Funky Junk’s best projects and posts of 2013

Funky Junk's best projects and posts of 2013 - 100% pure junk! via
You just don’t really realize how cool your year has been until you wrap up the works in one of these types of posts. Each year just seems to get more meaningful. And it isn’t just about the projects. It’s everything that revolves around this blog gig. 

Here’ is Funky Junk’s best projects and posts of 2013.

Fasten your seatbelt… this stuff will make you laugh and cry. And hopefully even learn something! 🙂

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A Year of Junk

Click here for all of —> January

Pipe curtain rod tutorial via to make pipe curtain rods with sheet curtains / video included.

This industrial take on curtains polished off the ‘spare room photo studio’! 

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Click here for all of —> February

Board, burlap and twine bulletin board for $2! via $2 bulletin board.

My church asked me for a bulletin board. So upon gathering a whole bunch of nothings, this 6 foot tall board cost me a whoppin’ $2. For the burlap sand bags. I did not submit the bill for expenses this round.

2 ingredient healthy pancakes via ingredient gluten free pancakes.

All it takes to make these delicious pancakes is an egg and a banana. The end.

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Click here for all of —> March

A mixmaster snowdrop centrepiece via

A Mixmaster Snowdrop Centrepiece

Because it worked.

How to design a custom blog via

New branding and a new blog for Funky Junk

One of the most asked questions I get is what template my blog is from. It isn’t. It’s completely custom designed and built. This post explains who, what, when, where and why.

And THIS post shows the reaction once it went live.

JUNK Shopping Tour - to Granny and Grumpa's Antiques - barns and BARNS of junk! via’ at Granny and Grumpa’s… again.

The best day ever was when I discovered this farm 10 minutes from me. Barns and barns and BARNS filled to the brim with life long collections. You won’t believe your eyes.

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Click here for all of —> April

Old kettle rock garden via

Old Kettle Rock Garden

The perfect little portable garden!

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Click here for all of —> May

A knock your socks off personal home tour of Karen, The Graphics Fairy. via knock your socks off home tour of The Graphics Fairy

I was there. I stayed in this home. How could this post NOT be a raging success with the beautiful subject matter at hand?! This photo heavy tour is a MUST SEE.

The pallet wood chair ANYONE can make in a couple hours via

How to make a pallet wood chair in a couple of hours.

 This biggest hit for 2013 didn’t even require pounding a pallet up for change!  It really was a breeze to make and we loved it all summer long.

This post is my #2 all TIME most popular post, having been pinned over 200k times.


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Click here for all of —> June

A JUNK filled summer home tour! Warning... photo AND junk heavy. via

Funky Junk’s full summer home tour 2013

One of my most popular posts to date. 

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Click here for all of —> July

2 full pallet walkway via
Cheater 2 pallet garden walkway

No building required! The hardest part was levelling the ground.

Create screen doors for french doors for only $35 a door! via

Installing screen doors on french doors… easy and cheap!

I needed screens to keep the cats inside the house, but didn’t want to pay a fortune. So I invented my own way… and it worked with cheap $35 prebuilt doors!

Junky flower garden filled outdoor patio office via
A flower filled outdoor patio office

Come and visit my little patio sanctuary with my junk styled planters! With not a dead petal in sight. 

Rustic shed gone grapevine mad via
The little rustic garden shed that could – inspirational

What transpired when I allowed the grapevines to go wild on the shed… and what it meant to me.

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Click here for all of —> August

A quaint cottage tour created from all thrift store finds - outstanding tour! via
Our Summer Adventure 4 – The Cozy Little Cottage tour

Take an AMAZING tour of a sweet cottage totally decked out with just thrift store finds! Jaw dropping gorgeous. It’s way more than what you could ever think right now.

This entire road trip transpired through a miracle and led to a story based series. This is what happened when an online addict and gamer both head far, far away to a little cottage with no wifi. And what became of it. Read the entire 7 part series HERE. 

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Click here for all of —> September

Little cabinets on a wall gallery via
Wall cabinet gallery

What to do with too tiny bathroom cabinets. The 3rd one is a photographer’s dream… check it out!

How to make a trunk ottoman on wheels via
How to make a trunk ottoman on wheels

Best thing we ever did! I need to make another so we each have one now.

