140+ unique upcycled garden planters and containers!

No need for just plain plant pots! Here’s how to get super creative in your garden by planting flowers or plants in 140+ different upcycled planters or containers!

No need for just plain plant pots! Here's how to get super creative in your garden by planting flowers or plants in 140+ different upcycled planters or containers!

140+ unique upcycled garden planters and containers!


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With the sunny spring and summer weather upon is, it’s time to dream about what type of plants to plant.

But equally fun is what kind of plant pots will you use?

Outdoor planters can be anything that holds soil. Add drainage holes where you can, and you’ll end up with an instant and much more creative way to plant flowers or plants for your patio, deck, front porch, flower beds or as indoor planters as well!

So why not prepare early and be on the hunt for chicken feeders, vintage tins, metal buckets and more?

flower buckets for a potting bench

Supplies you’ll need


garden tools

fertile plant pot soil

various plants and flowers

cordless drill or hammer and nails to punch drain holes

something to cover drain holes such as broken clay or rocks

any durable container that holds soil and can endure water

flowers in creative junk vases funky junk interiors - blue hydrangeas in galvanized bucket


How to prepare an upcycled garden planter


1. Collect interesting contailers of all shapes and sizes for both small and large plants.

Consider the curb, flea markets, garage sales or thrift stores.

2. Consider building your own DIY wooden planters using reclaimed wood like THESE.

3. Make a way for the water to drain away from plant roots.

Create drain hole by drilling holes into the bottoms of containers, or punching them with a hammer and nail. If your container can’t be punctured, layer the bottom with small rocks instead.

4. Cover drainage holes with a layer of small rocks or broken clay.

This will allow water to drain much more easily than just through saturated soil.

5. Fill the container with your favorite potting soil.

A potting soil is best since it’s formulated to drain well inside planters. Watch for built- in fertilizers that can enhance your plants.

6. Remove plants from pots, then gently spread roots apart.

7. Plant inside the soil.

8. Water well by saturating the pot, then allow excess water to drain.

Watering heavily to start will activate any peat moss inside the soil, allowing more water in.

9. Keep the soil slightly damp.

So let’s revisit over 140 unique ideas to use as plant pots for your garden planters this year! 

140+ Upcycled garden planters!


nesting box potting bench with metal bucket planters

potting bench made with a chicken coop

Nesting box potting bench with metal planters


Nesting box potting bench with watering can planter

Make a major statement with your upcycle gardening with this creative nesting box potting bench plus metal bucket and vintage watering can containers for plants and flowers!

What a find this was!

Wooden crate planters


Ikea wooden crates as planter crates

If you love to shop at IKEA, consider picking up their small wooden crates to create these charming planter box crates!

Flower and plant stencils as well as different wood stains are shared in this very popular tutorial.

This idea would work for any sized new or old crate.

DIY potting shed sign with rake hooks

DIY potting shed sign with rake hooks


Potting shed rake sign with easy potting bench idea

Hang upcycled plant pots from a charming DIY Potting Shed sign using an old rake as hooks! Great for hanging your garden tools as well.

But this round, don’t fight the plain clay pot look. Group clay pots in various shapes and sizes to create this delightful cluster! Perfect for patio planters as well.

DIY window box planters on a garden shed

Scrap wood window box planters


DIY window box planters with scrap wood

Whether you desire raised planters or window boxes, this tutorial shares how to build and install them on a garden shed. Be sure to visit the post to see the larger one too!

Oversized tulip tray flower bed riser


Oversized tulip tray flower bed planter

To help bring life to an otherwise flat flower bed, try this oversized tulip tray flower bed! Made with scrap wood, you can whip it up for free!

Raised flower beds are also perfect for tall outdoor planters.

Old Kettle Rock Garden - enhanced. via Funky Junk Interiors

Old vintage kettle and pot planters


Kettle rock garden

Create a charming kettle rock garden by grouping together like-minded kettles. They are divine filled with succulents or small flowers! But don’t forget the rocks!

Learn how to plant old kettles to become wonderfully unique junk garden planters! Click to read full tutorial.

Old kettle herb garden – Funky Junk Interiors

A collection of quirky old kettles, perfect for indoor plants, are prettied right up planted with herbs making an idea kitchen garden. I really enjoyed moving this little group around to different locations just for fun! 


Build your own toolbox planter with scrap wood


Branch handled toolbox garden planters

Create charming outdoor plant pots by building a charming toolbox planter from scrap wood! They are SO easy to make, and the added branch handle adds such a perfect touch of nature.

Clay pots decorated like vintage crocks


Vintage crock look flower pots

Have any plain clay pots on hand? Here’s how to change the look to resemble a vintage crock using stencils! This tutorial also shares a special texture technique so you can cover up any plant pot or concrete planter to get an old world charm look!

Find Vintage Crock Pot stencil from HERE


Bike basket planter


French Country Cottage – Old bicycle flower planter

Who doesn’t love the framework from an old bike? Well, this one just got better with a bike basket loaded with toppled over fresh cut lilacs. Gorgeous! I love these kinds of ‘planters’ because it’s an easy move when you need to mow the lawn. Easy is good.

Toolbox junk garden planter by Chipping with Charm

Tool box organizer planters


Chipping with Charm – tool box flower planters

Laurel stacks some tool boxes filled with annuals to brighten up a little spot in the yard. I think this idea is darling and is a great way for added height to a space during the summer months.

Chicken feeder flower planter by Snowflakes & Dragonflies

Chicken feed flower planter


Snowflakes and Dragonflies – chicken feed flower planter

A sweet old rusty chicken feeder has never looked so good, filled to the brim with violas. So pretty for most any foliage that’s small in size.

Umbrella front door wreath with spring flowers by Eclectically Vintage

Umbrella door wreath


Eclectically Vintage – Umbrella flower wreath

Kelly’s fresh take on a front door wreath using an umbrella for a flower vase sure chimes in well with April showers! The umbrella containing water is genius! Especially for an outdoor space.

JUNK garden planters! How to upcycle collections into fabulously unique garden planters, junk-style! Click to view many ideas!

More plant pots


Upcycled styled planters on HomeTalk

The amazing HomeTalk community comes to the rescue once again with never ending upcycled garden container inspiration. You’ll love this collection!

I also have a post showcasing many upcycled features in my own garden on HomeTalk HERE.

You can follow my own HomeTalk ramblings HERE.

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Visit many other unique outdoor projects to make HERE

Visit 140+ more upcycled garden ideas below!


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