isn’t it? Think you’ll try a 3-plank coffee sign similar to this?

Organic Coffee stencil by Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

View Organic Coffee stencil HERE

And many other coffee-themed stencils HERE

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8 thoughts on “Wood Organic Coffee sign with mugs

  1. You are so crazy talented Donna! Mad skills!
    Thank you for the shout out. I can’t wait to use this stencil!

  2. Hi you mentioned that you printed a screw selection chart at Kregjigs and I can’t find a printable version. Can you possible guide me to that chart?

  3. Yes, I would like to try and make one of the coffee signs. Another one of your creations that is doable and I have what I need here to make it. I know you enjoyed your coffee when you were done!

    • Haha, you know me well Joanne! I hope you give it a try!

      I have another way to use this stencil that will be shared this week… still building the post. You may like it even more!

      Yup, this design certainly inspired me!

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