From toolbox to side table on wheels with hidden storage via
Toolbox on wheels becomes a side table

Another best thing we ever did! The hidden storage is amazing.

Reclaimed garden features tour via

 Reclaimed garden features at a Hope Garden Centre

If you love reclaimed pieces in a garden, this little tour is a must see. Taken when I was on my little weekend getaway at Hope, BC Canada.

Crates on a wall kitchen phone station via
Crazy crates on a wall kitchen phone station

We ran out of room… so we went UP!

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Click here for all of —> October

Little red bench kitchen coffee station via

 The little red bench coffee station

Double your counter space with a little red bench.

Extreme junkin' shopping trip. Watch your step! via

Extreme junkin’ for rust

I was on the hunt for junk, and all pointing fingers led me to this place. Extreme doesn’t cut it. You’re in for one wild ride… watch your step…

Junk up your kitchen cupboards instantly and temporarily via

Junkers Unite with some junky kitchen cabinets! 

 If you’re tired of standard kitchen cabs, this temporary junk fix could be for you!

Potter Barn inspired oil funnel rusty gear junk lamp via
Part 1 – Pottery Barn Inspired Oil Funnel Gear Junk Lamp

It’s a mouthful, but man oh man, is it a lamp and a half!

Also includes Part 2 / how to wire it.

Also includes a kitty that didn’t stay put for long…

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Click here for all of —> November

Create a grapevine pinecone garland in under 2 hours! via
Make this twig pinecone garland… for free!

It’s really rustic, and REALLY easy!

Red toolbox charging station via
Make a toolbox charging station

Works great, and is good and junky! #WIN

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Click here for all of —> December
12 Days of Christmas Junk - Funky Junk's complete collection of 2013 Christmas projects via Days of Christmas Junk – complete collection of Funky Junk’s 2013 Christmas

I banded together with 5 other blogs for 72 new Chrsitmas projects in total. What a ride! This is the most I’ve done for Christmas to date. Total junk, totally free, and so easy!

Funky Junk Interiors Christmas Home Tour 2013

Funky Junk’s 2013 full Christmas Home Tour

If you desire a different twist to Christmas, this would be your tour… it’s one of my most popular posts to date. 

A little rustic shed caught in the snow - a snowy photoshoot via
A little rustic shed caught in the snow

An explosion of rustic goodness caught in the middle of a big, fluffy snow dump!

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A Year of Inspiring Posts

Teddy and her chair hangout via

Teddy and her chair

My little girl was always hanging off the back of my office chair while I blogged, so one day I took a photoshoot of her. I’m so glad I did. 4 months later she was no longer with us. Don’t delay these special opportunities!

It all started with a drill - inspiring read about how taking a chance led to so much more. via
It all started with a drill

I knew nothing. So one day I picked up a drill. This is a story of how that one little drill turned into so much more. The success of this post completely threw me off guard.

My 6 ridiculously easy, free, life changing habits. Improve what you do and how you feel INSTANTLY. via 
My 6 ridiculously easy, free, life changing habits

I felt lousy one day so I forced myself to take a walk. It was then that I realized we all have the means to feel AMAZING every single day with these oh so very simple habits.

Missing Teddy - a post and video about the passing of my beloved little girl via

Missing Teddy – with her last video

You came to my rescue 190 comments later when my sweet little Teddy passed on. The video was taken the day before in her favourite spot by the creek out back. Trust your gut during these times… make it special. This one’s a tear jerker but worth it if you can get through it.

Relearning to love where you live - inspiring read on turning a house into a home

Relearning to love where you live

I don’t love my house. Does that shock you? Here’s how I made it my own regardless of what the structure itself looks like.

And all it took was a stray - an inspiring read on how opening your heart to your own desires can give back in so many ways.

And all it took was a stray.

A stray cat came to pay me a visit. But when I found the owners, I internally panicked! So we went shopping to ‘look’. And came home with TWO! Here’s the story along with 100+ comments! And here’s a post with their first official photo shoot. When they aren’t running full speed.

The 1.67 trailer travel door fix - inspiring read on pushing yourself beyond your own boundaries. via

The 1.67 travel trailer door repair.. and a lesson

I was about to go camping but my door died. Which made me nearly die. So I bit the bullet and did something I NEVER thought I could do against other’s advice. Glad I didn’t listen! 73 comments agree. 

The scary steps of morphing - inspiring read on how to change with time so you can get where you desire to go. via
The scary steps of morphing

Want change? Then YOU must change… or morph.

This post is a must read if you feel ‘stuck’ in life. Here’s how to get out of that rut.

When Signcraft Magazine visited Funky Junk - inspiring read on how following your passion leads you to where you need to go.

When Signcraft Magazine visited Funky Junk

A junker gets into a sign magazine?! Ahhh… but there’s that loophole you see…

Why I'm no longer without - inspiring read on how life shapes around your wants and desires if you let it.

Why I’m no longer without

I’ve been there. Penniless and with no ability. I get it. But did you know you can end that? 
I spell out the reason why I’m no longer going without in life. This post will leave you BREATHLESS. And eager to do more. 

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 Old posts still on fire

VERY popular older posts that continue to stand the test of time…

#1 - How to edge flowerbeds like a pro - via

How to edge flowerbeds like a pro

Do this and your flowerbeds will look like you paid a fortune to have them pro done. Well worth the effort! I’m still so surprised this post continues to be #1! Above all of them. ALL. Maybe I should have been a gardener?!

Everything you've ever wanted to know about pallet wood - is it safe? Read it here! via

Everything you ever wanted to know about pallet wood

Is it truly safe to use? How can you tell? I tell all here.

How to make old signs - via

How I make old signs

This method uses decals as stencils. One of the first DIY old sign tutorials on the web.

Create a pallet walkway instantly with reclaimed wood via

Pallet walkway revisited

3 years ago, this happened. And this is how it looks today. Still.

Crate and license plate toilet paper storage via Funky Junk Interiors
Old crate toilet paper holder

How something so simple became so popular I have no idea.

Story of Hope - Funky Junk's story of losing it all and getting so much more back.
Story of Hope

This is a (my) story about how I had to lose everything in order to get everything my heart truly desired. All because of one prayer. 

Warning… it may make you cry.

Thanks so very much for coming along for this junk ride! Here’s to an even wilder 2014!

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  1. Wonderful, simply wonderful. I wasn’t into rust when I happened across your blog but your photography pulled me in, your story intrigued me and your resourcefulness and resilience encouraged me. Thank you, Donna. You are wished a peaceful heart, the best of health and prosperity in 2014 and always.

  2. After reading your blog for so long now, I feel like I’ve heard from a friend when I open your email! I remember thinking you were from the Texas Hill Country when I first found your blog. So glad I found your blog and get hear from you often. Your junky posts make me smile. Wishing you and your son a happy new year and many more to come. Keep junkin’ and postin’!

    Charlotte Cox
    Terrell, Texas

    • Aw, thanks so much Charlotte! It’s my absolute pleasure to blog for folks as yourself that get it and desire it! Thanks for continuing to follow along! Truth be told, if we met, we would appear like forever friends. That common bond is a powerful one! Happy New Year!

  3. I love visiting here for so many reasons. It always feels like I am not only visiting a blog with great ideas that speak to my junky heart, but a friend who truly wants to share and improve the world and lives of those who visit here. Thank you for all you have shared, it has been amazing to see how far you have climbed. Your blog was one of the very first blog I happened into with that amazing island and those super cool stairs. I can’t wait to see what you share in 2014. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed, very Happy New Year, you deserve it! Thanks friend, -Karen

  4. Hey sweet lady, Haven’t been by in a while…those purty babies caught my eye on pintrest !!! So happy they found you…Hope you and your son had an awesome Christmas and of course wishing you a very Happy New Year…ps…LOVE the new lamp!!!! your such a smarty 🙂

  5. Love your junk I just inherited lot of it from my Parents. Hopeful I can use some of it as you have yours. I love old things rusty or not. Happy junking in 2014. will be following you to see what your next creation will be.

  6. I am happy to say I have been right here for the journey of all of these fantastic posts this past year. You always provide worthwhile interesting and fresh content–one of the reasons you are one of the best in blogland!

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